Saturday, March 24, 2018
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Times of Israel

MARCH 21, 2018 AP Terms Hamas Attack Tunnels 'Smuggling Routes'
FEBRUARY 13, 2018 Times of Israel Corrects: U.S. Didn't Consider Settlements Illegal
JANUARY 28, 2018 Times of Israel Clarifies About Palestinian Refugees
DECEMBER 19, 2017 Times of Israel Corrects: Gaza Home Hit by Rocket Not Egyptian-Owned
SEPTEMBER 25, 2017 Times of Israel Corrects About Shamasneh Family Eviction Case
AUGUST 31, 2017 Independent, Times of Israel Update: Police Find Palestinian Girl Died in Car Accident
AUGUST 3, 2017 Times of Israel: Jordanian's Attack on Israeli Embassy Guard Is a Fact
JULY 12, 2017 Times of Israel Clarifies on Stevie Wonder and BDS
JUNE 1, 2017 Times of Israel Removes False Reference to Jerusalem 'Curfew'
JANUARY 23, 2017 Times of Israel Corrects Palestinian Figure for Gaza Casualties
DECEMBER 22, 2016 Times of Israel Corrects: US Hasn't Viewed Settlements as Illegal
DECEMBER 18, 2016 Times of Israel Adds Information on Controversial Poster
DECEMBER 5, 2016 Times of Israel Adds Information on Palestinian Violence to AFP Story
SEPTEMBER 12, 2016 CAMERA Elicits Times of Israel Correction on Disputed Gaza Death
JUNE 9, 2016 Palestinians Celebrate Tel Aviv Terror, Media M.I.A
APRIL 27, 2016 ISIS May Possess Chemical Weapons on Syrian-Israel Border
APRIL 7, 2016 Vox’s April Fools’ Day ‘Reporting’ on Palestinian Terror Attacks
APRIL 5, 2016 Palestinian Ferment; Islamist Al-Sabireen Worries Islamist Hamas
NOVEMBER 17, 2015 Jewish Agency's Yigal Palmor Slams Media Accounts of Aleppo 'Rescue'
OCTOBER 7, 2015 Who Is Assailant? Who Is Victim? Times of Israel Corrects Headline
OCTOBER 6, 2015 Times of Israel Clarifies: Israeli Did Not Shoot Palestinian Boy
SEPTEMBER 16, 2015 Incitement over Temple Mount Leads to Palestinian Violence, Again
AUGUST 7, 2015 Bethlehem Bible College and Christ at the Checkpoint - A Different Message for a Different Audience?
JULY 22, 2015 Empowered 21 May Threaten Jewish-Christian Relations
MAY 4, 2015 CAMERA Prompts Corrections on Aid to Nepal
APRIL 21, 2015 Times of Israel Corrects Regarding Arab Victims of Terror
NOVEMBER 30, 2014 Times of Israel, Flash 90 Correct Captions on Temple Mount Visits
SEPTEMBER 8, 2014 News Media Confusion of Execute and Murder is Deadly to Accuracy
JUNE 13, 2014 Times of Israel Fixes Reference to Most Recent Fatal Attack
JUNE 11, 2014 Times of Israel Deletes False Claim About Lenny Kravitz, BDS

To view the corrected, uncorrected and dismal corrections on Times of Israel, click below: