Wednesday, March 21, 2018
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CAMERA Prompts Boston Herald Correction on Gaza Settlements

The Boston Herald had erroneously reported that homes evacuated by Gaza Strip settlers were destroyed by Israel "so that Palestinians could not use them." CAMERA staff has prompted the following correction, which appeared in Sunday's paper:

Error (Boston Herald, Marie Szaniszlo, 12/25/05): After 38 years of occupying the Gaza Strip, Israel pulled out, evacuating some 8,000 Israeli settlers and destroying their homes so that Palestinians could not use them.

Correction (1/15/06): A year-end review article on Dec. 25 about the Israeli pullout from the Gaza Strip included an incomplete explanation of why the Israelis tore down the vacated homes left behind by Jewish settlers. Palestinian officials said they wanted the homes to be torn down as unsuitable for their housing needs. Additionally, some Israeli officials were concerned the Palestinian group Hamas would triumphally overrun the empty houses.

CAMERA Note: The Palestinian Authority called for the demolition of the homes so that they could be replaced with high-density apartments for Palestinians. See here for more details.

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