Friday, April 27, 2018
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San Francisco Chronicle

Error (San Francisco Chronicle, Jonathan Curiel review of Rashid Khalidi book, 10/22/06): Months after the rejection [by the Palestinians of the 1939 White Paper], World War II erupted, Jewish immigration to Palestine (prompted by Hitler's atrocities) increased dramatically, and the stage was reset for the establishment of a Jewish state.

Correction (11/5/06): An Insight story on Oct. 22, "Arguing that Palestinians share the blame for their plight," mischaracterized Jewish migration to Palestine. The number of Jewish immigrants there declined during World War II.

Error (San Francisco Chronicle, David Biale, 1/29/06): Israel still controls 60 percent of Palestinian land, much of its water sources and all of its borders.

Correction (2/5/06): In last Sunday's Insight, the story "Barbarians at the gate, or just prgmatists?" misstated the extent of Israel's administration of Gaza's borders. Israel controls all of the borders except Gaza's border with Egypt, which is controlled by the Palestinians.

Error (San Francisco Chronicle, Gail Bensinger, 11/11/04): That, in turn, gave rise to the Black September terrorist organization, which assassinated Jordanian Prime Minister Wasfi Tel in 1971 and the next year killed nine Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics.

Correction (12/3/04): The obituary of Yasser Arafat on Nov. 11 misstated the number of Israelis killed by Palestinian terrorists at the 1972 Munich Olympics. Ten athletes and a coach died.

Error (San Francisco Chronicle, Mustafa Barghouti interview with Jonathan Curiel, 7/14/04): But they’re building it [the Israeli barrier] inside the occupied territories, and claiming 58 percent of the West Bank.

Correction (7/30/04): In a story July 14 about Israel’s barrier, a quotation from Palestinian activist Mustafa Barghouti may have implied that the barrier would be responsible for an additional 58 percent of the West Bank coming under Israeli control. According to the United Nations, the figure is closer to 14 percent. Barghouti’s estimate, according to his spokesperson, related to the total amount of West Bank land that Israel has taken control of since the country’s creation in 1948.

Error (San Francisco Chronicle, Washington Post article by John Ward Anderson, 7/12/04): Sunday’s bombing near a bus stop in central Tel Aviv was the first Palestinian attack inside Israel since a March 14 double suicide bombing at the seaport of Ashdod that killed 10 people, and it was the first in Tel Aviv in more than 14 months.

Correction (7/16/04): A Washington Post story published Monday misstated the date and location of the most recent previous Palestinian attack inside Israel. A rocket attack on June 28 killed two Israelis in Sderot.

Error (San Francisco Chronicle, AP article by Josef Federman, 7/9/04): By September 2005, Sharon plans to pull all Israeli troops from the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

Correction (7/15/04): An Associated Press story published Friday erroneously reported that Israel plans to pull all its soldiers out of the West Bank. The Israeli plan calls for a limited withdrawal of residents and military guards from four West Bank settlements.