Sunday, February 18, 2018
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Error (Boston Metro, 6/4/02): Israel has no laws against trafficking (of women) or prostitution. . . .

Correction (6/14-16/02): The Metro story on June 5 entitled “Sex trade reaches every corner of the world" erroneously stated that "Israel has no laws against trafficking or prostitution.” Israeli law requires convicted traffickers of women to serve a minimum jail term of two-and-a-half to four years. Metro regrets the error.

Error (Boston Globe, H.D.S. Greenway, 3/8/02 & 3/15/02 ): "The fall of Balata" — a refugee camp — "will break the Palestinian resistance." (Brigadier General Ephraim Eitam of the Israeli Army) (op-ed, 3/8/02) The speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council, Ahmed Qurei, was wounded in his car [at a checkpoint] for reasons that have not been explained. . .

Correction ((3/22/02)): In a March 8 column I said that a Palestinian politician, Ahmed Qurei, had been wounded at an Israeli checkpoint. I am happy to report that none of the eight bullets Israeli soldiers fired onto his car hit him. Also, in a March 15 column, the correct title for Ephraim Eitam is brigadier general, retired.