Sunday, January 25, 2015
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Baltimore Sun

NOVEMBER 24, 2014 CAMERA Letter Corrects Baltimore Sun on Jerusalem Murders
SEPTEMBER 30, 2014 Gaza War Coverage a Case of News Media Meltdown
AUGUST 12, 2014 Deconstructing Baltimore Sun’s Praise of Al-Jazeera’s Gaza Coverage
JULY 12, 2014 CAMERA Highlights 'False Equivalence' in Baltimore Sun
FEBRUARY 10, 2014 Baltimore Sun CAIRs Too Much to Detail Islamic Extremism Ties
JUNE 21, 2013 Hassan Rouhani - The Extremists' 'Moderate'
DECEMBER 7, 2012 CAMERA Letter in Baltimore Sun Responds to Unfair Criticism of Israel
MAY 10, 2012 CAMERA Critiques Baltimore Sun Op-Ed on Divestment
FEBRUARY 14, 2012 CAMERA Letter Contradicts Baltimore Sun Editorial on Hamas-Fatah Unity
DECEMBER 28, 2011 CAMERA Gives Baltimore Sun's 'Moderate Muslim Brotherhood' A Closer Look
APRIL 5, 2011 Baltimore Sun prints Prof Kimberly Katz's anti-Israel Polemic
DECEMBER 29, 2010 CAMERA Response in Baltimore Sun
SEPTEMBER 14, 2010 Baltimore Sun Corrects Direct-Talks Error
JUNE 7, 2010 CAMERA Letter in Baltimore Sun: Gaza Gets Plenty of Humanitarian Aid
FEBRUARY 4, 2009 CAMERA Letter in Baltimore Sun Points to Major "Obstacle to Peace"
NOVEMBER 12, 2008 Sense and Nonsense: Washington Times and Baltimore Sun Editorials
SEPTEMBER 9, 2007 CAMERA Letter Corrects Baltimore Sun Op-Ed
AUGUST 15, 2003 WASHINGTON POST-WATCH: “Relative Calm”

To view the corrected, uncorrected and dismal corrections on Baltimore Sun, click below: