Friday, March 23, 2018
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International Herald Tribune

The International Herald Tribune is geared towards transcontinental travelers. It combines the resources of its own correspondents with those of the New York Times. Working with established newspaper publishers, the IHT has set up joint venture editorial and production companies to publish local sections that include domestic content in English. Partners include Israel's Haaretz and Lebanon's Daily Star.

MAY 9, 2013 CAMERA Prompts International Herald Tribune Correction on Golan Heights
JANUARY 3, 2013 IHT Corrects Erroneous Headline on Building Materials for Gaza
JANUARY 2, 2013 Updated: Deconstructing Media Falsehood About Gaza Construction Materials
MARCH 13, 2012 UPDATED: International Herald Tribune Caption Challenged, Again
FEBRUARY 29, 2012 UPDATED: AFP Defense of Dubious Photo Raises Additional Discrepancies
JANUARY 28, 2012 International Herald Tribune Falls for Unverified AFP Image
OCTOBER 6, 2011 CAMERA Prompts International Herald Tribune Correction on Settlements
APRIL 5, 2011 International Herald Tribune Launders News, Palestinians Come Out Clean
AUGUST 24, 2010 CAMERA Prompts Corrections on Palestinian Refugees
JUNE 1, 2010 On Flotilla, International Herald Tribune Editors Asleep at the Helm
MAY 9, 2010 CAMERA Letter in International Herald Tribune: Jerusalem Academic Blind to Muslim Residents
APRIL 25, 2010 On Jerusalem, Wiesel: 1, DeKoven Ezrahi: 0
APRIL 21, 2010 Journalists Buy Falsehoods on Gaza Shipments
NOVEMBER 18, 2009 Note to Media: Gilo Is in Jerusalem
NOVEMBER 17, 2009 Roger Cohen Errs on Settlements and Barrier
NOVEMBER 11, 2009 Carter, Goldstone and Gaza
SEPTEMBER 25, 2009 CAMERA Prompts Correction on Palestinian Casualties
AUGUST 14, 2009 Demise of a Hoax Quote: CAMERA Prompts Article in Toronto Star, Corrections on Ya’alon Statement
JULY 23, 2009 Dugard Issues False Claims About Gaza Hospitals
MAY 17, 2009 NY Times Skews the News on Christian Decline in the Mideast
OCTOBER 22, 2008 BACKGROUNDER: The Rafah Crossing and Restrictions on Cross-Border Movement for Gaza Palestinians
AUGUST 3, 2008 CAMERA Prompts Correction at International Herald Tribune
JULY 17, 2008 Whitewashing a Terrorist
JULY 16, 2008 Problems in Reporting the Israel-Hezbollah Exchange
JULY 2, 2008 Terrorist Attack in Jerusalem: Bias in Euro Headlines
JUNE 18, 2007 Farewell to the Minister of Disinformation, Mustafa Barghouti
APRIL 17, 2007 Henry Siegman Misleads in the International Herald Tribune
MARCH 21, 2007 Kristof's Blame-Israel Rant
DECEMBER 12, 2006 In IHT, Holocaust Denial is Legitimized as Alternate "Theory"
NOVEMBER 8, 2006 CAMERA Prompts IHT Corrections
NOVEMBER 1, 2006 IHT Publishes Patrick Seale's Deceitful Column
SEPTEMBER 15, 2006 Henry Siegman’s Expertise: Bashing Israel at Every Turn
JULY 12, 2006 The IHT Corrects Error on Palestinian Casualties
MARCH 7, 2006 CAMERA Prompts IHT Correction on UN Resolution
JANUARY 3, 2006 CAMERA Prompts IHT Correction on Erekat Falsehood
NOVEMBER 9, 2005 NY Times, IHT Correct: Rabin Assassin Not a Settler
SEPTEMBER 15, 2005 IHT Fabricates Purpose of Bush-Sharon Meeting
AUGUST 24, 2005 Mystery About Henry Siegman Solved in New York Sun
APRIL 11, 2005 The Temple Mount's Jewish History: More Than a Matter of Faith
MARCH 3, 2005 CAMERA Prompts International Herald Tribune Correction on 'Palestine'
JANUARY 30, 2005 CAMERA Obtains NYT/IHT Correction on Palestinian Refugees
DECEMBER 27, 2004 Toles in a Cartoon World of His Own
DECEMBER 21, 2004 IHT Op-Ed Claims 'No Incitement' in Palestinian Textbooks
SEPTEMBER 1, 2004 International Herald Tribune Op-Ed Erases 20-Plus Years of Terror
MARCH 18, 2004 From Tragedy to Propaganda; Rachel Corrie and ISM
JULY 22, 2003 Cooked Up Charges Against Israel
MAY 30, 2003 International Herald Tribune Demolishes the Facts

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