Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Error (New York Times, front page photo, 5/6/02): The photo prominently depicts anti-Israel protesters with a large sign "End Israeli Occupation." Pro-Israel supporters with Israeli flags are less visible in the background.

Correction (Editorís Note: 5/7/02): An article yesterday about a parade in Manhattan marking Israelís 54th anniversary reported that 100,000 people had registered to march and hundreds of thousands more lined Fifth Avenue in support. The article also said that anti-Israel protesters numbered in the hundreds. A front-page photograph, however, showed the parade in the background, with anti-Israel protesters prominent in the foreground, holding a placard that read, "End Israeli Occupation of Palestine." Inside the newspaper, a photo of a pro-Israel marcher was juxtaposed with a picture of protesters, one waving a sign that likened Zionism to Nazism. Although the editorsí intent in each case was to note the presence of opposing sides, the effect was disproportionate. In fairness the total picture presentation should have better reflected The Timesís reporting on the scope of the event, including the disparity in the turnouts.