Saturday, June 24, 2017
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The “Pro-Con” Con: Curating Criticism of Israel
Although All Things Considered told its listeners they would hear from both Israelis and Palestinians, the selection of guests were curated to ensure a narrow range of views, largely critical of Israel, would be heard.
The Six-Day War:
Causes and Consequences
 On this anniversary of the Six-Day War, it is as important as ever to understand how the 1967 war fits into the history of the Middle East.

BBC Misleads Again
June 21, 2017
Young Israeli policewoman Hadas Malka was murdered by Palestinian terrorists, who were then slain by responding Israeli forces. The BBC headline reads, "Three Palestinians killed after deadly stabbing."
The Conviction Rate in IDF Tribunals: Is it Too High?
June 21, 2017
What does a commonly cited statistic about Israeli military courts really tell us?
CNN Corrects On New Hamas 'Charter,' Gaza Unemployment
June 14, 2017
Following communication from CAMERA, CNN corrects an article on the Qatar crisis which wrongly referred to a new Hamas policy document as a "new charter," and which inflated unemployment in Gaza.
Hebrew Haaretz Says What English Won't: Islamic Jihad Man Was Target of Fatal Strike
June 12, 2017
While Haaretz's Hebrew print edition notes that the 2006 Israeli airstrike which tragically killed several members of the Aman family was targeting an Islamic Jihad member (commander Mohammed Dadouh was killed in the attack), its English counterpart omits this key information.

Jerusalem Post Corrects: No Police Order to Close Muslim Quarter Shops
June 11, 2017
CAMERA staff prompts correction of a Jerusalem Post article which falsely reported that police ordered shopkeepers in the Muslim Quarter to close during the Jerusalem Day flag march.
Backgrounder: New Hamas Platform
June 9, 2017
What does the new document say, and what does it mean?
BBC Promotes Distorted Account of Six-Day-War
June 7, 2017
BBC's Jeremy Bowen promotes the anti-historical account that the Six Day War was a war of choice for Israel and that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict arose as a result of that war.
Christian Network Celebrates Jewish Victory and National Life in New Film
June 7, 2017

In honor of Jerusalem Day, the Christian Broadcasting Network's docudrama, “In Our Hands: The Battle for Jerusalem,” provides viewers a historic picture of the battle that reunited Jerusalem, and poignant demonstrations of how Israelis celebrate life.

NY Times: Nathan Thrall's Ode to Palestinian Violence
June 7, 2017
The New York Times devotes 2000-words to an opinion piece that appears to justify Palestinian violence and terrorism as an effective means to chase Israel out of the West Bank. In the process, the article twists the facts and makes incoherent, internally contradictory arguments.
The Washington Post’s Troubling Trend Towards Israel
June 5, 2017
In its recent reporting on the Arab-Israeli conflict, The Washington Post has shown an alarming tendency to substitute narrative for fact and fiction for truth. CAMERA highlights this troubling trend.
These Are Your Journalists, Haaretz
June 4, 2017
"These are your soldiers," Haaretz's Gideon Levy fulminates in a vitriolic attack against Israeli soldiers at large, but the abuse in question involves just a single person, and it is not known whether that individual is even a soldier.
CAMERA Prompts Corrections to Arabic-Language HuffPost
June 2, 2017
CAMERA recently reported on several errors in a HuffPost Arabi article about Jerusalem. Following communication with CAMERA's new Arabic-language department, some — though not all — of the errors have been corrected.
Radiohead Frontman Latest to Slam BDS Bullying
June 2, 2017
Music giant Thom Yorke of Radiohead joins a growing list of artists who have called out the anti-Israel and often anti-Jewish boycott, divestment, and sanctions movement.
AP Corrects: Ron Dermer Not 'Trump's Ambassador to Israel'
June 1, 2017
CAMERA prompts correction of an Associated Press story which wrongly identified Israeli Ambassador to the United States Ron Dermer as "Trump's ambassador to Israel." The error, and correction, were picked up by leading media outlets such as The New York Times and The Independent.
HuffPost Arabi Imagines Jerusalem Curfew and Settler Ambitions from Nile to Euphrates
June 1, 2017
In Arabic, Huffington Post tries to get away with false claims:  a curfew in Jerusalem's Muslim Quarter, an influential Israeli political stream envisioning the Jewish state stretching from Egypt to Iraq, and Yair Lapid speaking of his father's Zionist yearning for the "al-Buraq Wall."
Times of Israel Removes False Reference to Jerusalem 'Curfew'
June 1, 2017
Following communication from CAMERA, Times of Israel removes the false claim that a "police-enforced curfew" was imposed on residents of the Old City's Muslim Quarter during the Jerusalem Day march celebrating the 50th anniversary of the city's reunification.
Reporting on Presidential Visit to Israel, NBC Downplays Palestinian Terrorism and Misrepresents King David Hotel Bombing
May 30, 2017
NBC omits that King David Hotel was used as British military headquarters.
Wall Street Journal Spins Presidential Visit to Western Wall, Creating False Narrative of Division
May 25, 2017
Reporting by Rory Jones and Carol E. Lee promotes misperception of Israel as increasingly isolated.
Haaretz's Three-Part Western Wall Error
May 24, 2017
The day after The New York Times correction, Haaretz likewise misidentifies the Western Wall as Judaism's holiest site. Haaretz also erroneously calls the wall "the only remnant of the Second Temple."
AP Improves Language on Bethlehem Area Security Barrier
May 24, 2017
The Associated Press inaccurately reported yesterday that the security barrier "surrounds" Bethlehem, when in fact it rings the city on the north and west, but not the east and south. CAMERA's prompts moderate improvement to AP's language.
CAMERA in The Baltimore Sun: Israeli Skepticism of Abbas is Justified
May 24, 2017
CAMERA takes to the pages of The Baltimore Sun to note Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas' anti-Jewish incitement.
HuffPost Arabi Corrects: Trump's Trip Not the First Flight From Arab Country to Israel
May 24, 2017
CAMERA prompts correction of a HuffPost Arabi article which incorrectly reported that President Trump's flight Riyadh to Tel Aviv was the first direct flight from an Arab country to Israel. Israel-bound flights from Amman and Cairo are routine.
Reunification of Jerusalem and Media Myths
May 24, 2017
On June 7, 1967 (28 Iyar) Israeli paratroopers advanced through the Old City of Jerusalem toward the Temple Mount and the Western Wall, reunifying Judaism's capital city after 19 years of division under Jordanian occupation. Today marks the 50th anniversary of that day, and the media myths about Jerusalem continue. CAMERA presents the first in a series of films about those media myths.
New York Times Corrects, Again, About Judaism's Holiest Site
May 23, 2017
The very day that a CAMERA Op-Ed about "fake news" and media bias appears in The Jerusalem Post, calling out The New York Times for repeatedly misidentifying Judaism's holiest site, the "paper of record" errs – and corrects – again.
New York Times Video Cuts Key White House Words on Settlement Construction
May 23, 2017
ANew York Times video cuts out significant words from a White House statement, completely misleading about the administration's position on Israeli construction within settlement boundaries.
HuffPost Arabi Falsely Reports That Trump's Flight Was First From Arab Country to Israel
May 23, 2017
Huffington Post's Arabic edition publishes the ridiculously false claim that President Trump's direct flight to Tel Aviv from Saudi Arabia was the first from an Arab country to Israel. That's news to the travelers on near daily Tel Aviv flights from Cairo and Amman.
Reuters Corrects Six Day War Jerusalem Infographic
May 23, 2017
CAMERA prompts important corrections to Reuters' Six Day War anniversary infographic which had erased Judaism's ties to Jerusalem and omitted the city's Arab population of over 65,000 in 1948 and 1961.
Who Is Linda Sarsour?
May 23, 2017
Linda Sarsour is a New York-based, Palestinian-American activist who seems increasingly to be at center stage. But who is she and what does she stand for?
Infamous Anti-Israel Opera Refuses to Go Away
May 21, 2017
Adams' opera “The Death of Klinghoffer” demonizes Israelis and Jews as a group but not so Arabs or Muslims. Despite controversy and generally mediocre music, the opera persists.
In English, Haaretz Upgrades Hamas' New Document to New 'Charter'
May 14, 2017
"Lost in Translation": Haaretz's English edition repeatedly misidentifies Hamas' new document as a new "charter," falsely signaling that the anti-Semitic 1988 charter advocating the destruction of Israel and the killing of Jews has been revoked.
New Jersey Jewish News Promotes Anti-Israel Group Breaking the Silence
May 12, 2017
Jewish media -- like all other media -- should get the facts straight.
BBC’s Knell Tells Audiences Convicted Terrorists are ‘Political Prisoners’
May 12, 2017
When Palestinian terrorists imprisoned in Israel went on a hunger strike, the BBC devoted extensive coverage and depicted them as political prisoners.
Christian Science Monitor Misleads About Israel
April 25, 2017
A recent Monitor Upfront editorial examined the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in terms of the controversy generated by the existence of West Bank Jewish communities (“settlements”). The editorial's attempt at balance fell flat.
New York Times Adds Terrorist Background on Op-Ed Contributor Marwan Barghouti
April 18, 2017
The Marwan Barghouti Op-Ed fiasco underscores that while The Times says it holds governments accountable, it exempts the Palestinians. And while it claims to check and uncover facts, it gives a pass to "the facts" offered up by convicted terrorists.
After contact from CAMERA, The Washington Post Corrects on 'Jewish-Only' Roads
April 18, 2017
After contact from CAMERA, The Washington Post has issued print and online corrections to a false claim in a March 27, 2017 commentary.
Taxpayer Supported World Relief Responds Evasively to CAMERA Challenge
April 14, 2017
World Relief, the humanitarian arm of the U.S.-based National Association of Evangelicals, fails to address its role in sponsoring a talk by an activist in South Africa who endorsed violence against Israelis.
The Fake News About "Fake News"
April 10, 2017
A guide that purports to help readers distinguish fake news from real news gets its facts wrong in at least two cases.
Quantifying the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict's Importance to Middle East Turmoil
April 7, 2017
For years, the Palestinians have commanded the attention of the media, political agendas and campus activism. Yet a numerical examination of the human toll of wars in the Middle East suggests its importance to regional turmoil is exaggerated.
'NewsHour' Settlements Broadcast Closes With Erroneous (and Irrelevant) Figure
April 5, 2017
Why does PBS close a broadcast on "what growing Jewish settlements in the West Bank mean for Mideast peace efforts" with a completely irrelevant – and erroneous – figure about Israeli military spending? And, after the Ben Rhodes fiasco, will "NewsHour" correct?
The Washington Post Omits Important Context on Arab League Summit
April 4, 2017
Sudarsan Raghavan ignores Israeli reservations to Arab Peace Initiative, as well as Israeli peace offers
CAMERA Op-Ed: "In Pursuit of Fake News"
April 3, 2017
A Washington Post analysis insisted that the New York Times is accurate, asking, "If the New York Times is so inaccurate, where are all of its corrections?" Good question. Where are its corrections?
CAMERA Prompts Herald Sun Headline Correction on Palestinian Attack
April 3, 2017
CAMERA's Israel office prompts correction of a Herald Sun (Australia) headline which falsely portrayed a Palestinian assailant as the victim.
Opinion as Fact: NYT Retorts to Criticism of Controversial UN Body
March 30, 2017
When the American ambassador to the United Nations criticized the UN's controversial Human Rights Council, the New York Times didn't just report the news. It retorted it.
AFP Article on Palestinian Incitement Avoids Examples
March 28, 2017
Virtually devoid of actual examples of incitement in the Palestinian school system, an AFP article today gives credence to the Palestinian denial of the widespread phenomenon.
The Washington Post Soft-Pedals Discredited Anti-Israel U.N. Report
March 27, 2017
The Washington Post uncritically airs the claims of a discredited U.N. official with a history of anti-Semitism.
Basil Al-Araj, Terror Activist or Young Intellectual? Haaretz's Changing Story
March 26, 2017
Haaretz reported that Israeli forces killed Basil al-Araj, "among the younger generation of Palestinian intellectual and leaders of the boycott movement." Haaretz didn't say that he was also identified as the head of a terror cell planning attacks.
CAMERA Prompts Washington Post Correction on 'Occupied Gaza'
March 23, 2017
After contact from CAMERA, The Washington Post corrected a March 3, 2017 article that could lead readers to infer that the Gaza Strip is occupied by Israel.
U.S. News & World Report Removes Erroneous References to Tel Aviv as Israel's Capital
March 22, 2017
Following communication from CAMERA staff, U.S. News & World Report editors today commendably correct erroneous references to Tel Aviv as Israel's capital.
Palestinian Supporters Get Duped By Avaaz Online Petition
March 20, 2017
A petition by the organization Avaaz, purportedly signed by over 800,000 people, claims Israel is bulldozing a brave community into the ground. Signatories to the petition aren't told much beyond that. Here are the facts.
Who Is Most Targeted in America? Muslims or Jews? Haaretz Corrects
March 19, 2017
"Jews are the least of its victims," Haaretz's Gidon Levy says of hate crimes in America, citing false figures. CAMERA and Presspectiva prompt corrections in English and Hebrew: Jews are the most targeted religious group in the U.S.
Teen Vogue Promotes Palestinian Narrative to Adolescent Readers
March 17, 2017
The teen fashion magazine publishes factually shoddy commentary.
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