Tuesday, March 20, 2018
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Laura King

Error (Los Angeles Times, Laura King, 8/21/14): Israel has mocked [Hamas leaders] for going into hiding even as more than 2,000 Palestinian civilians have been killed.

Correction (9/2/14): Gaza Strip: An article in the Aug. 21 A section said that more than 2,000 Palestinian civilians had been killed in the conflict in the Gaza Strip. Figures from the United Nations indicate that more than 2,000 Palestinians were killed, but the number who were civilians was less than 2,000.

Error (Los Angeles Times, Laura King, 3/11/06): An estimated 3.2 million Palestinians live in the West Bank.

Correction (3/27/06): West Bank: An article in the March 11 Section A incorrectly reported the Palestinian population of the West Bank as 3.2 million. The population numbers are heavily disputed, but the most generally accepted estimate is 2.3 million.

Error (Los Angeles Times, Laura King, 9/20/04): Madonna tried to make a predawn pilgrimage Sunday to the Western Wall in Jerusalem’s Old City, which is held to be the sole remnant of the Jews’ Second Temple.

Correction (9/24/04): Western Wall–An article in Monday’s Section A about a visit to Jerusalem by pop star Madonna described the Western Wall in the Old City as the sole remnant of Jews’ Second Temple. It is the principal remnant of the temple complex accessible to worshipers, but other archeological elements survive.

Error (Los Angeles Times, Laura King, 4/24/04): Palestinians were angered and demoralized by the U.S. endorsement last week of Sharon’s “disengagement” plan, which they say bypasses negotiations on a range of key issues, including the fate of millions of Palestinian refugees who fled or were driven out during Israel’s 1948 war of independence.

Correction (4/29/04): Palestinian refugees–An article Saturday in Section A about an Israeli threat against Palestinian Authority President Yasser Arafat incorrectly stated that millions of Palestinians fled or were driven out of their homes during Israel’s 1948 War of Independence. In fact, that figure refers to the refugees, who numbered in the hundreds of thousands, and their descendants.

Error (Los Angeles Times, Laura King, 4/5/04): What is traditionally one of the Jewish year’s most joyous occasions–the eight-day celebration of Passover, which begins tonight at sundown–is shadowed by a sense of foreboding.

Correction (4/7/04): Passover–An article in Section A on Monday about Passover jitters in Israel referred to the holiday as an eight-day celebration. Passover is celebrated for seven days in Israel, and eight days in the diaspora.