Monday, February 19, 2018
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Nehemia Shtrasler

Error (Ha'aretz, Nehemia Shtrasler, 7/25/06): The whole world watches the mighty Israeli army, the world's fifth largest, with its state-of-the-art warplanes, pinpoint weapons and colossal budgets -- and sees it is incapable of defeating a small terror group of a few thousand fighers.

Fact: The Israeli army is not even the fifth largest in the Middle East, never mind the world. Egypt, Syria, Iran, Morocco and Turkey all have larger armies than Israel's (Anthony H. Cordesman, "The Military Balance in the Middle East," p. 11). And the armies of China, the United States, India, Russia, North Korea, South Korea, Pakistan, Vietnam, France and Germany are all larger than Israel's (Cordesman, "Trends in Western Military Efforts," 16).

Error (Ha'aretz, Nehemia Shtrasler, 3/21/06): . . the Ma'ale Adumim bloc will be connected to Jerusalem via E1, and cut the West Bank in half.

Fact: Even if E1 construction is completed, Palestinian-controlled areas would be connected by land east of Ma’aleh Adumim that is at its narrowest point approximately 15 kilometers wide. (It’s worth noting that is approximately the same distance as the strip of land separating the Green Line from the Mediterranean Sea near Herzliya.) Furthermore, three routes are available for West Bank Palestinians to travel freely from south to north, and a fourth is on the way. All of these are totally unaffected by the E-1 building plan. USA Today has already corrected the identical error.