Wednesday, March 21, 2018
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John Ward Anderson

Error (Washington Post, Molly Moore and John Ward Anderson, 8/2/02): Two Americans have been killed in previous [Palestinian terror] attacks [in Israel]. A 31-year-old teacher who was pregnant was here on a study program and among 15 people killed by a suicide bomber at a Sbarro restaurant last August. And a 71-year-old architect who was a permanent resident here was abducted and shot dead in the West Bank in January.

Fact: The number of American fatalities is considerably higher than two. Since the signing of the Oslo accords in 1993, 36 American citizens have been murdered by Palestinian Arab terrorists. Twenty-four of the 36 casualties have occurred during the current wave of violence initiated by the Palestinian Authority in September 2000. In addition to the deaths, many Americans have been wounded in the conflict. Sixty-eight have been injured since 1993, 43 of them since September 2000. Palestinian Arab terrorists, since 1968, have killed more than 100 Americans and have injured nearly 120 US citizens.