Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Security Barrier

Error (Philadelphia Inquirer, Michael Matza, 5/20/05): Palestinians say encirclement of [Rachel's] Tomb, including at least 18 nearby Palestinian houses with about 165 residents and a large expanse of olive groves, is an illegal seizure of Palestinian land."

Fact: According to Colonel Dany Tirza, head of the IDF Central Command unit responsible for strategic ans spatial planning of the security fence, the section of the barrier encircling the Rachel's Tomb will not include any Palestinian houses.

Error (Detroit News, Hasan Newash and David Finkel, 4/6/05): The completion of this wall -- under the cover of the "peace process" -- would leave less than half the West Bank (10 percent of historic Palestine) in Palestinian hands, divided into two disconnected mini-Bantustans ... .

Fact: Israel's separation barrier leaves at least 92 percent of the West Bank on the "Palestinian side" of the barrier. This land is not disconnected, but rather is one contiguous land mass.