Saturday, February 17, 2018
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Peter Jennings

Error (ABC World News Tonight, Peter Jennings, 4/24/03): In the Israeli- occupied Palestinian territories today, a Palestinian suicide bomber killed an Israeli security guard and injured 14 other people. He blew himself up at a train station during the morning rush hour. This is the first suicide attack in nearly a month.

Correction (4/25/03): Speaking of the violence, we made a mistake last night on our broadcast. Yesterday's suicide attack by a Palestinian on Israelis took place in Israel itself, very near but not in the occupied territories, as we said.

Error (ABC World News Tonight, Peter Jennings, 7/11/01): The Israeli Army says it will investigate the deaths of two Palestinians who died after being held up at army checkpoints. One of the cases involved a woman in labor who was turned back on her way to the hospital. Her newborn baby died.

Correction (Correction 7/24/01): And one other note from the Middle East: A Palestinian family has confirmed to us that reports of a new-born baby who died because the mother was held up at an Israeli army checkpoint are not correct. The baby apparently suffered respiratory failure on route to the hospital.