Monday, November 20, 2017
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Jewish Journalism: Focus on <i>The Forward</i>
There is a disturbing trend within certain Jewish journalistic circles to conform to the extreme, “progressive” zeitgeist in which religious values, Jewish leaders and most of all, the Jewish state and its supporters are consistently condemned. And nowhere is this trend as pronounced as at The Forward under the helm of editor‑in‑chief Jane Eisner.
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New York City, Los Angeles, Boston, and Dallas
Haaretz Adds Information on Marwan Barghouti's Murder Convictions
November 15, 2017
One day after The New York Times' editor's note acknowledged that "controversial Palestinian activist Rasmeah Odeh" was convicted of a deadly bombing in Israel, Haaretz amends an article to adds the crimes of "convicted Palestinian leader Marwan Barghouti": five counts of murder.
USA Today Casts Out Context in Report on Israelís African Refugees
November 15, 2017

A recent USA Today report failed to provide essential context about Israeli immigration policies and history.

CAMERA Prompts Correction in Foreign Affairs on Israel's Capital
November 15, 2017
A piece in Foreign Affairs referred to policies in "Washington and Tel Aviv," wrongly casting the latter as Israel's capital. After communication by CAMERA, the publication corrected its inaccurate language.
NY Times Delivers One-Two Punch Against Iraqi Jewish History
November 14, 2017
In a pair of articles this fall, the New York Times ignored the violence and persecution faced by Iraqi Jews in the 1940s and 50s, suggesting that nearly the entire community "left" or "departed" inexplicably.
In New York Times, Convicted Bomber Becomes 'Controversial Palestinian Activist' (UPDATED)
November 13, 2017
Rasmeah Odeh, convicted of a deadly bombing in Israel, was deported from the United States because she concealed her criminal record. In a travel column about California love, social justice and community, The New York Times also conceals Odeh's conviction, calling her a "controversial Palestinian activist."
(UPDATE: The newspaper has published an Editors' Note.)
Kansas City Star Purveyed Palestinian Anti-Israel Propaganda
November 11, 2017
Kansas City Star, the city’s largest circulation daily newspaper, in an Op-Ed written by a Star editorial board member, touted a propagandistic anti-Israel speech by Hanan Ashrawi, Palestinian official.
Noga Tarnopolsky's Awkward Journalism on Balfour Centennial
November 10, 2017
Eager to suggest British ambivalence about the Balfour Declaration, Tarnopolsky's "analysis" piece concealed Prime Minister Theresa May's openly expressed pride in the document and freely opined, on the news pages, about Benjamin Netanyahu's inner motivations.
NY Times Covers Up Emirati Intolerance at Judo Tournament
November 8, 2017
The New York Times' report on the new Louvre Abu Dhabi museum as a "soft power" means "to promote the capital as a tolerant global city" completely whitewashes recent egregious Emirati intolerance: a ban on all Israeli symbols, including the national anthem, at the Grand Slam judo tournament.
CAMERA Prompts i24 Corrections on Hamas Charter
November 5, 2017
CAMERA prompts corrections to two separate i24 News article which incorrectly depicted Hamas' May 2017 policy document as a "new charter" or as revisions to its founding charter, which calls for Israel's destruction.
Glamour Magazine to Honor BDS Proponent Linda Sarsour
November 3, 2017
Is blatant bigotry against Israel and Jews acceptable to the editors at Glamour, or to parent company Conde Nast?
Foreign Policy Magazine, Fake Quotes and False Narratives
November 2, 2017
Foreign Policy magazine pushes a poorly-conceived anti-Israel Op-Ed, replete with fake quotes and a false narrative.
Mahmoud Abbasís Guardian Op-Ed Illustrates Dishonesty of Official "Palestinian narrative"
November 2, 2017
In Abbasís Op-Ed, there are lies, distortions, and a broader message: that Palestinians possess no moral agency and their leadership shares no responsibility for their state of affairs.
AFP Corrects Inflated Figure For Displaced Palestinians
November 1, 2017
CAMERA prompts a quick AFP correction after the agency incorrectly reported that "millions" of Palestinians were displaced. The wire service failed, however, to correct the false statement that Hamas revised its founding charter, easing its stance on the destruction of Israel.
Tablet Corrects: Report of Israeli Soccer Fan Wielding Knife Unfounded
October 31, 2017
CAMERA prompts a correction after the Tablet ran an unfounded allegation that an Israeli soccer fan charged the field with a knife after a loss to the Spanish national team. The police and soccer officials had dismissed the allegation, saying no knife was found.
CAMERA Op-Ed: Fatah Admits Its True Goals—But the Media Wonít Retweet
October 30, 2017
The Palestinian Authority continues to violate the Oslo accords which created it. And the media continues to ignore the violations.
VOA News Corrects Headline: No Israeli Plans For 'Thousands' of East Jerusalem Homes
October 29, 2017
CAMERA prompts correction of a Voice of America headline which erred: "Israel Approves Thousands of Settlement Homes in East Jerusalem." As the accompanying AP article reported, the number of new homes approved in a Jewish neighborhood over the Green Line is 176.
Trick or Treating for UNICEF: "Scary Good" or Just Plain Scary?
October 27, 2017
Two members of UNICEF's Executive Committee betray its stated mission.
CBC's Neil MacDonald: New Platform, Same Errors
October 25, 2017
Neil Macdonald had a strained relationship with the facts when he reported from Israel in the 1990s. Now, as an opinion columnist for CBC, he continues to err, distort, and skew.
Op-Ed in Times of Israel: Conan and the Barbarians
October 25, 2017
A group of anti-Israel activists who confronted Conan O'Brien as he toured the West Bank spewed lies and demanded an end to Israel's existence. So why did promise to help get their message out?
Haaretz Corrects: No Mention of Settlements in Dickinson, Tx., Relief Form
October 24, 2017
CAMERA prompts correction of an Haaretz English edition report which incorrectly stated that residents of Dickinson, Tx., applying for Hurricane Irma relief were required to verify that they don't boycott Israeli settlements.
CAMERA Op-Ed: Does The Washington Post Even Read The Washington Post?
October 24, 2017
The Washington Post can't seem to get its coverage on settlements right. The paper goes as far as contradicting its own reporting in order to advance a false narrative.
Haaretz Prints Correction on BDS Activists That Weren't
October 17, 2017
CAMERA prompts correction of a Haaretz photo caption which erroneously identified anti-BDS (boycott, divest, sanctions) activists as BDS activists. The caption error ironically accompanied a column about the "imaginary demon" of BDS.
CAMERA Op-Ed: The Growing Autocracy of the Palestinian Authority
October 16, 2017

The Palestinian Authority is increasingly autocratic and prone to violating the Oslo accords that created it. And the media is increasingly prone to ignoring, and failing to inform readers, about internal Palestinian developments.

C-SPAN Pairs with Palestinian Panelists Purveying Anti-Israel Propaganda
October 16, 2017
The “public affairs” television network is at it again broadcasting a propagandistic panel discussion to potentially millions that fans the flames of hatred against Jews and Israel.
Jerusalem Post Corrects Headline About 'More Settlements'
October 15, 2017
CAMERA prompts correction of Jerusalem Post headline which erroneously stated: "Israel Advancing Plans for 4X More Settlements Than Last Year." Plans concern new residential units within existing settlements, not new settlements. 
AFP Corrects Number of IDF Fatalities in Jenin
October 15, 2017
CAMERA's Israel office prompts correction of an AFP article which understated the number of Israeli soldiers killed in battles in Jenin in April 2002. The Daily Mail also corrects.
CAMERA Op-Ed: The Media and the Missing Abu Jihad
October 9, 2017
A new generation of Palestinian leaders are rising to the fore. Committed to terrorism, the media seems equally committed to ignoring their ascendance, as CAMERA notes in The Washington Jewish Week.
AP Amends Inflated Gaza Unemployment Figure
October 3, 2017
In response to communication from CAMERA, AP amends an article which overstated Gaza's unemployment rate as "nearly 50 percent." The figure is closer to 40 percent.

Glass Houses, Haaretz and Neo-Nazi Fans
October 2, 2017
Haaretz takes the prime minister's son to task for "an anti-Semitic collage he posted to the exultant cheers" of a former KKK leader. Meanwhile, guess how many times neo-Nazis, including the same David Duke, gleefully feted Haaretz content.
Valerie Plame Was Just Echoing the Echo Chamberís Antisemitism
October 2, 2017
Valerie Plame's most recent anti-Semitic tweet is evidence of a growing pattern of mainstreaming anti-Semitism, of which the media plays a part, as CAMERA details.
CNEWA Changes Graphic on Christians in Israel
September 28, 2017
The Catholic Near East Welfare Association has removed a deceptive graphic about the population of Christians in Israel and replaced it with a more accurate one.
CAMERA Prompts Wave of Corrections on Shamasneh Family Eviction
September 27, 2017
CAMERA prompts several corrections after multiple media outlets stated as fact that the Shamasnehs, evicted from their Sheik Jarrah home, had lived there since 1964, making them "protected tenants." Times of Israel, Haaretz and The Jerusalem Post correct: The courts found no evidence of residency prior to 1968, and thus the family did not have that status.
Reuters Corrects Captions: U.S. Embassy Not in Jerusalem
September 26, 2017
In a change from the usual journalistic misstep in which media outlets frequently misidentify Tel Aviv as Israel's capital, Reuters captions relocated the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. CAMERA prompts correction: The embassy is in Tel Aviv.
Times of Israel Corrects About Shamasneh Family Eviction Case
September 25, 2017
CAMERA prompts correction of a Times of Israel article which stated as fact that the Shamasnehs lived since 1964 in the home from which they were recently evicted, making them "protected tenants." In fact, the courts found that their residency started after 1968, so they weren't entitled to that status.
Newsweek Corrects on Hamas Document, Israel's Capital
September 19, 2017
CAMERA prompts corrections at Newsweek: Hamas' May 2017 policy document did not replace the founding charter calling for Israel's destruction and Tel Aviv is not to be used as shorthand for Israel.
BBC Arabic Removes False Claim About Excavation-Related Arrests
September 17, 2017
Following communication from CAMERA Arabic, BBC Arabic removes a news article's false claim that Israel often arrests members of the northern Islamic Movement for protesting against archaeological excavations in the vicinity of Temple Mount.
CAMERA Prompts National Geographic Corrections on 'Palestine,' Barrier and Leila Khaled
September 17, 2017
CAMERA prompts corrections to a National Geographic travel article which wrongly referred to "Palestine," which mischaracterized PFLP hijacker Leila Khaled as an "activist," and which significantly overstated the length of the West Bank barrier.
CAMERA Op-Ed: How Terrorists and Tyrants Do PR
September 13, 2017
Terrorist groups have their own public relations methods. And they involve controlling, intimidating and blindfolding the press, as CAMERA notes in The Washington Examiner.
Vox "Explanatory Journalism" Continues to Misinform Readers About Israel
September 13, 2017
A Vox podcast relayed several errors about the Arab-Israeli conflict. The outlet refused to correct the false claim that Palestinians "can't go into" hospitals in Israeli settlements.
Success: PBS Amends "Dying to Be a Martyr" Lesson Plan
September 11, 2017
Although the plan is significantly improved, many problems with it remain.
Aid Group Partially Corrects Error-Ridden Huffington Post Op-Ed
September 10, 2017
CAMERA prompts Huffington Post corrections about the number of trucks crossing into Gaza and the territory's poverty rate, but falsehoods still abound in an Op-Ed by ANERA's Hani Almadhoun.
In Hani Almadhoun's Gaza Piece, Huffington Post Suspends Fact-Checking
September 6, 2017

The United Nations reportedly funds ANERA, but that doesn't deter Hani Almadhoun, the NGO's director of donor development, from completely disregarding or misusing UN Gaza data on everything from truck crossings to reconstruction.

Backgrounder: Tanzim
September 5, 2017
CAMERA takes a look at the Tanzim faction, an underreported group that is likely to dominate the future of the Palestinian Authority.
CAMERA Op-Ed: USA Todayís Orwellian Report on Anti-Jewish Violence
September 5, 2017
USA Today has refused to correct a headline that whitewashes anti-Jewish violence.
Newsweek Guilty of the "Big Omission": Concealing Palestinian Rejection of Statehood Offers
September 1, 2017
Journalist Gregg Carlstrom devotes nearly 5,000 words to explaining why Palestinians don't have a state. Not one of those words informs readers that Palestinian leaders have rejected a state on multiple occasions.
Independent, Times of Israel Update: Police Find Palestinian Girl Died in Car Accident
August 31, 2017
Following communication from UK Media Watch and CAMERA, the Independent and Times of Israel, respectively, update about Aseel Abu Oun, a Palestinian girl killed when an Israeli driver hit her. Editors add that police concluded the incident was an accident. 
NPR Skews the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict
August 30, 2017
NPR journalists are once again flouting their media outlet's ethical guidelines and delivering an inaccurate, incomplete and skewed version of the news about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.
Al Jazeera English Corrects: Haifa Not in 'Northern Occupied Palestine'
August 29, 2017
After Al Jazeera English redrew the map, placing Haifa in "northern occupied Palestine," CAMERA's Israel office today prompts a correction.
Christian Century Does Right Thing, Removes James M. Wall From Masthead
August 29, 2017
Christian Century has, without fanfare, removed the name of its former editor, James M. Wall, from the masthead of the print version of its magazine. From 2012 to 2015, Wall served on the editorial board of an antisemitic website, Veterans News Now.
New York Times Praises Profane Anti-Israel Poet
August 27, 2017
The New York Times recently reverentially profiled poet (now an Anglican Church priest) Alice Goodman, creator of the anti-Israel wording in a controversial grand opera.
Reuters Uses Ellipses to Downplay Al Jazeera Journalist's Quote
August 18, 2017
In its coverage of Israeli plans to revoke the press card of al Jazeera reporter Elias Karram, the news agency removed twice the word "resistance" from the journalist's damning comments.
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