Thursday, March 22, 2018
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Noga Tarnopolsky

Error (Los Angeles Times, Tracy Wilkinson and Noga Tarnopolsy, 2/14/18): The May 14 date -- the date Israel originally declared independence -- significantly accelerates the schedule for transferring the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv, where it always existed along with the rest of the world's diplomatic missions, to the disputed holy city of Jerusalem.

Correction (2/27/18): Embassy in Jerusalem: In the Feb. 24 Section A, an article about plans to open a small U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem in May said the U.S. Embassy in Israel has always been in Tel Aviv, "along with the rest of the world's diplomatic missions." A small number of countries had embassies in Jerusalem in the past.

Error (Los Angeles Times, Noga Tarnopolsky and Rushdi Abu Alouf, 2/7/18): In what the Israeli army is calling an indication of the dramatic drop in Gazans' purchasing power, the number of supply trucks entering the strip weekly from Israel has recently gone from an average of 900 to about 300.

Correction (2/20/18): This article incorrectly says the number of supply trucks entering the Gaza Strip from Israel has gone from 900 to 300 weekly. The figures are for daily crossings.

Error (Los Angeles Times, Noga Tarnopolsky, 11/18/17): Reached in Washington, Palestinian Authority Ambassador to the United States Husam Zomlot said, “I have no comment. No comment at all.”

Correction (11/21/17): Husam Zomlot, identified in this article as the Palestinian Authority ambassador, is the chief representative of the Palestinian delegation to the U.S.