Wednesday, March 21, 2018
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Wall Street Journal

Error (Wall Street Journal, 7/30/01 ): Ultranationalist Jews tried to enter a mosque compound Muslims call the Noble Sanctuary and Jews call the Temple Mount.

Fact: There was no attempt to enter the Temple Mount/Noble Sanctuary. The ultranationalist group, Temple Mount Faithful, was kept at a parking lot well outside the Old City’s Dung Gate, some 300 yards from the mount.

Error (Wall Street Journal, Joshua Mitnick, 3/3/14): Most of the international community considers Israeli building in the West Bank and East Jerusalem to be illegal, including the U.S. . . .

Fact: Current United States policy does not dub the Israeli settlements "illegal" under international law. Although the Carter administration did consider the settlements illegal, subsequent administrations did not.

Error (Wall Street Journal, Stephen Glain, 4/7/01): The Ma’aloulians are among a handful of people who still use Aramaic, a Semitic language that Christ spoke in what was then known as Palestine.

Fact: The land did not become known as "Palestine" until 135 AD, when the Romans defeated the Jews, and named the land "Palestine" after the Jews’ ancient enemy.

Error (Wall Street Journal, Stephen Glain, 2/27/01): The Sykes-Picot agreement, hatched in smoke-filled salons in Paris, London and Cairo, enshrined Anglo-French imperialist ambitions at the end of World War I. Syria and Lebanon were tucked into the French orbit, while Britain claimed Jordan, Iraq, the Gulf States and the Palestinian Mandate–what is now Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

Fact: The Palestinian Mandate included not only Israel and the Palestinian areas, but also what is now Jordan. Jordan did not exist until 1922 when the British divided the Palestine Mandate areas, designating 80 percent of it as "Transjordan" (now known as Jordan).