Tamar Sternthal

MSNBC’s Joy Reid: Map With Jordan, Egypt Shows Settlements Taking Over Palestine

Calling Israeli settlements "amorphous things," MSNBC's Joy Reid says a map of Israel, the West Bank, Gaza, Jordan and Egypt shows seven Israeli settlements and demonstrates "how much of the West Bank . . . is already taken up by the settlements." Meanwhile, Reid comes under fire for reportedly having promoted a documentary pushing a 9/11 conspiracy theory.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Presents Hamas Propaganda as Fact

On Gaza "March of Return" casualties, MSNBC's Chris Hayes discards any semblance of journalistic professionalism and embraces Hamas propaganda. He cites Hamas claims as fact, despite the terror group's history of manipulations.

The New York Times’ Sanitized Profile of UNRWA

"What is Unrwa?" asks The Times profile which obscures more than its enlightens about the U.N. agency tasked with caring for Palestinian refugees. Its disproportionate staff size, its unique definition for refugee, its political activism, its teachers' antisemitism and incitement are just some of the ignored issues.