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CAMERA Prompts Multiple Time Corrections on Gaza

Time relies on an editorial intern to explain how the Gaza Strip became the center of conflict. Ciara Nugent initially ignored that Israel had full withdrawn from the territory in 2005, one of the article's many failings.
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Time Forgets “Return March” Is About “Return”

Although Time asserts that the Gaza demonstrations and clashes are about a blockade, Hamas leaders and other march organizers have repeatedly emphasized that the "March of Return" is about the Palestinian demand for a "right of return." (Updated)

AP Corrects on Iranian Support for Global Terrorism

Why does the State Department list Iran as a sponsor of terrorism? Simply because of "its support of anti-Israel groups," as if backing for Students for Justice in Palestine is enough to get Iran on the list? Hardly. CAMERA prompts an AP correction: Iran supports "Hezbollah and other Shia militia groups, including in Iraq, Syria and Bahrain."

Time Marches On Against Israel

Time magazine commits journalistic malpractice, again misrepresenting Israel in the conflict with Palestinian Arabs, in its Oct. 26, 2015 magazine article, “Violence beats politics as a third intifadeh looms in Israel” by Karl Vick.

Karl Vick Conceals Abbas’s Rejection of Negotiations

Time Magazine's Karl Vick doesn't bother to tell readers that Abbas chose not to negotiate with Israel, and describes 800 rockets targeting Israel in 10 months as attacks that happen "from time to time."

In Jerusalem, Karl Vick Sees in Black and White

In his Time magazine cover story, Karl Vick provides a simplistic black vs. white depiction of secular-haredi battles, ignoring figures and social trends which point to a newly emerging phenomenon.