Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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Aron Heller

Error (AP, Aron Heller and Ibrahim Barzak, 12/31/12): In a major concession to Gaza's Hamas leaders Monday, Israel dropped its five-year ban on construction materials crossing into the territory and raised hopes there that rebuilding could begin following a damaging eight-day Israeli air campaign.

Correction (1/1/13): In a story Dec. 31, The Associated Press reported that Israel dropped a 5 1/2-year-old ban that prevented construction materials from entering the Gaza Strip. The story should have made clear that the ban applied to Gaza's private sector. Under the closure, imposed following the Hamas militant group's takeover of Gaza in June 2007, Israel allowed small amounts of construction goods into Gaza for humanitarian projects. In 2010 it began allowing such materials for projects under the auspices of the United Nations. Monday's announcement by Israel, part of a cease-fire deal reached with Hamas in November, further eases the ban by allowing private businesses to ship in building materials.

Error (AP, Aron Heller, 6/25/06): Abu Samhadana's death set off a chain of intensified hostilities that have included dozens of Palestinian rocket attacks on southern Israel ...

Correction (Updated Story, 6/25/06): One of those leaders, PRC leader Jamal Abu Samhadana, was killed in an Israeli air strike two weeks ago, shortly after accepting a senior security position in the Hamas-led government, part of a rapidly escalating round of rocket barrages and counterstrikes.

Fact: Palestinian rocket attacks from Gaza preceded—and prompted—Israel's targeted killing of Abu Samhadana.