Wednesday, March 21, 2018
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Deborah Sontag

Error (New York Times, Deborah Sontag, 6/2/01): Some [Palestinian] youths stoned an unmanned Israeli police station and attacked a house in the Muslim compound of the Old City owned by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. A Jewish tourist fired tear gas at a group of Palestinians, sending them to the hospital. But by the middle of the evening, that had been the extent of the troubles. . . .

Fact: These incidents were not the extent of the troubles by the middle of the evening. As the AP reports, “Palestinians also smashed security cameras at the Old City’s Damascus Gate, and looted and set ablaze a Jewish-owned shop, police said. No one was injured. At another shop, a Jewish tourist sprayed tear gas at would-be looters, witnesses said” (Nicole Winfield, June 2).