Monday, February 19, 2018
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FEBRUARY 2, 2004 BBC WATCH: BBC's Outdated Map Misleads

Chicago Tribune

JUNE 15, 2003 Caricature or Bigotry?

Cleveland Plain Dealer

JUNE 13, 2010 Deceptive Cartoon in Cleveland Plain Dealer Elicits Negative Response


FEBRUARY 4, 2003 CNN's "Interactive Timeline" Misleads

Daily Herald (Chicago)

JANUARY 9, 2005 CAMERA Member Obtains Public Apology from Editor


FEBRUARY 7, 2006 Cartoon Double Standard at the Independent

International Herald Tribune

DECEMBER 27, 2004 Toles in a Cartoon World of His Own

Lancaster Intelligencer Journal

SEPTEMBER 3, 2004 Oliphant Cartoon Crosses Line

New York Times

JULY 7, 2003 New York Times Turns to Comic-Book Journalist on Arab-Israeli Conflict

Philadelphia Inquirer

AUGUST 5, 2003 Evolution of a Cartoon

San Diego Union Tribune

MAY 18, 2001 Anti-Semitic Cartoon in the San Diego Union-Tribune

Universal Press Syndicate

MARCH 26, 2009 Patrick Oliphant's Ugly Cartoon Bias ... Again

USA Today

FEBRUARY 18, 2004 USA Today Gets Unexpected Lesson

Washington Post

AUGUST 4, 2010 Washington Post Cartoonist Confuses Abbas With Netanyahu
DECEMBER 27, 2004 Toles in a Cartoon World of His Own
SEPTEMBER 1, 2004 "One Land, Two People," and Dozens of Errors
DECEMBER 17, 2002 Washington Post Alert: Cartoon Calumny