Friday, February 23, 2018
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Dismal Corrections

Israeli Military

Error (International Herald Tribune, Margarita Mathiopoulus, 10/13/06): Among the former military and security officials who took this position [advocating negotiations with Hamas, Hezbollah, the Syrians and Iranians] were the Labor politician Ami Ayalon, a former admiral and former head of the Shin Bet secret service; Avishai Brotherman [sic], president of Ben-Gurion University; Matan Vilnai, a retired general and Labor Party legislator, and even Avi Dichter, a hawkish Kadima member of the Knesset who has served as a minister in Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's Cabinet.

Attempted Correction (10/19/06): Because of an editing error, an opinion article on Oct. 13, "A dose of reality," incorrectly listed the name Avishai Brotherman among former Israeli military and security officials.

CAMERA: Nor has Avishay Braverman, not Brotherman, been the president of Ben-Gurion University since Dec. 1, 2005. (The current president is Prof. Rivka Carmi.) Braverman's background is in economics, not security or military.