Thursday, March 22, 2018
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Edmund Sanders

Error (Los Angeles Times, Edmund Sanders, 2/5/13): A fourth-grade Palestinian textbook includes a story of a Palestinian who helped rescue a wounded Israeli soldier because, he says in the text, it was "my obligation as a Muslim Arab."

Correction (2/6/13): Mideast textbooks: In the Feb. 5 Section A, an article about a study of bias in Israelis and Palestinian textbooks said that a Palestinian textbook included a story of a Palestinian who helped rescue a wounded Israeli soldier. The example came from a fourth-grade Israeli textbook.

Error (Los Angeles Times, Edmund Sanders, 11/20/12): On Monday, Israel attacked the Sharouk communications building in Gaza City where it said four senior members of the Islamic Jihad militant group were meeting.

Among the dead was Ramez Harb, a Palestinian journalist. Israel said he was a legitimate target because he served in the information department of Islamic Jihad.

Correction (11/23/12): Gaza fighting: In the Nov. 20 Section A, an article about attacks by Israel and Hamas referred to Ramez Harb, who was killed in an Israeli strike on the Gaza Strip, as a journalist. Although initial reports said Harb worked for a Palestinian news agency, he was a member of the militant group Islamic Jihad.

Error (Los Angeles Times, Jeffrey Fleishman and Edmund Sanders, 8/6/12): A Sinai militant group, which included at least one extremist from Saudi Arabia, released a video last week claiming responsibility for a June attack along the border that killed one Israeli soldier.

Correction (8/8/12): Israeli border violence: In the Aug. 6 Section A, an article about an attack by militants along Israel's border with Egypt said that an Israeli slain during a previous assault in June was a soldier. The victim was a civilian.