Saturday, December 20, 2014
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Backdraft: Some Media Outlets Backtrack on Mosque 'Arson'
Weeks after news accounts blamed Jewish arsonists for a fire in a West Bank mosque, an investigation finds the cause was electrical. CAMERA followed up with media outlets that had reported as fact that the mosque was attacked, with positive outcomes at AP, New York Times and Haaretz.
Campaign Calls Out New York Times Bias
The Stubborn Antisemitism of Yahoo and The Christian Century
December 18, 2014
Yahoo and James M. Wall, a contributing editor at The Christian Century, both help to mainstream an antisemitic webpage that promotes Holocaust denial and blames Jews for 9/11.
The New York Times Blog Publishes Shoddy Defense of Steven Salaita
December 17, 2014
Professor Joseph Levine presents an error-laden polemic criticizing the University of Illinois' decision to rescind an offer to Steven Salaita after his abusive and bigoted tweets about Israel and Jews came to light.
Omissions Distort Washington Post's 'Palestinian U.N. Statehood Showdown'
December 16, 2014

The Washington Post fell for the hoary “Palestinian frustration” diagnosis to explain Mahmoud Abbas’ latest “statehood-without-peace” maneuver at the United Nations. CAMERA fills in the paper’s misleading omissions.   

The New York Times' Unique Definition For Israeli Funding
December 15, 2014
A standards editor resorts to definitional contortions to avoid correcting a mischaracterization of Israel's "Nakba Law" as "prohibit[ing] funding for groups that commemorate the Nakba." In fact, the narrow law enables the state to withhold government money from state-funded bodies.
New York Times "Correction" Fails to Correct Blumenthal Error
December 11, 2014
The New York Times has made three corrections to Max Blumenthal's contribution to the Opinion pages. Only two of them were acknowledged. And at least one of the "corrections" spectacularly fails to redress the error, and served only to leave editors' fingerprints directly on the falsehood.
Commissioning Extremism from Max Blumenthal, the NY Times Also Receives Errors
December 9, 2014
max blumenthalThe New York Times turned to two extremists to participate in a debate about Israeli society, and reaps what it sowed — primitive Israel-hatred and clear-cut factual errors. (Updated.)
The Future of Evangelical Support for Israel
December 9, 2014

In this article originally published in the December 2014 Jerusalem Post Christian Edition, CAMERA analyst Tricia Miller challenges the church to expose the errant theology at the heart of an aggressive and deceptive anti-Zionist agenda.

Bias Seeps Into The Wall Street Journal's News Coverage
December 8, 2014
Recurring bias has crept into the reporting of events in Israel by correspondents Joshua Mitnick and Nicholas Casey. Editors need to restore accuracy and balance or the newspaper's credibility will suffer.
Newsweek Falls Off Abyss With Sarah Helm's Hatchet Job
December 8, 2014
With error-ridden, tendentious piece on "Young Woman at the Forefront of Jerusalem's New Holy War," Sarah Helm stakes out her territory at the fore of Newsweek's journalistic decline.

The New York Times Unspun
December 8, 2014
Even when Jews are murdered at prayer, The New York Times turns to false framing, lopsided speaker citations, omissions and platitudes to deflect focus away from the perpetrators and onto Israel.
On Palestinian Incitement, Washington Post Op-Ed Clueless
December 6, 2014
                      False equivalences and bad history leave a Washington Post Op-Ed on Palestinian incitement clueless. However it passed editorial inspection, it deserves reader rejection.
Yahoo News and the Hate Site
December 5, 2014
Why is Yahoo legitimizing, promoting and mainstreaming a fringe website that peddles in Holocaust denial and 9/11 conspiracy?
WBUR's On Point Misleads About the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict
December 4, 2014
NPR affiliate stations are currently in the midst of their year-end fund drive. Listeners should carefully consider whether to support such programs as "On Point,"  that so thoroughly mislead  on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.
Associated Press Lays Down Smokescreen
December 3, 2014
Paul Colford from the Associated Press has responded to Matti Friedman's criticism of its coverage of the Arab-Israeli conflict, accusing Friedman of offering half-truths and distortions. Colford's response indicates that the AP is not serious about engaging in journalistic self-reflection.
Times of Israel, Flash 90 Correct Captions on Temple Mount Visits
November 30, 2014
CAMERA's Israel office prompts correction of a Times of Israel photo caption which erroneously referred to visits by Jewish activists to the al-Aqsa mosque. Jewish activists visited the Temple Mount; none entered the mosque.
The Seventh Eye Covers CAMERA Symposium
November 28, 2014
The Israel Democracy Institute's Hebrew-language publication on journalism,  The Seventh Eye (Ayin Hashviit), recently covered a symposium held by CAMERA's Israel office. The topic was the problematic media coverage of  the  2014 Hamas war  and the IDF's Operation Protective Edge, to stop Hamas rocket and tunnel attacks on Israel.
Boston Globe's Farah Stockman: Israel to Blame for Slaughter of Jews
November 26, 2014
Boston Globe columnist Farah Stockman puts the Mark of Cain on Abel instead, using the recent slaughter of Jews in a synagogue as a lesson about Israeli evil.
Al-Jazeera America’s Fraudulent USS Liberty Documentary
November 25, 2014
Al-Jazeera America TV network, whose owner/operator is the anti-Israel government of Qatar, has aired numerous broadcasts of an hour-long propaganda-laden “documentary” falsely charging that America and Israel have covered up the facts behind the fog of war attack on USS Liberty.
Presbyterian Peace Activists Bet on Iranian Good Will
November 25, 2014
The International Atomic Energy Agency is worried Iran's nuclear program and has stated the country has not cooperated with inspection efforts. Presbyterian "peace" activists have another message: Don't worry, be happy, and negotiate.
Zvi Bar'el, Meet Israel's Founding Document
November 25, 2014
Haaretz's Zvi Bar'el warns of a "racist" bill which he says will bring Israel to a state ruled by Jewish law. But the language to which he so objects is nearly identical to what appears in Israel's founding document.
CAMERA Letter Corrects Baltimore Sun on Jerusalem Murders
November 24, 2014

The Baltimore Sun said murders at a Jerusalem synagogue deserved “the world’s unequivocal condemnation.” Then it equivocated. CAMERA did not. 

Washington Post Synagogue Massacre Follow-Up Easy on Arabs
November 20, 2014

At first glance, a Washington Post front-page follow-up to Jerusalem's synagogue massacre looked balanced. CAMERA's closer reading showed it was not, not even close.

The Silence of the Dhimmis
November 20, 2014
Christians in Bethlehem who have excoriated Israel have remained silent about the PA's incitement preceding the murder of five people at Kehilat Yaakov Synagogue in Jerusalem.
WSJ Corrects Headline About New Israeli "Settlements"
November 19, 2014
The Wall Street Journal is the second media outlet this week to correct an erroneous headline falsely claiming that Israel announced plans to build new settlements.
New York Times Suppresses Kerry Condemnation of Palestinian Incitement
November 19, 2014
Secretary of State John Kerry said Palestinian incitement was directly responsible for yesterday’s brutal murder of Jews praying in a Jerusalem synagogue. His comments were initially reported but later scrubbed by a newspaper historically adverse to covering Palestinian incitement.
After Jerusalem Massacre, New York Times Covers Up Abbas' Incitement
November 18, 2014
The New York Times continues to cover up calls for violence by relating to  incitement by the Palestinian leadership as a claim on the part of right-wing Israelis instead of providing straight reports of incitement by Mahmoud Abbas.
Mainstream Media Coverage of Jerusalem Synagogue Massacre
November 18, 2014
Much of the mainstream media coverage of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is marred by the attempt to fit breaking events into a pre-existing, simplistic narrative whereby Palestinians are not held directly responsible for their actions. This again was the case with the coverage of the brutal massacre in a Jerusalem synagogue.
Detroit News Corrects False Claim About "200 Settlements," WSJ Does Not
November 17, 2014
Credit goes to the Detroit News straightforwardly correcting its error. Why hasn't the Wall Street Journal done the same?
UNESCO Corrects: Hamas Man Not a Journalist
November 16, 2014
In response to communication from CAMERA, UNESCO withdraws an earlier statement which had identified Hamas' Abdullah Murtaja, killed during summer fighting in Gaza, as a journalist. The agency's new comminque deplores "attempts to instrumentalize the profession of journalists by combatants."
Fareed Zakaria: More Plagiarism but Still at Washington Post, CNN
November 13, 2014

 Fareed Zakaria of CNN, The Washington Post, etc., has been caught plagiarizing again. The chronic Middle East misreader still has protexia, but feet of clay are showing.

Iran Propels Forward on All Fronts
November 10, 2014
A number of reports by think-tanks and in the media indicate Iran is making strides in its nuclear program and regional strategy, while benefitting from improving economic conditions.
New York Times Opinion Bias by the Numbers
November 10, 2014
A New York Times opinion editor recently stated that the newspaper shies away from criticism of Palestinian racism — and an analysis of one year of New York Times opinion pieces reveals that this is true, and more.
Fatah and Hamas Working in Lockstep to Incite and Attack
November 6, 2014
Updated Nov. 6, 2014: Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, his Fatah movement and members of the PA, joined with Hamas,  continue to foment violence in Jerusalem,with the specious Islamic battle cry --"defend Islam's holy places."  The result? 3 terror attacks in 2 weeks, 3 dead, 1 critically wounded and many more seriously injured.
The Battle Over Jerusalem and the Temple Mount
November 6, 2014
Muslim denial of Judaism's historical and religious ties to Jerusalem and the Temple Mount and incitement to violence centering on Muslim claims of supremacy present challenges to stability.
Expanded LA Times Caption Is Clear: No Israeli Flag Flying on Muslim Shrine
November 5, 2014
In response to communication from CAMERA, Los Angeles Times editors add key information to a photo caption to make clear that an Israeli flag was not, in fact, flying on top of the Dome of the Rock.
NPR Host Claims Professor Fired For Criticizing Israel, Conceals What He Really Said
November 5, 2014
  National Public Radio's Here & Now claims professor denied position because of criticism of Israel, but conceals the true vile nature of his tweets.
Stones, Motolov Cocktails and Misleading Captions in Jerusalem
November 5, 2014
Misleading photo captions can inflame tension in Jerusalem, falsely depicting Israeli provocations that never were. Also, AP and CNN fail to clarify a caption which downplays Arab violence.
NY Times Editor Admits Lower Standard For Palestinians
November 2, 2014
Tamar Sternthal, director of CAMERA's Israel office, receives a tweet from Matt Seaton, a staff editor for The New York Times opinion page, in which he admits that a special standard applies for Palestinians.
The MSM's Inversion of Reality
October 30, 2014
Yehuda Glick is a non-violent Israeli activist, director of the Libah organization that advocates freedom of worship for Jews on the Temple Mount. Muataz Hijazi is the Palestinian presumed to have shot Glick in an assassination attempt. Yet it is the non-violent Glick whom the media labels pejoratively as a "far-right" provocateur while the Palestinian terrorist who tried to kill him and Palestinian rioters on the Temple Mount who engage in violence against Israelis escape any such designations.
NY Times Corrects Misquote by Ali Abunimah, Robert Mackey
October 29, 2014
The combination of anti-Israel bloggers Robert Mackey and Ali Abunimah had led to a factual error at The New York Times, which, to its credit, the newspaper corrected yesterday. We expect more errors, though, as long as Mackey is free to cover Israel with such transparent hostility.
CAMERA Op-Ed in JPost Exposes Bethlehem Bible College Anti-Israel Activities
October 27, 2014
Bethlehem Bible College claims to exist for the purpose of training leaders to serve local Arab churches and communities. But a CAMERA Op-Ed exposes another agenda entirely, which is the perpetuation of anti-Israel propaganda.
Haaretz Partially Corrects Article on "Settler Attacks" on Al Aqsa
October 26, 2014
CAMERA's Israel office prompts corrections today of a Haaretz headline and accompanying article which reported as fact Mahmoud Abbas' false charge that "settlers" are "attacking Al-Aqsa."
Dajani's 'Israel's Water War Crimes' Charges Run Dry
October 24, 2014

Al-Shabaka is Palestinian propaganda masquerading as policy. Its Muna Dajani alleged Israeli "water water crimes" at The Hill, a congressional newspaper.  CAMERA shredded her diatribe.

The ABC's of Media Spin: The NYT and A Terror Attack
October 24, 2014
An NYT news story about a terrorist attack at a Jerusalem light rail stop qualified it as Israeli claims and quickly redirected readers away from the facts of Palestinian violence to focus on Israel's alleged misdeeds. By cherry-picking what facts to share with readers and how to frame them, The New York Times once again demonstrated its biased treatment of Israel.
CAMERA Op-Ed: Beyond ‘Klinghoffer’
October 21, 2014

One of the most controversial operas in recent memory, "The Death of Klinghoffer," which had its (New York) Metropolitan Opera debut on Oct. 20, is a vehicle for tendentious anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist slurs. When considered together with other operas by the same composer and librettist, it represents something more — a prejudicial obsession with Jews.

Media Misstate Palestinian 'Statehood' Dodge
October 19, 2014
News media failures to scrutinize the latest “Palestinian statehood” maneuver mirror reporting lapses during last summer’s Operation Protective Edge. A CAMERA Op-Ed suggested that pro-Palestinian blinkers again got in the way. 
In NY Times and Streets of New York, Klinghoffer Opera Controversy Continues
October 16, 2014
While New York Times coverage of the controversial opera "The Death of Klinghoffer" ignores the paper's own prior criticism of the piece, critics plan a major protest outside the Lincoln Center on opening night.
While Western Media Fixated on Gaza, The Main Action Was Elsewhere
October 13, 2014
The Middle East has descended into violence. But it was a statistician's questions about the ratio of civilian fatalities in Gaza that stirred such outrage that the world's largest media organization felt compelled to censor his analysis.
NPR Clarifies Claim That Israel "Helped" in Shatila Massacre
October 7, 2014
CAMERA's Israel office prompts clarification of a NPR broadcast which misleadingly referred to the killing of Palestinians in Shatila as "a massacre of mostly Palestinian civilians by Christian militias helped by Israeli forces."
NY Times Errs on Druze, Downplays ISIS (Updated)
October 7, 2014
An article in The New York Times moderates Islamic State and Hezbollah's views about Israel, and misleads about the position of the Druze in Israel.
Time for Church of England to Bring an End to Vicar’s Jew-Baiting
October 6, 2014
Rev. Dr. Stephen Sizer's recent visit to Iran is a violation of the spirit, if not the letter, of an agreement he made with the Church of England and the Board of Deputies of British Jews.
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