Sunday, February 25, 2018
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Dismal Corrections

Violence Since 2000

Error (ABC World News Tonight, Peter Jennings, 3/20/02): In northern Israel today, a suicide bomber blew himself up on a bus. Seven people died, most of them Israeli Arabs.

Attempted Correction (05/23/02): We have a correction for the record. Two months ago we reported that most of the seven people killed in a bus bombing in Israel had been Israeli Arabs. This was based on all the initial reporting on the scene. It turns out that those who died were Jews. Most of the passengers on the bus and most of the wounded were Arabs.

CAMERA: There was not a single report CAMERA found that supports the ABC statement. The names and identities of the Israelis were public before the broadcast. An AFP story available to ABC before air-time quoted the Arab mayor of a town near the site of the attack who said: “the five victims so far identified are Jewish, while only eight of the 35 people injured are Arab Israelis.”

Error (Brattleboro Reformer, Brattleboro, Vt., 4/20/01, headline): "Israeli blast rocks Palestinians."

Attempted Correction (Supposed Correction (4/26/01): ): An inaccurate headline in Friday’s edition of the Reformer accompanied a story about a blast that rocked a Palestinian building in the West Bank on Thursday. Responsibility for the blast has not been determined.

CAMERA: In fact, responsibility was clear. According to the AP story that accompanied the headline, "Palestinian security officials later acknowledged the blast came from inside [the building]," meaning it was caused by Palestinians. The Los Angeles Times and others reported that Palestinians said the blast resulted from a gas leak.

Error (Boston Globe, Helen Schary Motro, 3/24/01): Arabs who tried to harvest their own olives this year were subject to violence by settlers bent on revenge. Women and children have been killed in numerous attacks upon village families picking in the groves.

Attempted Correction (4/23/01): A recent column by Helen Schary Motro said that Arab women have been killed by Israeli settlers while working in olive groves. There have been reports of women wounded but not killed.

CAMERA: In addition, no children were killed.