Thursday, March 22, 2018
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Peter Kenyon

Error (NPR, Peter Kenyon, 2/28/04): Earlier, two other Palestinian armed factions claimed responsibility for a shooting attack that killed two Jewish settlers, a young husband and wife near the settlement of Meitar. The couple is survived by a two-year-old daughter.

Correction (3/13/04): We have one correction to make. In a newscast report on Saturday, February 28th, about an attack on Jewish settlers, we referred to the incident occurring near the settlement of Meitar. Meitar is not a settlement.

Error (NPR, "All Things Considered," Peter Kenyon, 1/26/04): In a crushing display of military might, the world’s fourth-largest army swept back into the West Bank cities it had vacated during peace talks with the Palestinians.

Correction (2/5/04): In a story that aired January 26th on the strategy of Israel’s military to head off Palestinian attacks, we said that Israel’s army was the world’s fourth-largest. There are various measures of military strength, but, measured by manpower, Israel ranks 13th according to the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London.