Monday, February 19, 2018
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Mazin Qumsiyeh

Error (New London Day, Mazin Qumsiyeh op-ed, 10/8/05): Israel with 0.1 percent of the world population gets 30 percent of U.S. foreign aid.

Correction (11/11/05): Mazin Qumsiyeh's Oct. 8 column said that Israel gets 30 percent of U.S. foreign aid. In fact, Israel receives 12.6 percent of America's foreign aid budget.

Error (Providence Journal, 8/21/05): ... total Palestinian civilians killed by these settlers is now over 400 in just the past four years.

Correction (11/1/05): In his Aug. 21 column, "Illegal occupation of Palestine," Mazin Qumsiyeh misstated the number of Palestinian civilians killed by Israeli settlers in the past four years. The figure is not 400 in the four years ending in August, as asserted by Mr. Qumsiyeh. According to the Israeli human-rights group B'tselem, only 22 Palestinian civilians were killed by Israeli settlers in that period. Perhaps more significantly, according to the Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group, only 27 Palestinians were killed by Israeli settlers between Sept. 28, 2000, and July 31, 2005.