Monday, February 19, 2018
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San Francisco Chronicle

Error (San Francisco Chronicle, Saree Makdisi, Op-Ed, 12/20/06): Israel maintains two separate road networks in the West Bank: one for the exclusive use of Jewish settlers, and one for Palestinian natives.

Fact: There are no Jewish-only roads in the West Bank. Certain West Bank roads are open to Jewish, Muslim and Christian Israeli citizens (whose vehicles have yellow license plates) but off limits to non-Israeli residents of the West Bank (who have different plates).

Error (San Francisco Chronicle, Saree Makdisi, Op-Ed, 3/31/06): As the state of the Jewish people, Israel is, after all, the only country in the world that expressly claims not to be the state of its actual citizens (one-fifth of whom are non-Jews), let alone that of the people whom it governs (half of whom are Palestinian).

Fact: a) Nowhere does Israel "expressly" claim not to be the state of its citizens. b) Although Israel describes itself as a "Jewish and democratic state," it is hardly the only country to do such a thing. c) It is untrue that "half" of the people governed by Israel are Palestinian. According to the CIA Factbook, there are 3,953,239 mostly Palestinian non-Jews in Israel and the West Bank (2,460,492 non-Jews West Bank and East Jerusalem and 1,492,747 non-Jews inside pre-1967 Israel) and 4,859,370 Jews in Israel and the West Bank. Numbers from Israeli and the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics paint a similar picture. (Note: Palestinian demographic figures have been criticized as inflated.)

Error (San Francisco Chronicle, George Bisharat, Op-Ed, 5/29/06): ... U.N. Security Council Resolution 242 calling for Israeli withdrawal from the territories it seized in the Six-Day War in 1967.

Fact: UNSC 242 calls for a withdrawal "from territories," not "from the territories." The drafters of the resolution intentionally left out the word "the" to signify that Israel is not expected to evacuate all of the land occupied in during the war.