Monday, February 19, 2018
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Charles Sennott

Error (Boston Globe, Charles Sennott, 10/18/00): The couple, like many of the 40,000 in Gilo, live there probably less for the ideological commitment to settling the land for Jews and more for the government subsidies and affordable housing that come with living in a settlement.

Correction (10/20/00): Because of a reporting error, a story in Wednesday’s A section about violence on the outskirts of Jerusalem indicated that the residential area of Jerusalem known as Gilo received government subsidies that are provided to Jewish settlements. Israeli officials say the funding provided in Gilo is the same as the funding given to areas within the municipality of Jerusalem and does not come from budgets provided for Jewish settlements in the West Bank and Gaza.

Error (Boston Globe, Charles Sennott, 12/3/98): Israel released 150 Palestinian prisoners last month, but Palestinian leaders say half of them were common criminals and not the political prisoners they had expected to be freed.

Correction (12/5/98): Because of a reporting error, a Page One story on Thursday incorrectly stated that the Israeli government recently released 150 Palestinian prisoners last month. The correct number, as the Globe has reported in the past, is 250 prisoners.