Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Julie McCarthy

Error (NPR, "Morning Edition," Julie McCarthy, 3/16/04): It is the Jenin refugee camp, largely destroyed in Israel’s incursion into the West Bank in 2002.

Correction (3/29/04): A story about a Palestinian film festival reported that the Jenin refugee camp had been, quote, “largely destroyed” during an Israeli military action in 2002. But a United Nations report notes that while the center of the camp had been totally destroyed, the extent of the destruction for the camp as a whole was 10 percent.

Error (NPR, "Morning Edition," Julie McCarthy, 10/29/03): Not the outposts, but the settlements that now house some 225 million Israeli settlers in the occupied West Bank and Gaza.

Correction (11/4/03): First, a correction in an interview about Israel’s plan to extend services such as electricity to some West Bank settlements. NPR’s Julie McCarthy said that 250 million Israelis live in settlements. She meant to say 250,000.

Error (NPR, "All Things Considered," Julie McCarthy, 8/6/03): Newly released Ahmad Gnamat served five years for throwing stones at Israeli soldiers and said there was no reason to rejoice.

Correction (8/14/03): In an August 6th story on the Israeli release of Palestinian prisoners, we mistakenly described one of the freed men as having served five years in prison for throwing stones at Israeli soldiers. In fact, he was sentenced for involvement in Hamas and producing explosives.