Monday, February 19, 2018
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San Jose Mercury News

Error (San Jose Mercury News, Aaron Davis, 5/9/03): A missile attack Thursday killed a member of the militant Palestinian group Hamas and sent a fragile cease-fire up in smoke. Hamas leaders who just days before had tentatively agreed to halt suicide attacks against Israel for two years vowed quick retaliation and called for “open battle against the Zionists.”

Correction (5/28/03): A front-page article May 7 and an article May 9 in the World report incorrectly stated that Hamas, the Islamic Resistance Movement, which has launched numerous suicide attacks against Israelis, had agreed to a two-year cease-fire. There was no cease-fire. At that time, Hamas commanders in the Gaza Strip were in talks with the new Palestinian leadership and had reached a tentative agreement on a cease-fire, according to Hamas and Palestinian leadership sources. That accord, however, had not been approved by the political leadership of Hamas.