Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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Photo Captions

Error (Der Spiegel, photo caption, 9/20/11): The Palestinians want to declare their own state this week after 60 years of Israeli occupation.

Correction (Posted online as of 9/22/11): Sixty years after Israel declared statehood, the Palestinians want to follow suit this week.

Error (Boston Globe, photo caption, 9/5/02): Initisar and Kifah Ajouri, expelled from the West Bank for being kin of alleged terrorist Ali Ajouri, in Gaza City.

Correction (9/6/02): Because of an editing error, a photo caption in yesterday’s World section incorrectly characterized the reason for the expulsion of Intisar and Kifah Ajouri from the West Bank. According to the Israeli army, the Ajouris assisted their brother in preparations for a July suicide bombing in Tel Aviv, and the Israeli Supreme Court ruled the pair posed a security risk to Israel.

Error (Boston Globe, photo caption, 5/9/02): An Israeli bomb squad robot dragged a wounded Palestinian man on a road in northern Israel yesterday.

Correction (Editor’s Note (5/10/02)): A caption that accompanied a photograph in yesterday’s World section should have said that the wounded Palestinian being dragged by an Israeli bomb squad robot was a suspected suicide bomber who was badly injured when explosives he was carrying blew up prematurely.

Error (Time Magazine, photo caption, 3/18/02): VOTING FOR MAYHEM: Israeli students at a demonstration in Jerusalem rally for more violence, raising paint-dipped hands.

Correction (Clarification 5/13/02): In our story “Streets Red With Blood,” on the increasing violence in the Middle East [World, March 18], we ran a photo of Israelis holding up their red-painted hands, accompanied by a caption that read, “Voting for Mayhem: Israeli students at a demonstration in Jerusalem rally for more violence, raising paint-dipped hands.” Instead, our caption should have more precisely explained the situation shown in the photograph: “Israeli right-wing student activists hold up their hands, painted in red as a symbol of bloodshed, at a demonstration supporting the cancellation of chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat’s lecture at the Hebrew University on Mount Scopus in Jerusalem.”

Error (New York Times, photo caption, 3/15/00): Classmates of a girl killed by Israeli shelling of Mansuri in southern Lebanon at her funeral.

Correction (3/17/00): A photo caption on Wednesday about Israeli air raids on Lebanon misidentified the force whose shelling killed a student in southern Lebanon. It was the South Lebanon Army, a militia backed by Israel that was attacking the area along with Israeli forces, not the Israeli military.