Tuesday, March 20, 2018
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Deborah Sontag

Error (New York Times, Deborah Sontag, 3/28/01): Miki Levy, the Jerusalem police chief, said that a suicide bomber wearing an explosive belt had blown himself up while standing beside a bus headed for the settlement of Pisgat Zeev.

Correction (4/2/01): An article on March 28 about pressure on Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to retaliate against Palestinians for attacks on Israelis referred imprecisely to Pisgat Zeev, a Jewish neighborhood built in 1984, which was the destination of a bus attacked by a Palestinian suicide bomber. While the Palestinians consider it a settlement, the Israelis say it is part of municipal Jerusalem.

Error (New York Times, Deborah Sontag, 9/6/00): Mr. Arafat, the experts say, has been putting forth the compromise position of United Nations resolutions that call for Israeli withdrawal from all territory occupied in the 1967 war – which includes all of East Jerusalem.

Correction (9/8/00): An article on Wednesday about the Middle East peace talks referred incorrectly to United Nations resolutions on the Arab-Israeli conflict. While Security Council Resolution 242, passed after the 1967 Middle East War, calls for Israelís armed forces to withdraw "from territories occupied in the recent conflict," no resolution calls for Israeli withdrawal from all territory, including East Jerusalem, occupied in the war.