Monday, February 19, 2018
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Oslo Accords

Error (New York Times, John Burns, 8/17/00): The aim of the accords was to reach a final agreement within seven years that would settle contentious issues like Jerusalem, and seal Israeli and Palestinian recognition of each otherís sovereignty and border.

Correction (8/24/00): An article on Aug. 17 about a decision by Palestinian leaders to reassess their plan to declare statehood on Sept. 13 misstated the timetable for an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement under the Oslo accords of 1993. The accords spelled out a five-year interim process; they did not specify a seven-year goal for a final agreement.

Error (Associated Press, Sari Bashi, 5/17/00): Israel has released hundreds of prisoners as part of detailed peace accords but says it will not release Palestinians jailed for killing Israelis.

Correction (6/6/00): The Associated Press erroneously reported on May 14 that Israel has released hundreds of Palestinians prisoners as part of peace agreements.

Since the 1993 Oslo peace accords, Israel has freed more than 7,000 Palestinians jailed for anti-Israel activities as part of peace deals.