Sunday, December 11, 2016
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Results: CAMERA's November Corrections
Over the course of November, CAMERA prompted 24 corrections across the globe.

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Amanpour Again Misleads CNN Viewers About Israel
December 7, 2016

CNN star personality Christiane Amanpour tries again to validate her Israel-is-the-culprit thesis – this time through interviewing an Israeli refusenik and a would-be Palestinian suicide bomber.

Times of Israel Adds Information on Palestinian Violence to AFP Story
December 5, 2016
Times of Israel adds key information about Palestinian attacks to an AFP article, one of two recent AFP articles which whitewashed Palestinian violence. AFP's tilt isn't surprising given its employment of Fatah's Nasser Abu Baker.
‘Rigorous Neutrality’?: Palestinian Journalists’ Syndicate’s Nasser Abu Baker Moonlights For AFP
December 4, 2016
AFP's Nasser Abu Baker is one of 1,400 delegates to the Seventh Fatah Congress. He is also running for the Fatah Revolutionary Council. How does this square with AFP's stated commitment to impartiality?
Global Ministries Enlists Sunday School Teachers to Promote Anti-Israel Agenda During Advent
December 1, 2016
The Global Ministries of the UCC and the Disciples of Christ is trying to enlist Sunday school teachers — yes, Sunday school teachers — in its ongoing effort to demonize Israel in the weeks prior to Christmas.
Former President Jimmy Carter Misrepresents Israeli-Palestinian Conflict in The New York Times
November 30, 2016
A New York Times Op-Ed by former President Jimmy Carter misrepresents United Nations Security Council Resolution 242, the status of disputed land, and Israeli military rule in the West Bank ("Jimmy Carter: America Must Recognize Palestine").
UK Media Watch Prompts Economist Correction: No Arabic Song Ban
November 30, 2016
CAMERA's UK Media Watch prompts correction of an Economist feature which wrongly reported that Arabic music was banned from Israeli radio for several decades.

The Huffington Post's Holocaust Inversion
November 28, 2016
Dana Beyer's comparison of Israeli governance to Fascism is offensive and false
AP Corrects: US Does Not Consider Settlements 'Illegal'
November 22, 2016
CAMERA prompts an important Associated Press correction noting that the U.S. does not consider Israeli settlements illegal. AP's many clients are also correcting, include The New York Times, ABC, The Gazette (Montreal), and more.

In Reuters Report, No Counterpoint to What “Palestinian Leaders Say”
November 21, 2016
Palestinian leaders say anti-Israel violence is a result of desperation over the collapse of peace talks, Reuters reports. And what do Israeli leaders say? For that, readers are forced to look elsewhere.
Christian ‘Peacemaker’ Promotes Jew-Hatred in Promised Land
November 18, 2016
Yusef Daher, a Christian "peacemaker," in Jerusalem is promoting Jew-hatred and lionizing rock throwers. What will his patron, the World Council of Churches do?
Notorious Anti-Jewish Demagogue David Duke Viewed Nationwide on C-SPAN
November 18, 2016
C-SPAN aired a Louisiana U.S. Senate candidates debate which included demagogue David Duke's blame-the-Jews rant enabled by the moderator and characteristically met with silence by C-SPAN.
CAMERA's UK Media Watch Prompts Indy Correction on Judaism's Holiest Site
November 16, 2016
Following communication from CAMERA's UK Media Watch, Independent editors amend an article which wrongly identified the Western Wall as Judaism's holiest site. The Temple Mount is Judaism's most sacred site.
The World Council of Churches Supports Christian Anti-Zionist in Jerusalem
November 8, 2016

Yusef Daher, who works at the WCC-supported Jerusalem Interchurch Center (JIC) in Jerusalem, shamelessly promotes theological hatred of the Jewish state in the name of peace.

Amiram Goldblum's Numbers Don't Add Up
November 7, 2016
Amiram Goldblum cites casualty figures to argue in Haaretz that Yitzhak Rabin's diplomacy led to a dip in violence, but his numbers don't match data from either Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs or B'Tselem.
CNN's Amanpour Uses Shimon Peres' Passing to Malign Israeli Policies
November 3, 2016
CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, discussing the legacy of Shimon Peres, a former Israeli president and prime minister, used Israeli and Palestinian guests to malign Israel’s policies towards the Palestinians.
The Washington Post Evicts Context on Palestinian Village Without Electricity
November 2, 2016

The Washington Post, relying almost exclusively on anti-Israel organizations for sources, omitted crucial information in a story about an Arab village without electricity.

After Palestinian Attack, Haaretz Fixes 'Lost in Translation'
November 1, 2016
CAMERA's prompts correction of Haaretz's latest skewed English translation. Today's article about a Palestinian guard who wounded Israeli soldiers cited "revenge" as a possible motive, noting that security agents earlier searched his home. The English article failed to note it was Palestinian agents who did the search, not Israeli.
Sayed Kashua's Revisionism: 1948 and 2016
November 1, 2016
Haaretz's Sayed Kashua lashes out at what he calls Israelis' "same lies," but it's he who dissembles. For instance, writing about "Jewish lordship," he implies Israeli Jews murdered two Arab women killed last week, reportedly by their relatives.

Mae Cannon Brings Her Mischief to CMEP
October 28, 2016
Mae Cannon, the newly appointed executive director of Churches for Middle East Peace, is unable or unwilling to address some of the more intractable obstacles to peace between Arab and Jew in the Holy Land.
CAMERA Fills in The Washington Post: Palestinian Authority Rejects Peace
October 24, 2016
After a Washington Post article omits Palestinian rejectionism, CAMERA steps in.
UPDATED: After Contact by CAMERA, The Washington Post Corrects on 'Illegal' Settlements
October 24, 2016
After CAMERA contacted Post editors and staff, the newspaper changed an article's inaccurate characterization of U.S. policy towards settlements.
Vox Docs Reinvents History, Legitimizes Bigotry
October 21, 2016
A new series of short videos from Vox purports to explain the issue of West Bank settlements. Instead, it distorts the history of the region, and endorses a discriminatory ideology.
The Washington Post Turns an Anti-Terror Raid into an Anti-Israel Article
October 21, 2016
The Post manages to imbue a report about IDF efforts to prevent Palestinian terrorist attacks with anti-Israel overtones.
Media Minimizes Latest Palestinian Post-Terror Celebrations
October 20, 2016
Once again, the media turns a blind eye to Palestinian glorification of anti-Jewish violence.
UPDATED: UNESCO and the Denial of Jewish History
October 18, 2016
For years there has been a concerted effort by Palestinian leaders and Muslim states to rewrite history and eradicate any Jewish connection to Judaism's holiest sites. This includes getting international bodies, like UNESCO, to validate historical revisionism.
UNESCO Chief Weighs In On Temple Mount Resolution But Gets Facts Wrong
October 17, 2016
In pushing back against the UNESCO resolution casting the Temple Mount as an exclusively Muslim site, UNESCO's secretary general herself downplayed the Jewish connection to the sacred hilltop. CAMERA has repeatedly held journalists accountable for the same mistake.
Newsweek Sugarcoats Anti-Israel Course at Berkeley
October 11, 2016
NewsweekNewsweek's Alexander Nazaryan accepts anti-Israel propaganda as truth, and ignores legitimate criticism of the controversial UC Berkeley course.
AFP Adds Key Info on Jewish Visits to Temple Mount: It's Their Holy Site
October 10, 2016
CAMERA prompted AFP to acknowledge that "Jewish visitors to the flashpoint Al-Aqsa mosque compound" in actuality means Jewish visitors to their own holy site, the Temple Mount.
Politico and The Washington Post Get Oslo Wrong
October 6, 2016

Politico and The Washington Post provide readers with a faulty retelling of the history of the Oslo process.

CAMERA Op-Ed in The Washington Examiner Notes D.C. Museum's Honors for Terrorists
October 5, 2016

The Newseum, a Washington D.C.-based museum, claims to defend classical liberal values, even as it memorializes theocrats and terrorists.

At WSJ, After Peres's Death, Truth Remains Elusive
September 30, 2016

Reporter Rory Jones omits important history while using Shimon Peres' death to take a gratuitous swipe at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

For Peres’s Death, The Washington Post Provides a Platform for Hate
September 29, 2016

The Washington Post wants its readers to know what terrorist groups committed to Israel's destruction think about the passing of a venerated Israeli politician.

Contradicting Its Earlier Coverage, NY Times Turns Anti-Jewish Rioters Into Victims
September 28, 2016
The New York Times obituary for Shimon Peres claims Israel "inaugurated" the second intifada. The newspaper's reporting from the time shows otherwise.
Facts Get Away in Forbes' Gaza Fisherwoman Story
September 27, 2016
If Elizabeth MacBride's article about Gaza fisherwoman Madeleine Kulab is any indication, accuracy and content quality are left to sink in Forbes' blog-based model of "entrepreneurial journalism."
Gideon Levy Underscores Dubious Claims by Father of Terrorist
September 27, 2016
Haaretz's Gideon Levy interviews the father of Muhammad al-Rajabi who carried out a terrorist stabbing. Nothing in his behavior indicated that he might do this, says his father. But the pictures below talk for themselves.
C-SPAN’s Palestinian Propaganda Presentation as a “Public Service”
September 26, 2016
Basel Ghattas, Arab member of Israel’s Knesset, harangued a friendly audience at the Arab Center in Washington D.C. on Aug. 25, 2016. C-SPAN aired the anti-Israel propaganda for its viewers.
In Coverage of UN Speeches, New NY Times Bureau Chief Peter Baker Follows Old Pattern
September 26, 2016
In his coverage of recent UN speeches by Benjamin Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas, the new New York Times bureau chief erased key distinctions with a "both sides do it" cliché, but made inappropriate distinctions by editorializing about a "brash" Netanyahu.
BBC News Amends Misleading Portrayal of Israeli Construction
September 25, 2016
Following communication from CAMERA's BBC Watch, BBC amends an article which misleadingly implied that Israel is constructing new settlements, as opposed to constructing homes within established settlements.
CAMERA Prompts Los Angeles Times Correction on Gaza Occupation
September 25, 2016
After an extensive exchange with CAMERA, The Los Angeles Times corrects a book review passage which inaccurately characterized the Gaza Strip as still under Israeli occupation.
New York Times’ Nicholas Kristof Appropriates the Holocaust for Political Gain
September 21, 2016
Kristof's comparison of Syrian refugees to Holocaust refugees is specious and offensive.
Media Could Use Some Assistance on U.S.-Israel Aid Deal
September 21, 2016

Some major U.S. news outlets offered reporting on U.S. security assistance to Israel that was devoid of essential facts and context.

Flailing Haaretz Lashes Out At CAMERA
September 20, 2016
Under publisher Amos Shocken, a front-page Haaretz story sought to smear CAMERA and duck the facts about the paper's unprofessional coverage.
CAMERA Fills In the Richmond Times-Dispatch on U.S. Aid to Israel
September 19, 2016
CAMERA takes to the pages of the Richmond Times-Dispatch to correct a misleading letter on U.S. aid to Israel.
CAMERA's UK Media Watch Prompts Telegraph Correction on 'Illegal' Settlements
September 19, 2016
CAMERA's UK Media Watch prompts correction of a Telegraph article which wrongly reported that the U.S. government considers Israeli settlements "illegal."
Forward, Voice of America Correct Headlines on Palestinian Attacks
September 18, 2016
Following a series of Palestinian attacks over the weekend, CAMERA today prompted corrections of two headlines, in The Forward and in Voice of America, which depicted reported Palestinian assailants as victims.
The Washington Post: Palestinian Anti-Jewish Violence is an Israeli ‘Sensational Charge’
September 16, 2016
The Washington Post trips over itself to attack Israel's Prime Minister, actively ignoring the long history of Palestinian anti-Jewish violence.
The Washington Times Covers Underreported Iran-Backed Shi’ite Militias
September 16, 2016
The Washington Times provides a detailed look at a frequently underreported subject: Iranian-backed militias.
Five Things You Need to Know About World Council of Churches
September 16, 2016
The World Council of Churches has been a major player in the ongoing effort to delegitimize Israel. For example, at UN "antiracism" conference in Durban held in 2001, it helped stifle discussion of anti-Semitism and then bragged about it afterwards.
CAMERA's BBC Watch Prompts BBC Correction on Israeli Book 'Ban' Claim
September 14, 2016
CAMERA's BBC Watch prompts an online correction of a BBC Radio program which falsely claimed that Israel banned Dorit Rabinyan's "Borderlife." BBC Watch continues to urge an on air correction.
Travel to Alternative Jerusalem Reality in International New York Times (Updated)
September 14, 2016
An International New York Times feature today features a Jerusalem tour "billed as 'doco-theatrical journeys' into alternative realities." The alternative reality of Jerusalem which journalist Debra Kamin describes unrecognizable. Editors are following up on CAMERA's concerns.

Sept. 15 update: CAMERA prompts correction.
CAMERA Elicits Times of Israel Correction on Disputed Gaza Death
September 12, 2016
CAMERA prompts correction of a Times of Israel article which reported that the IDF said troops weren't in the area when Abdulrahman Al-Dabag was killed. The amended article notes that the military statement that forces in the area fired tear gas.
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