Thursday, March 22, 2018
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Tracy Wilkinson

Error (Los Angeles Times, Tracy Wilkinson, 12/24/02): With the housing, a new settlers-only road has appeared as well as light posts that illuminate the night.

Fact: “Settlers-only roads,” though a common media misconception, do not exist. There are roads, however, that are open to anyone driving with a yellow license plate, which includes all Israelis--Arab and Jew alike--whether or not they are settlers. Because of security issues, these roads are not open to Palestinians from the territories (they have blue license plates.) No roads were barred to Palestinians before they began attacking Israelis, and even after the first Intifada, only one road--the Tunnel Road--was restricted to cars with Israeli license plates. All other roads were still open to cars with Palestinian license plates.

Error (Los Angeles Times, Tracy Wilkinson, 7/30/01): Police in riot gear used stun grenades and yellow rubber bullets–not live ammunition–to corral the Palestinians inside Al Aqsa and wrestled others to the ground.

Fact: While some Palestinians did claim that Israeli police used rubber bullets, Israel disputed this claim. Other major American papers which mentioned the rubber bullets made clear that it was a claim, and not necessarily fact. Moreover, they reported that Israel denied the allegation. For example, the Chicago Tribune reported that "Palestinian hospital officials said four of at least 35 injured demonstrators were struck by rubber-coated metal bullets, one in an eye. Israeli police, criticized in the past for using excessive force, denied using rifle fire."