Saturday, March 24, 2018
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Los Angeles Times

The Los Angeles Times is the largest newspaper on the West Coast, with a circulation over 1 million.

FEBRUARY 27, 2018 CAMERA Prompts Los Angeles Times Correction on Jerusalem Embassies
FEBRUARY 25, 2018 CAMERA Prompts Multiple Los Angeles Times Corrections on Gaza
JANUARY 9, 2018 Los Angeles Times Errs on International Law, Israeli Entry Law
NOVEMBER 22, 2017 CAMERA Prompts Los Angeles Times Correction on Palestinian 'Ambassador'
NOVEMBER 10, 2017 Noga Tarnopolsky's Awkward Journalism on Balfour Centennial
AUGUST 3, 2017 The Los Angeles Times, Jordan, Israel and Selective Affronts
JULY 20, 2017 LA Times Amends Israel 'Refusing Entry' Editorial: HRW's Omar Shakir Has 1-Year Visa
JULY 11, 2017 Los Angeles Times Corrects: Jerusalem Is Israel's Capital
JULY 11, 2017 The LA Times, the Bedouin of Khan Al Ahmar and 'Their Land'
JUNE 28, 2017 Los Angeles Times Corrects 'Palestine' Terminology
FEBRUARY 1, 2017 Holding The Los Angeles Times To Its 'Trusted Journalism' Pledge
JANUARY 24, 2017 On Annexation and Jerusalem Building, Shady News in The Los Angeles Times
NOVEMBER 22, 2016 AP Corrects: US Does Not Consider Settlements 'Illegal'
SEPTEMBER 25, 2016 CAMERA Prompts Los Angeles Times Correction on Gaza Occupation
AUGUST 15, 2016 CAMERA Prompts Los Angeles Times on Western Wall
JUNE 9, 2016 Palestinians Celebrate Tel Aviv Terror, Media M.I.A
APRIL 1, 2016 LA Times Dubs Palestinian Stabber a "Protester"
MARCH 15, 2016 Los Angeles Times Corrects After Underreporting Gaza Rocket Attacks
JANUARY 25, 2016 Los Angeles Times Makes First Move Towards Correcting Saree Makdisi Op-Ed
JANUARY 19, 2016 Leading U.S. Papers Downplay, Ignore Stabbings of Israeli Women
JANUARY 11, 2016 A Tale of Two LA Times Headlines: Attacks in West Bank, Paris
JANUARY 10, 2016 In Boycott Call, Professor Saree Makdisi Flunks On Israeli Education
DECEMBER 30, 2015 CAMERA Letter in LA Times: Where's Coverage on Islamist Threat to Bethlehem?
DECEMBER 10, 2015 The Baltimore Sun Goes 'Harry Potter' on Islamic Terrorism
NOVEMBER 16, 2015 LA Times Story on West Bank Demolitions: A Journalistic Wrecking Ball
OCTOBER 14, 2015 LA Times Corrects Headline, Article on Palestinian Terrorism
OCTOBER 14, 2015 Wave of Palestinian Violence Accompanied by Spate of Bad Writing
OCTOBER 9, 2015 LA Times Corrects Caption That Downplayed Har Nof Atrocity
OCTOBER 2, 2015 Abbas in U.N. Wonderland; Media Miss Cheshire Cat
SEPTEMBER 29, 2015 CAMERA Prompts LA Times Headline Correction on Israeli Use of Live Fire
JULY 19, 2015 LA Times Corrects: Israel's Arab Population is 20 Percent
JULY 14, 2015 “One Fine Day”: What Iran’s “Death to America” Marches Signal
JUNE 1, 2015 L A Times Lets Saree Makdisi Incriminate Himself, Again
APRIL 22, 2015 CAMERA Letter in LA Times: Yarmouk Refugees and Palestinian Rejectionism
JANUARY 25, 2015 LA Times Corrects: Jerusalem is Israel's Capital
DECEMBER 31, 2014 CAMERA's Top Ten MidEast Media Mangles for 2014
DECEMBER 21, 2014 New York Times Corrects Mosque "Arson" Claim. Will CNN?
DECEMBER 16, 2014 Backdraft: Some Media Outlets Backtrack on Mosque 'Arson'
NOVEMBER 5, 2014 Expanded LA Times Caption Is Clear: No Israeli Flag Flying on Muslim Shrine
NOVEMBER 5, 2014 Stones, Motolov Cocktails and Misleading Captions in Jerusalem
SEPTEMBER 28, 2014 CAMERA Prompts LA Times, Washington Post Corrections on 'Palestine' Terminology
SEPTEMBER 15, 2014 CAMERA Prompts LA Times Correction on Golan Heights
SEPTEMBER 8, 2014 News Media Confusion of Execute and Murder is Deadly to Accuracy
SEPTEMBER 2, 2014 LA Times Corrects Inflated Figure for Gaza's Civilian Casualties
AUGUST 4, 2014 Despite Isolated Corrections, LA Times Photo Gallery Still Ignores Hamas
JULY 30, 2014 In LA Times Gaza-Israel Photo Slideshow, Hamas Not in Picture
JULY 30, 2014 The LA Times Corrects: Bloomberg Flew El Al, Not Private Jet
APRIL 27, 2014 LA Times Correction: SodaStream HQ Not in West Bank
APRIL 2, 2014 LA Times Bungles Talks Coverage
MARCH 25, 2014 Why Israel Insists on Palestinian Recognition of a Jewish State
DECEMBER 11, 2013 LA Times Distorts Netanyahu's Speech on Iran
OCTOBER 2, 2013 The LA Times' Ongoing Assault on Israel
JULY 23, 2013 The Helen Thomas Cover-Up: Media Whitewash Bigoted Record
JUNE 21, 2013 Hassan Rouhani - The Extremists' 'Moderate'
APRIL 9, 2013 LA Times, Gaza Kitchen Cooking Up Falsehoods
MARCH 28, 2013 Ian Lustick Needs A New Map (And Flare Gun)
MARCH 13, 2013 Gaza Photo Controversy: Corrections and Lessons
FEBRUARY 6, 2013 CAMERA Prompts LA Times Correction on Israeli Textbook
JANUARY 16, 2013 CAMERA Prompts LA Times Correction: No Tents Removed
JANUARY 4, 2013 LA Times Is Latest to Correct Gaza Imports Error
JANUARY 2, 2013 Updated: Deconstructing Media Falsehood About Gaza Construction Materials
NOVEMBER 25, 2012 CAMERA Prompts LA Times Correction: 'Palestinian Journalist' Was Islamic Jihad
OCTOBER 28, 2012 The Los Angeles Times and Temple Mount Provocations
OCTOBER 14, 2012 CAMERA Prompts LA Times Correction on 'Israeli-Occupied' Quneitra
AUGUST 9, 2012 CAMERA Prompts LA Times Correction on Israeli Victim of Border Attack
JULY 3, 2012 On Refugees and Racism, a Double Standard Against Israel
JUNE 20, 2012 LA Times Soft-Pedals Hamas Terrorist Agenda
MAY 1, 2012 CAMERA Prompts Removal of Tendentious LA Times Headline
JANUARY 18, 2012 CAMERA Prompts LA Times Correction on Haredim
JANUARY 8, 2012 Phyllis Bennis' Israel Problem
DECEMBER 29, 2011 The LA Times and the Grinch Who Stole Bethlehem Tourism
SEPTEMBER 28, 2011 LA Times Corrects: Judah Ben-Hur Is a Jew, not Palestinian
SEPTEMBER 22, 2011 Makdisi: Eliminating Jewish State More Important than Creating Palestinian One
JULY 21, 2011 Los Angeles Times Op-Ed Denies Delegitimization
JUNE 28, 2011 Flotilla Passenger Hagit Borer's Selective Vision in LA Times
JUNE 12, 2011 Abu Marzook Vs. Bolton in the LA Times
MAY 8, 2011 CAIR Scholarship Recipient Reports on CAIR in LA Times
APRIL 26, 2011 UPDATED: LA Times Gets Its Facts Wrong on Lifta
MARCH 14, 2011 A Historical Perspective on the Itamar Killings
FEBRUARY 6, 2011 CAMERA Staff Prompts LA Times Correction: Israel No Longer Occupies Gaza
FEBRUARY 1, 2011 UPDATED: In LA Times Op-Ed, Makdisi Wrong on 'Palestine Papers'
JANUARY 20, 2011 UPDATED: Clouds of Questions Around Bilin Death
MAY 26, 2010 The LA Times Whitewashes Ahmad Tibi
MARCH 22, 2010 LA Times Conjures Up Settler Violence
DECEMBER 21, 2009 LA Times Op-Ed Calls For Dismantlement of Jewish State
NOVEMBER 4, 2009 At LA Times Bilin Stone-Throwing is Nonviolent
SEPTEMBER 2, 2009 LA Times Defends Publishing Boycott Call But Publishes Critique
AUGUST 21, 2009 LA Times Provides Platform for "Boycott Israel" Call by Radical Neve Gordon
JULY 14, 2009 LA Times' Bogus Claims on Biblical Bethany
MAY 14, 2009 UPDATED: Papal Visit in Israel Tests the LA Times
APRIL 8, 2009 George Bisharat’s Kangaroo Court
MARCH 17, 2009 LA Times Un-Solves the "Jewish Problem"
JANUARY 26, 2009 Khalil's Latest Story Full of Holes
JANUARY 21, 2009 UPDATED: LA Times Ignores Hamas Rockets In Times of Truce
JANUARY 19, 2009 Despite Inconsistencies, Khalil Runs With Palestinian's Story
JANUARY 14, 2009 Washington Post Correspondent Makes False Claims in LA Times Op-Ed
JANUARY 14, 2009 CAMERA Prompts Correction on Hamas Op-Ed in LA Times
JANUARY 4, 2009 At LA Times, Obscured Targets
DECEMBER 22, 2008 Ha'aretz Radical Mainstreamed in LAT
NOVEMBER 27, 2008 UPDATED: Los Angeles Times Corrects Misattributed Statement on Uranium
NOVEMBER 18, 2008 Media Again Censor UN Criticism of Palestinians
NOVEMBER 5, 2008  Mohammed Omer Levels Unsubstantiated and Contradictory Allegations Against Israel
OCTOBER 22, 2008 BACKGROUNDER: The Rafah Crossing and Restrictions on Cross-Border Movement for Gaza Palestinians
AUGUST 25, 2008 Electronic Intifada "Refutation" Disintegrates Under Scrutiny
JULY 17, 2008 Whitewashing a Terrorist
JULY 16, 2008 Problems in Reporting the Israel-Hezbollah Exchange
MARCH 27, 2008 CAMERA Letter in Los Angeles Times on Gaza's borders
MARCH 25, 2008 CAMERA Prompts LA Times Correction on Gaza Electricity
MARCH 7, 2008 CAMERA Letter in Los Angeles Times on Sabeel
FEBRUARY 5, 2008 Study: On Nation's Op-Ed Pages, Israel's Voice is Stifled
FEBRUARY 5, 2008 Study: The LA Times Op-Eds: Provocative? Yes. Balanced? No
JANUARY 30, 2008 Palestinian Workers' Strike Causes Fuel Shortages, LA Times Myopia
JANUARY 17, 2008 UPDATED: More propaganda from the Los Angeles Times
JANUARY 15, 2008 ADVERTISEMENT: An Open Letter to the LA Times About its Distorted Coverage of Israel
JANUARY 8, 2008 LA Times runs Anti-Semitic Cartoon with Inflammatory Op-Ed
NOVEMBER 4, 2007 CAMERA Prompts LA Times Correction on Israeli Arabs
OCTOBER 14, 2007 CAMERA Prompts LA Times Correction on IDF
AUGUST 24, 2007 CAMERA Prompts NPR Correction on Hezbollah Rockets
JULY 20, 2007 CAMERA Op-Ed Addresses Hamas' LA Times Falsehoods
JULY 12, 2007 LA Times Gives Platform to Genocidal Terrorist
JUNE 28, 2007 The Columbus Dispatch Mutilates an LA Times Jerusalem Feature
JUNE 6, 2007 At LA Times, 'Chronology' Redefined
MAY 7, 2007 Azmi Bishara's Apologia in the Los Angeles Times
NOVEMBER 27, 2006 False Claim by Abbas Goes Unchallenged
OCTOBER 25, 2006 Makdisi Op-Ed in LA Times Replete with False Charges Against Israel
AUGUST 11, 2006 Los Angeles Times Corrects: Nahariya Not a Settlement
AUGUST 2, 2006 LA Times Op-Ed by Adam Shatz Gets International Law Wrong
AUGUST 2, 2006 CAMERA Elicits LA Times Correction on Erroneous Headline
JULY 26, 2006 Makdisi's Revisionist History on Hezbollah Rockets
JULY 20, 2006 Siegman Fabrications Result in LA Times Correction
APRIL 3, 2006 CAMERA Prompts LA Times Correction on West Bank Palestinians
JANUARY 10, 2006 CAMERA ALERT: Makdisi Smears Sharon in LA Times
DECEMBER 28, 2005 Robert Fisk: Telling it Like it Isn't
DECEMBER 25, 2005 CAMERA Member Prompts LA Times Correction
OCTOBER 28, 2005 LA Times' Uncritical 'Review' of Corrie Play
SEPTEMBER 13, 2005 Media Excuses Palestinian Destruction of Synagogues
JUNE 16, 2005 The LA Times' Contiguity Contortions
JUNE 9, 2005 Updated: LA Times Minimizes Jewish Ties to Eastern Jerusalem
APRIL 19, 2005 Updated: The "Contiguity" Double Standard
APRIL 15, 2005 CAMERA Letter in Los Angeles Times Educates On West Bank Contiguity
APRIL 13, 2005 Los Angeles Times Corrects: West Bank, Gaza Not Annexed
MARCH 3, 2005 Los Angeles Times Editors Fail to Distinguish Fact from Interpretation
JANUARY 17, 2005 LA Times 'Correction' on Binational State Op-Ed Further Misleads
DECEMBER 5, 2004 CAMERA Gets Correction on Letter in Los Angeles Times
OCTOBER 19, 2004 CAMERA ALERT: LA Times Slants Israel's Gaza Mission
OCTOBER 1, 2004 Mideast Tension at UC Irvine Gets National Coverage
SEPTEMBER 27, 2004 CAMERA Letter Published in Los Angeles Times
SEPTEMBER 24, 2004 CAMERA Obtains Los Angeles Times Correction on Western Wall
AUGUST 2, 2004 CAMERA ALERT: Laura King's Recurring Blind Spot
AUGUST 1, 2004 CAMERA ALERT: Media Downplay Hamas Responsibility for Terror
JULY 23, 2004 Letter-Writer Wrong on Barrier Statistic
JULY 12, 2004 Hague Ruling Front Page News; Palestinian Attack Takes Second Place
MAY 21, 2004 CAMERA Column: The LA Times Swerves Off the 'High Road'
MAY 19, 2004 Journalists Fall Prey to Palestinian Booby-Traps
APRIL 29, 2004 Los Angeles Times Corrects One Laura King Error, Leaves the Other Standing
MARCH 24, 2004 CAMERA Seeks Clarification from Los Angeles Times on 'Terror' Terminology
MARCH 18, 2004 Coverage of Unwitting Palestinian Boy-Bomber
FEBRUARY 2, 2004 UPDATED: CAMERA prompts correction of George Bisharat Error
DECEMBER 17, 2003 CAMERA Obtains Correction at LA Times
NOVEMBER 14, 2003 EYE ON THE MEDIA: Pandering to Genocide
NOVEMBER 14, 2003 The Los Angeles Times' Unreal Reality
OCTOBER 22, 2003 Palestinian Leadership Committing the "Unthinkable"
OCTOBER 17, 2003 CAMERA ALERT: Judt Labels Israel "Anachronistic," Calls for Binational State
OCTOBER 17, 2003 CAMERA Column: Alienating Readers at the Times
OCTOBER 12, 2003 CAMERA ALERT: LA Times Distorts Temple Mount History
SEPTEMBER 17, 2003 Daniel Benjamin's Faulty Terrorism Assessment
JULY 11, 2003 UPDATED: Journalists Veer Off 'Road Map,' Crash Into Cease-Fire
JULY 7, 2003 B'Tselem, Los Angeles Times Redefine "Civilian"
JULY 2, 2003 Media Flouting Journalistic Ethics No “Work Accident”
JUNE 13, 2003 Newspaper Headlines Omit Terror Perpetrators
JUNE 9, 2003 Los Angeles Times Maneuvers Out of a Correction
MAY 29, 2003 CAMERA ALERT: LA Times Demonizes Israeli PM
MAY 2, 2003 Seven-Month Headlines Study Reveals Severe Imbalance
MARCH 28, 2003 Daniszewski Works to Polish Syrian Image
MARCH 26, 2003 U.N. Resolutions on Iraq, Israel Not Comparable
MARCH 21, 2003 Laura King's Blind Spot
MARCH 19, 2003 Road Rights (And Wrongs)
JANUARY 24, 2003 LA Times Headline Update
DECEMBER 13, 2002 CAMERA ALERT: Hate Not Taught on Both Sides
DECEMBER 4, 2002 Occupation, Syrian-Style
NOVEMBER 13, 2002 Headline Problem Persists at the Los Angeles Times
NOVEMBER 8, 2002 CAMERA ALERT: Demick Leaves Out Key Context
JULY 30, 2002 CAMERA ALERT: Hussein Ibish Op-Ed Accuses Israel Of Terrorism
JULY 22, 2002 Articles on Israeli Victims of Terror Give Context to Israel's War on Terrorism
JULY 1, 2002 The Los Angeles Times and the Palestinian-Israeli Crisis
APRIL 9, 2002 Opposition to Terror?
MARCH 18, 2002 Questions About Hass's Accuracy Overlooked
FEBRUARY 18, 2002 CAMERA ALERT: Los Angeles Times Publishes Conspiracy Theory
JANUARY 18, 2002 EYE ON THE MEDIA: The Other Side of Incitement
JULY 20, 2001 Peace Process Unraveled?
OCTOBER 13, 2000 Jews Rampage, Arabs Demonstrate
JULY 14, 2000 EYE ON THE MEDIA: Media Mute on the Temple Mount Desecrations
JUNE 26, 2000 CAMERA ALERT: LA Times Mum on Al-Marayati's Record
APRIL 2, 2000 Thumbs Down to John Daniszewski
SEPTEMBER 7, 1999 CAMERA OP-ED: Media Laud Al-Marayati, Blame the Jews
JUNE 1, 1999 Palestinian Textbooks Teach Anti-Israel Hate
JANUARY 23, 1999 Thumbs Down to Marjorie Miller
MARCH 19, 1998 Los Angeles Times Inflates Attacks Against Arabs, Ignores Attacks Against Jews
DECEMBER 16, 1997 Los Angeles Times Distorts Israeli Redeployment

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