Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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Israel History

Error (Der Spiegel, photo caption, 9/20/11): The Palestinians want to declare their own state this week after 60 years of Israeli occupation.

Correction (Posted online as of 9/22/11): Sixty years after Israel declared statehood, the Palestinians want to follow suit this week.

Error (San Francisco Chronicle, Jonathan Curiel review of Rashid Khalidi book, 10/22/06): Months after the rejection [by the Palestinians of the 1939 White Paper], World War II erupted, Jewish immigration to Palestine (prompted by Hitler's atrocities) increased dramatically, and the stage was reset for the establishment of a Jewish state.

Correction (11/5/06): An Insight story on Oct. 22, "Arguing that Palestinians share the blame for their plight," mischaracterized Jewish migration to Palestine. The number of Jewish immigrants there declined during World War II.

Error (AFP, 6/28/05): OIC was given its current name when it was first established at a meeting of Islamic leaders convened in Morocco following an attempt by Jewish hardliners to burn down Islam's third holiest site -- Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa mosque -- which is also revered in Judaism.

Correction (7/6/05): ATTENTION - CORRECTION: In OIC-Yemen,sched-lead moved on June 28, 10th para should read xxx following an attempt by an Australian member of the Protestant Church of God, Dennis Michael Rohan, to burn down Islam's third-holiest site XXX /// A corrected version of story follows.