Saturday, March 24, 2018
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Agence France-Presse

MAY 16, 2016 AFP Corrects Photo Caption on Palestinian Refugee
MAY 12, 2013 Ha'aretz, But Not AFP, Publishes Correction On Israeli Stone-Throwers
MAY 7, 2013 AFP Misidentifies Israeli Stone-Throwers as Palestinian
FEBRUARY 29, 2012 UPDATED: AFP Defense of Dubious Photo Raises Additional Discrepancies
JANUARY 28, 2012 International Herald Tribune Falls for Unverified AFP Image


MAY 20, 2009 CAMERA Staff Prompts Correction on AP Photo Caption
AUGUST 9, 2006 Updated: A Reprise: Media Photo Manipulation
JULY 1, 2004 Updated: AP Caption Writers Take Sides in Arab-Israeli Conflict
DECEMBER 15, 2003 Dissembling Demolitions
OCTOBER 8, 2000 Photo Falsehood and the Temple Mount Riots (September 2000)

Boston Globe

DECEMBER 14, 2006 CAMERA Requests Clarification About Boston Globe Photo


APRIL 28, 2014 CAMERA Prompts Haaretz Correction on West Bank Barrier
MAY 20, 2012 CAMERA Prompts Ha'aretz Correction on 'Nakba Day' Clash

International Herald Tribune

MARCH 13, 2012 UPDATED: International Herald Tribune Caption Challenged, Again

Los Angeles Times

JULY 30, 2014 In LA Times Gaza-Israel Photo Slideshow, Hamas Not in Picture

New York Magazine

OCTOBER 23, 2001 New York Magazine Cover Photo Seems to Blame Israel for WTC Attacks

New York Times

APRIL 30, 2014 NY Times Corrects Photo Caption on West Bank Clash
DECEMBER 9, 2013 CAMERA Prompts NY Times Correction on Bedouins
MARCH 8, 2012 At the New York Times: Inflammatory Photo Fit to Print?
SEPTEMBER 29, 2006 CAMERA Prompts New York Times Correction on Palestinian Rally Photo
MAY 1, 2002 STUDY: New York Times Skews Israeli-Palestinian Crisis

Philadelphia Inquirer

JULY 22, 2006 Philadelphia Inquirer Discovers Hate Education – by Israelis


SEPTEMBER 11, 2016 AFP, Reuters Add IDF's Account to Captions on Disputed Gaza Death
JUNE 7, 2010 Fauxtography at Reuters: What Was Removed?
MAY 3, 2009 Reuters' Selective Lens Demonizes Israel on 61st Independence Day
MAY 29, 2001 EYE ON THE MEDIA: Reuters Roots For the Palestinians
APRIL 3, 2001 Reuters Photos the Picture of Bias

San Jose Mercury News

APRIL 2, 2003 San Jose Mercury News Illustrates Bias

Teen Newsweek

NOVEMBER 15, 2000 Teen Newsweek Readers Beware!

Time Magazine

AUGUST 14, 2006 Question to Time Magazine: Who Are Hezbollah's Intended Targets?
MAY 23, 2002 Time Clarifies Phony Caption that Charged Israeli Students Were "rallying for more violence"