Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Steven Erlanger

Error (International Herald Tribune, Steven Erlanger, 3/9/05): The international community considers all Israeli settlements built beyond the 1949 armistice lines as illegal.

Fact: The United States, a major player in the international community, does not consider all Israeli settlements over the Green Line “illegal.” A May 5, 2004 Boston Globe correction accurately described the U.S. position regarding Israeli settlements: “Because of a reporting error, an April 15 Page One story on US policy in the Middle East incorrectly stated that since 1967 US government policy has regarded Israeli settlements in the West Bank and Gaza strip as illegal under international law. The Carter administration held that settlements were illegal. Subsequent administrations, including the current Bush administration, have opposed settlement activity, but have taken no position on the legality of the settlements.” The error does not appear in the New York Times version of Erlanger’s article. It correctly states: “The United Nations considers all Israeli settlements built beyond the 1949 lines as illegal.”