Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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New York Times

The New York Times, one of the most influential newspapers in the world, affects not only its readership's perception of world events (daily circulation is about 1.6 million), but also has  significant impact on the news judgment and editorial perspective of othermedia. The caliber of accuracy, balance and thoroughness in this publication are, therefore, of particular importance.

APRIL 25, 2018 NY Times Stands By Factual Error on Hiran
APRIL 22, 2018 New York Times' Nellie Bowles: PA Payments For Terrorists, a 'Far-Right Conspiracy'
APRIL 16, 2018 Times Headline Invokes John Lennon Anti-War Lyrics to Describe Hamas
APRIL 13, 2018 CAMERA Prompts NY Times Correction on "March of Return"
APRIL 8, 2018 The New York Times Misleads With Hamas Propaganda Lines
APRIL 3, 2018 Media Coverage of Gaza Violence Falls Short
MARCH 21, 2018 NY Times Mum on Palestinian Leader's "Son of a Dog" Slur
MARCH 15, 2018 New York Times Errs on Cause of Gaza Water and Medicine Shortages
FEBRUARY 26, 2018 CAMERA Op-Ed: Abbas Counterfeits History and the Media Fakes Coverage
JANUARY 31, 2018 2018: A New York Times Line
JANUARY 24, 2018 Breaking the Media Silence on Mahmoud Abbas
JANUARY 17, 2018 NY Times Mischaracterizes Conversations Between Egyptian Intelligence and Media
JANUARY 9, 2018 The New York Times' Sanitized Profile of UNRWA
DECEMBER 31, 2017 New York Times: Lebanon Is Only Possible Exception in LGBT Intolerant Region
DECEMBER 21, 2017 New York Times Advocates in Report on UN Jerusalem Vote
DECEMBER 14, 2017 CAMERA Letter in NY Times Sets Record Straight on Jews in Jerusalem
DECEMBER 10, 2017 Updated: Once Again, Antisemitic Comment Appears as "Times Pick"
DECEMBER 9, 2017 The NY Times "Explains" Jerusalem – and its Mistakes Explain Much
DECEMBER 7, 2017 New York Times Downplays Judaism's Ties to Jerusalem
DECEMBER 7, 2017 Ignoring Exile of Jews, NY Times Approvingly Notes East Jerusalem "Was Exclusively Arab in 1967"
DECEMBER 6, 2017 How the NY Times Colors International Diplomacy on Jerusalem, Peace Plans
NOVEMBER 27, 2017 Hitler's 'Jolly Elf' and The New York Times
NOVEMBER 14, 2017 NY Times Delivers One-Two Punch Against Iraqi Jewish History
NOVEMBER 13, 2017 In New York Times, Convicted Bomber Becomes 'Controversial Palestinian Activist' (UPDATED)
NOVEMBER 8, 2017 NY Times Covers Up Emirati Intolerance at Judo Tournament
OCTOBER 2, 2017 Valerie Plame Was Just Echoing the Echo Chamber’s Antisemitism
AUGUST 27, 2017 New York Times Praises Profane Anti-Israel Poet
AUGUST 16, 2017 Alternative Facts Under NY Times Editor Matt Seaton
AUGUST 9, 2017 CAMERA Prompts NYT to Pull Anti-Semitic Talkback
AUGUST 7, 2017 New York Times "Journeys" Corrects on Gaza Area "Settlements," "Palestine"
AUGUST 3, 2017 NYT: Shaping Perceptions of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict
JULY 16, 2017 The New York Times: Misleading by Omission
JUNE 7, 2017 NY Times: Nathan Thrall's Ode to Palestinian Violence
MAY 23, 2017 New York Times Corrects, Again, About Judaism's Holiest Site
MAY 23, 2017 New York Times Video Cuts Key White House Words on Settlement Construction
APRIL 18, 2017 New York Times Adds Terrorist Background on Op-Ed Contributor Marwan Barghouti
APRIL 3, 2017 CAMERA Op-Ed: "In Pursuit of Fake News"
MARCH 30, 2017 Opinion as Fact: NYT Retorts to Criticism of Controversial UN Body
MARCH 14, 2017 At the NYT, Seeing Israel Through a Jaundiced Eye
MARCH 13, 2017 CAMERA Prompts Correction to New York Times Editorial
MARCH 9, 2017 NYT Editorial Errs on BDS and Settlements
MARCH 1, 2017 No, New York Times, Abbas Does Not Accept the Jewish State
FEBRUARY 28, 2017 How the NYT Continues to Skew the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict
FEBRUARY 22, 2017 We Fixed That For You: Ayman Odeh's Op-Ed in the NY Times
FEBRUARY 21, 2017 New York Times Corrects Erroneous Claim That President Trump Visited Israel
FEBRUARY 6, 2017 A Step in the Right Direction: NY Times Describes Palestinian Claims to West Bank Land as “Claims”
JANUARY 24, 2017 CAMERA Op-Ed in the Washington Jewish Week: 'Fake News' and Iranian 'Moderates'
JANUARY 24, 2017 The Gray Lady Doth Protest Too Much
JANUARY 20, 2017 New York Times Rewrites Paris Conference Communiqué, Invents Trump Vow
JANUARY 19, 2017 New York Times Fabricates Palestinian Support for ‘Two States for Two Peoples’
JANUARY 11, 2017 At the New York Times, Special Words Reserved for Certain Territories
DECEMBER 30, 2016 Thomas Friedman, Anachronism
DECEMBER 28, 2016 NYT Corrects Headline on "More Settlements"
NOVEMBER 30, 2016 Former President Jimmy Carter Misrepresents Israeli-Palestinian Conflict in The New York Times
NOVEMBER 22, 2016 AP Corrects: US Does Not Consider Settlements 'Illegal'
OCTOBER 17, 2016 UNESCO Chief Weighs In On Temple Mount Resolution But Gets Facts Wrong
SEPTEMBER 28, 2016 Contradicting Its Earlier Coverage, NY Times Turns Anti-Jewish Rioters Into Victims
SEPTEMBER 26, 2016 In Coverage of UN Speeches, New NY Times Bureau Chief Peter Baker Follows Old Pattern
SEPTEMBER 21, 2016 New York Times’ Nicholas Kristof Appropriates the Holocaust for Political Gain
SEPTEMBER 16, 2016 The Washington Times Covers Underreported Iran-Backed Shi’ite Militias
SEPTEMBER 14, 2016 Travel to Alternative Jerusalem Reality in International New York Times (Updated)
AUGUST 30, 2016 A Troubling Debut at the NYT
AUGUST 23, 2016 After CAMERA Informs Editors of Error, NY Times Corrects on Medicines to Gaza
AUGUST 11, 2016 NYT Interactive Feature Used as Teaching Tool Distorts Palestinian-Israeli Conflict
AUGUST 1, 2016 Jumbled, Incoherent NYT Op-Ed Slams Netanyahu
JULY 27, 2016 U.S. Congressman Calls Jewish Settlers ‘Termites’—Media Silent
JULY 3, 2016 New York Times Corrects Mistranslations Downplaying Palestinian Mother's Praise for Terrorism
JUNE 22, 2016 Four Publications Fix False Michael Oren Quote
JUNE 16, 2016 Fact Check: New York Times Reporter Claims Michael Oren Advised Trump
JUNE 9, 2016 Israel, Terror, and the New York Times
JUNE 9, 2016 Palestinians Celebrate Tel Aviv Terror, Media M.I.A
JUNE 2, 2016 The Palestinian History Hoax
JUNE 1, 2016 Forward's Zonszein Should Correct Her Complaint About NY Times Correction
MAY 24, 2016 New York Times Corrects: Gaza Concrete Ban Applied Only to Private Entities
MAY 10, 2016 New York Times Again Downplays BDS Extremism
MARCH 27, 2016 New York Times, Palestinian Assailants and Suspect Journalism
MARCH 22, 2016 Voice of America Fixes Headline, Admits Casualties Were Attackers
MARCH 20, 2016 New York Times Corrects: Palestinian Territories Not 'Illegally Occupied'
MARCH 14, 2016 ISIS Defector Releases Information on Thousands of Terrorists
MARCH 2, 2016 The Media and the Myth of the Moderate Mullahs
FEBRUARY 29, 2016 NY Times's Erlanger Absolves Dahlan, Boosts Barghouti, and Ignores Abbas's Incitement
FEBRUARY 12, 2016 CAMERA Expert and Journalists Collide at Knesset Meeting
FEBRUARY 12, 2016 CAMERA Rebuts Palestinian Authority Official in The Hill
FEBRUARY 8, 2016 Host of Tax-Payer Funded VOA Show Thinks Anti-Israel Op-Ed is ‘Balanced’
FEBRUARY 1, 2016 From Pakistan to New York, What You See and What You Don't in The New York Times
JANUARY 26, 2016 CAMERA Prompts New York Times Editor's Note on Jerusalem Eviction Cases
JANUARY 24, 2016 New York Times Editorial Errs on Israeli NGO Bill
JANUARY 19, 2016 Diaa Hadid Pokes a "Hornet's Nest"
JANUARY 19, 2016 Leading U.S. Papers Downplay, Ignore Stabbings of Israeli Women
JANUARY 15, 2016 Diaa Hadid, Recycling Old Stories about the Old City
JANUARY 14, 2016 New York Times Tilts Against Israel Whenever it Can
JANUARY 10, 2016 Diaa Hadid, NY Times Respond to CAMERA, and CAMERA Responds Right Back
JANUARY 6, 2016 Hezbollah Starving 40,000 Civilians: Media AWOL
JANUARY 5, 2016 Haifa, History and the New York Times
DECEMBER 24, 2015 UPDATED: AP, NYT Headlines Cast Palestinian Attackers as Victims, Ignore Dead Israelis
DECEMBER 17, 2015 Diaa Hadid, Former NGO Worker, Keeps Up Advocacy Work at New York Times
DECEMBER 6, 2015 After Downplaying Attacks by Palestinian Women, New York Times Corrects
NOVEMBER 24, 2015 "Printifada": CAMERA Op-Ed Describes NY Times Attack on Israel (and Impartial Journalism)
NOVEMBER 11, 2015 CAMERA Prompts NY Times Correction: Terrorist's Balisong Not a "Boy Scout" Knife
NOVEMBER 4, 2015 As Zoabi Calls for New "Intifada," NY Times Again Downplays Incitement
OCTOBER 28, 2015 Updated: New York Times: Journalism of Few Facts
OCTOBER 23, 2015 Bibi, the Mufti, and the Media
OCTOBER 21, 2015 New York Times Trips on Holy Site, Palestinian Fatalities
OCTOBER 21, 2015 CAMERA Prompts New York Times Correction on Western Wall, Temple Mount
OCTOBER 20, 2015 "Desperation" to Rationalize Murder
OCTOBER 18, 2015 The New York Times, the "Newspaper of Broken Record"
OCTOBER 14, 2015 CAMERA Prompts NY Times Correction: Occupation is not "Illegal"
OCTOBER 14, 2015 Wave of Palestinian Violence Accompanied by Spate of Bad Writing
OCTOBER 10, 2015 The Temple, the Times and the BDS Supporter
OCTOBER 7, 2015 NYT Veers From Downplaying Palestinian Terrorism — But Only Online
OCTOBER 5, 2015 Rocks Attack Cars, 'Violence Spikes' but Palestinian Arabs not Responsible
OCTOBER 2, 2015 Abbas in U.N. Wonderland; Media Miss Cheshire Cat
SEPTEMBER 16, 2015 New Year, Same Old New York Times Bias
SEPTEMBER 11, 2015 Shock Chart: NYT Singles Out Jews
SEPTEMBER 9, 2015 'Hitler Sometimes Takes a Nap' and Other New York Times Insights
AUGUST 11, 2015 Jewish Terrorism, Palestinian Terrorism, and a New York Times Double Standard
AUGUST 6, 2015 New York Times Magazine Corrects Error On Christian Population
JULY 15, 2015 Netanyahu on the Iran Deal: NY Times Vs. NY Times
JULY 14, 2015 “One Fine Day”: What Iran’s “Death to America” Marches Signal
JULY 6, 2015 What The New York Times Won't Show Readers
JUNE 25, 2015 Analysis of NYT Hebron Journal: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
JUNE 18, 2015 After Israeli Video Mocks Journalists, Reporters Prove its Premise
JUNE 16, 2015 Jodi Rudoren Skews the Story Against Israel Again
MAY 25, 2015 What The NY Times, Telegraph Missed on Netanyahu Government Guidelines
MAY 18, 2015 Pope Francis Remarks to Abbas Spark Firestorm and Uncertainty
MAY 12, 2015 Explicit in The Times
APRIL 17, 2015 NY Times Covers Palestinian Harassment of Jews, Blames Jews for Tensions
MARCH 31, 2015 New York Times News Pages Again Editorialize On Netanyahu
MARCH 20, 2015 The New York Times' Anti-Bibi Campaign
MARCH 19, 2015 New York Times News Pages Go Into Editorializing Overdrive
MARCH 18, 2015 NY Times Corrects on Jerusalem Arabs' Voting Rights
MARCH 10, 2015 NYT's Nick Kristof Blames Israel for Gaza Woes, Gives Hamas, Egypt a Pass
FEBRUARY 26, 2015 CAMERA Prompts NY Times Correction, Raises Question, on Netanyahu Speech
FEBRUARY 20, 2015 The Death of Adele Biton and The New York Times’ Justification of Lopsided Reporting
FEBRUARY 5, 2015 A Convict's Tall Tale is All That's Fit to Print
FEBRUARY 4, 2015 The New York Times Rewritten
FEBRUARY 3, 2015 NY Times Corrects: Thousands, Not Hundreds, of Rockets Targeted Israel During War
JANUARY 28, 2015 CAMERA Prompts Correction of NY Times Reference to 1967 'Border with Palestine'
JANUARY 25, 2015 Israel Law Center and Nitsana Darshan-Leitner Attacked by the New York Times
JANUARY 21, 2015 New York Times' Amnesia in Recounting Hezbollah's Past Actions
JANUARY 9, 2015 Plans to "Eradicate" Egyptian Town Prompt NY Times Yawn
DECEMBER 31, 2014 CAMERA's Top Ten MidEast Media Mangles for 2014
DECEMBER 21, 2014 New York Times Corrects Mosque "Arson" Claim. Will CNN?
DECEMBER 21, 2014 NY Times Corrects Nazareth Error, But Not 'Nakba Day' Law Error
DECEMBER 21, 2014 A Guide to NYT Advocacy Journalism: Focus on Jodi Rudoren
DECEMBER 17, 2014 The New York Times Blog Publishes Shoddy Defense of Steven Salaita
DECEMBER 16, 2014 Backdraft: Some Media Outlets Backtrack on Mosque 'Arson'
DECEMBER 15, 2014 The New York Times' Unique Definition For Israeli Funding
DECEMBER 11, 2014 New York Times "Correction" Fails to Correct Blumenthal Error
DECEMBER 9, 2014 Commissioning Extremism from Max Blumenthal, the NY Times Also Receives Errors
DECEMBER 8, 2014 The New York Times Unspun
NOVEMBER 19, 2014 New York Times Suppresses Kerry Condemnation of Palestinian Incitement
NOVEMBER 18, 2014 After Jerusalem Massacre, New York Times Covers Up Abbas' Incitement
NOVEMBER 10, 2014 New York Times Opinion Bias by the Numbers
NOVEMBER 2, 2014 NY Times Editor Admits Lower Standard For Palestinians
OCTOBER 30, 2014 The MSM's Inversion of Reality
OCTOBER 29, 2014 NY Times Corrects Misquote by Ali Abunimah, Robert Mackey
OCTOBER 24, 2014 The ABC's of Media Spin: The NYT and A Terror Attack
OCTOBER 16, 2014 In NY Times and Streets of New York, Klinghoffer Opera Controversy Continues
OCTOBER 7, 2014 NY Times Errs on Druze, Downplays ISIS (Updated)
SEPTEMBER 30, 2014 Gaza War Coverage a Case of News Media Meltdown
SEPTEMBER 29, 2014 NY Times Hits New Low With Op-Ed on "How Israel Silences Dissent"
SEPTEMBER 21, 2014 New York Times Corrects Grossly Inflated Figure for Palestinian Refugees
SEPTEMBER 17, 2014 NYT Book Review Provides Platform for Joe Klein's Bias
SEPTEMBER 3, 2014 Rudoren Does It – Again and Again and Again
AUGUST 31, 2014 Rudoren Misreports by Ignoring Palestinian Polls
AUGUST 26, 2014 Daniel Tregerman, 4-Year-Old Killed by Hamas, a New York Times Afterthought
AUGUST 21, 2014 On Kidney Transplants, Too, an Israel Obsession at The New York Times
AUGUST 19, 2014 How Dumb are NY Times Headline Writers?
AUGUST 14, 2014 NY Times' Rudoren Suggests Colleagues Spreading "Nonsense"
AUGUST 12, 2014 Why Almost No Photos or Videos of Hamas?
AUGUST 10, 2014 Gaza Derangement Syndrome: Anne Barnard
AUGUST 8, 2014 Bias at New York Times is Headline News
AUGUST 6, 2014 Analyzing Casualty Numbers, NYT Ignores Hamas Call for Duplicity
AUGUST 4, 2014 New York Times Stumbles on Human Shields, Occupation
AUGUST 4, 2014 Update: A Window into the NY Times Biased Mindset
JULY 25, 2014 Robert Mackey Pulls New York Times to Extremes of Bias
JULY 22, 2014 More Anti-Israel Bias from The New York Times' Jodi Rudoren
JULY 20, 2014 Nicholas Kristof Does it Again
JULY 19, 2014 Nicholas Kristof Targets Israel
JULY 15, 2014 Roger Cohen Distorts Israel Hayom 'Stone Age' Comment
JULY 14, 2014 NY Times Double Standard Strikes Again
JULY 11, 2014 As Hamas Targets Israel, Erlanger and the NY Times Join In
JULY 9, 2014 NY Times Corrects: Netanyahu Immediately Denounced Murder
JULY 9, 2014 NYT Corrects: There Were Jerusalem Clashes
JULY 9, 2014 CAMERA Op-Ed in Times of Israel on NYT's Faux Fairness
JULY 1, 2014 The Moral Equations of the New York Times
JUNE 16, 2014 CAMERA Op-Ed in Times of Israel Calls Out the NYT Spin on Israel Search for Kidnap Victims
MAY 15, 2014 The iCatastrophe of al-Nakba Reporting
MAY 7, 2014 CAMERA Op-Ed: The New York Times Whitewashes Palestinian Terrorism
MAY 6, 2014 Those Intransigent 'Moderates' of Fatah
APRIL 30, 2014 NY Times Corrects Photo Caption on West Bank Clash
APRIL 29, 2014 More Advocacy Journalism at The New York Times
APRIL 28, 2014 Jihadis for Jerusalem, Journalists for Confusion
APRIL 2, 2014 How The New York Times Demonizes the Israeli People
MARCH 25, 2014 Why Israel Insists on Palestinian Recognition of a Jewish State
MARCH 12, 2014 Ha'aretz Corrects Jewish State Error
MARCH 11, 2014 Coverage of Border Deaths in Israel, US, Spain Beyond the Pale
MARCH 10, 2014 CAMERA Calls for New York Times Corrections on "Jewish State" Issues
FEBRUARY 20, 2014 NY Times Corrects: Wrong to Call Atarot "Occupied Palestinian" Territory
FEBRUARY 13, 2014 NY Times Transfers Jerusalem Land to Palestinians
FEBRUARY 7, 2014 Truman, The Jewish State, and the Decline in New York Times Standards
FEBRUARY 3, 2014 NY Times Op-Ed About Anti-Israel "Propaganda War" Ignores Key Antagonist: The Times Itself
JANUARY 28, 2014 On Op-Ed Corrections, NYT Is 1 For 3
JANUARY 27, 2014 The New York Times Guide to Peace Negotiations
JANUARY 26, 2014 The New York Times Discovers "False Claims"
JANUARY 7, 2014 New York Times Coverage of Incitement: A Step in the Right Direction
JANUARY 2, 2014 CAMERA Prompts NY Times Correction on Gaza Shortages, "Palestinian" Cities
DECEMBER 16, 2013 NYT Corrects: Israel Didn't Block Installation of Scanner
DECEMBER 9, 2013 CAMERA Prompts NY Times Correction on Bedouins
NOVEMBER 21, 2013 Thomas Friedman and the "Israel Lobby"
NOVEMBER 19, 2013 New York Times Admits Photo "Wrong," Ignores Larger Phenomenon
NOVEMBER 19, 2013 The NYT on Israel, Iran: What's the Deal?
NOVEMBER 12, 2013 New York Times Increasingly Resembles Glenn Greenwald's Advocacy Journalism
NOVEMBER 12, 2013 Film Review: 5 Broken Cameras
NOVEMBER 8, 2013 NYT Corrects: Israel Does Not Advance 3,500 New Settlements
NOVEMBER 6, 2013 NYT Part II: Telling Readers How to Think About Palestinians
OCTOBER 28, 2013 NYT: Telling Readers How to Think About Israel
OCTOBER 15, 2013 CAMERA Monograph: Indicting Israel: New York Times Coverage of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict
OCTOBER 10, 2013 Another Week, Another Example of Bias at The New York Times
OCTOBER 4, 2013 New York Times Indicts Israeli Leader For Speech Exposing Iran
SEPTEMBER 26, 2013 UPDATED: Rouhani Fever and CNN
SEPTEMBER 19, 2013 New York Times Op-Ed: Wipe Israel Off the Map
SEPTEMBER 12, 2013 New York Times: Defending the Muslim Brotherhood
SEPTEMBER 2, 2013 New York Times Indicts Israel With Charges of Racism, Again
AUGUST 7, 2013 NYT Warps Kerry's Message
AUGUST 6, 2013 Preoccupied with Israel, Media Neglect Unstable Arab Societies
AUGUST 5, 2013 New York Times Corrects Iran Mistranslations — Including Its Own
AUGUST 5, 2013 The New York Times Romanticizes Palestinian Stone Throwers and Ignores Their Victims
JULY 23, 2013 New York Times Selective About Apportioning Blame in the Arab-Israeli Conflict
JULY 23, 2013 The Helen Thomas Cover-Up: Media Whitewash Bigoted Record
JUNE 21, 2013 Hassan Rouhani - The Extremists' 'Moderate'
JUNE 12, 2013 Egyptian Politician Talks of War With U.S., Media Yawns
JUNE 5, 2013 What the Media Won't Tell You About Palestinian Prisoners
JUNE 2, 2013 Jodi Rudoren Won't Be "Schooled"
MAY 21, 2013 Robert Mackey Cherry-Picks James Fallows on Al Dura
MAY 15, 2013 CAMERA Prompts New York Times Correction on Gender Segregation
APRIL 30, 2013 Updated: The New York Times Continues Its Irresponsible Reporting on the Arab-Israeli Conflict
APRIL 12, 2013 Bigotry, The NYT and Israel
MARCH 29, 2013 New York Times Promotes (Actual) Palestinian Talking Point
MARCH 20, 2013 New York Times Magazine Cheerleads for Terror
MARCH 19, 2013 New York Times March Madness
MARCH 6, 2013 Citing Only Critics, Robert Mackey Claims Ignorance of Arab Supporters of New Bus Lines
MARCH 1, 2013 Jodi Rudoren Quick with Excuse for Palestinian Rocket, But Buries Cause of IDF Shooting
FEBRUARY 15, 2013 Getting the Durban Treatment at Brooklyn College
FEBRUARY 9, 2013 Double Standards on Soccer Racism
JANUARY 21, 2013 CAMERA Op-Ed in Jerusalem Post: "Why Egyptian Hate Speech, and ‘NYT’ Reporting on it, Matter"
DECEMBER 29, 2012 CAMERA Top Ten MidEast Media Mangles of 2012
DECEMBER 16, 2012 Updated: CAMERA Prompts New York Times Corrections on Effect of E1 Corridor
DECEMBER 10, 2012 Media Embrace E1 Falsehoods
NOVEMBER 27, 2012 Salama, Shalamah, Shamalah, Shamallakh... and Why David Carr is Wrong Regardless
NOVEMBER 17, 2012 The New York Times Still Spinning the News
NOVEMBER 15, 2012 The New York Times Evades the Facts to Blame Israel
SEPTEMBER 25, 2012 CAMERA Prompts NYT Correction of Camp David Error
AUGUST 24, 2012 The New York Times' Broken Moral Compass
JULY 27, 2012 The New York Times' Embattled Integrity
JULY 13, 2012 News Fit to Frame: Jodi Rudoren on National Service in Israel
JULY 8, 2012 New York Times: "All the News That's Fit to Conceal"
JULY 3, 2012 On Refugees and Racism, a Double Standard Against Israel
JUNE 5, 2012 Discriminatory Lies and Discriminatory Laws in The New York Times
JUNE 4, 2012 The New York Times Has Tunnel Vision on the Gaza Tunnels
APRIL 26, 2012 What Did Israeli Chief of Staff Really Say about Iran?
APRIL 10, 2012 'Occupied' or 'Disputed' Depends on Israel's Involvement
MARCH 23, 2012 The Global Blood Libel against Israel
MARCH 13, 2012 CAMERA Prompts NY Times Correction on President's AIPAC Speech
MARCH 9, 2012 Jodi Rudoren: It's Not Just Tweets
MARCH 8, 2012 At the New York Times: Inflammatory Photo Fit to Print?
MARCH 6, 2012 Daylight Between Friedman and Kristof on Egypt
MARCH 1, 2012 More Silence of The Times
FEBRUARY 6, 2012 The New York Times Doesn't CAIR to Report
DECEMBER 22, 2011 Touching A Nerve -- Palestinian Origins
DECEMBER 18, 2011 Ethan Bronner and Facts Too Good to Check
DECEMBER 15, 2011 Tom Friedman Doesn't Let Facts Get in the Way
NOVEMBER 23, 2011 Pride and (Anti-Israel) Prejudice in New York Times Op-Ed on Gay Rights
NOVEMBER 22, 2011 NYT and CC Coming to their Senses on Mideast Christians?
NOVEMBER 3, 2011 CAMERA Ad: "When Palestinians Reject Coexistence, The New York Times Looks Away"
OCTOBER 18, 2011 UPDATED: New York Times Allows Hamas to Tell Story of Shalit's Detention
OCTOBER 14, 2011 Dramatic Statistics Refute Media Stereotype of Violent Jewish Settlers
OCTOBER 11, 2011 Nicholas Kristof on Israel: More of the Same
SEPTEMBER 27, 2011 The New York Times' War Against Israeli Settlers
SEPTEMBER 12, 2011 Does the New York Times Care Less About Kurds Than Palestinians
SEPTEMBER 8, 2011 New York Times Promotes Radical Sources Maligning Israel
SEPTEMBER 7, 2011 In New York Times, Hamas Oppression of Palestinians Not So Newsworthy
AUGUST 18, 2011 New York Times Presents Attack on Soldiers by Mavi Marmara Activists as Israeli Claim
AUGUST 5, 2011 Kristof Out to Tea on American Jewry
JULY 29, 2011 The New York Times' Bronner Advocates for Fringe Group, Censors Mainstream Concerns
JULY 16, 2011 Bronner's Flotilla Bias
JULY 11, 2011 The New York Times Conceals the Flotilla's Extremist Connections
JUNE 13, 2011 Hey, New York Times: Where are the Fact Checkers?
JUNE 2, 2011 In New York Times, the “Blame Israel” Narrative Trumps Neutrality on Rafah Crossing
JUNE 1, 2011 New York Times Public Editor – No Problem with Qaradawi Story
MAY 20, 2011 Media Misreport on 1967 Ceasefire Lines
MAY 17, 2011 Abbas Rewrites History in NY Times
MAY 12, 2011 The New York Times-J Street Axis
MAY 12, 2011 Western Media Looks Away as PA Venerates a Mass Murderer
MAY 11, 2011 UPDATED: Hamas, the 'Two-State Solution' and the NY Times
APRIL 16, 2011 New York Times Sees 'Sad Irony' in Terrorists Killing Terrorist Sympathizer
APRIL 5, 2011 International Herald Tribune Launders News, Palestinians Come Out Clean
APRIL 5, 2011 Updated: The Goldstone Report and the New York Times
MARCH 26, 2011 The New York Times and Itamar
FEBRUARY 23, 2011 A New Low: New York Times Running Interference for Yusuf Qaradawi
FEBRUARY 16, 2011 Tariq Ramadan Obscures the Truth about Muslim Brotherhood
JANUARY 20, 2011 UPDATED: Clouds of Questions Around Bilin Death
JANUARY 4, 2011 New York Times: Annual Feature Misrepresents Israel – Again
OCTOBER 25, 2010 New York Times Plays Blame Game on Negotiations Impasse
SEPTEMBER 28, 2010 CAMERA Op-Ed in Ynet Recounts Year of Errors and Distortions
SEPTEMBER 2, 2010 New York Times Draws Anti-Israel Lesson From Palestinian Attack
SEPTEMBER 1, 2010  Palestinian Opinion Polls Refute New York Times Negative Verdict on Gaza Blockade
AUGUST 30, 2010 The Incitement Double Standard: Ovadia Yosef vs PA Leadership
AUGUST 24, 2010 CAMERA Prompts Corrections on Palestinian Refugees
AUGUST 6, 2010 Questions for The New York Times
JULY 8, 2010 Goldstone Report Implicitly Validated by the New York Times
JULY 8, 2010 Kristof's One-Sided Look at "Two Sides of a Fence"
JULY 7, 2010 New York Times Hypes Nonstory on Nonprofits
JUNE 7, 2010 Why Helen Thomas Had to Go
JUNE 1, 2010 On Flotilla, International Herald Tribune Editors Asleep at the Helm
APRIL 21, 2010 Journalists Buy Falsehoods on Gaza Shipments
MARCH 18, 2010 All the News Unfit to Print
MARCH 17, 2010 New York Times, CNN Whitewash Palestinian Incitement
MARCH 16, 2010 NYT’s Bronner Smears Israel as Racist on MSNBC
FEBRUARY 23, 2010 BBC and New York Times Omit Coverage of Palestinian Corruption Story
DECEMBER 30, 2009 NY Times Runs Puff Piece on Anti-Israel Comic Book
NOVEMBER 11, 2009 Carter, Goldstone and Gaza
OCTOBER 20, 2009 Human Rights Watch Discredited Even By Its Founder
OCTOBER 9, 2009 Is the Goldstone Report Escalating the Conflict?
OCTOBER 7, 2009 New York Times Magazine Whitewashes Palestinian Kids' TV
SEPTEMBER 27, 2009 Netanyahu U.N. Speech Buried by the Times
SEPTEMBER 2, 2009 Op-Ed in New York Times Deceives Readers on Lockerbie Bomber
AUGUST 14, 2009 Demise of a Hoax Quote: CAMERA Prompts Article in Toronto Star, Corrections on Ya’alon Statement
AUGUST 13, 2009 New Fatah Central Committee Ties to Al Aksa Martyrs Brigades
AUGUST 12, 2009 Sixth Fatah Congress: The Myth of Moderation
JUNE 22, 2009 In New York Times, Tony Judt Rules on Jewish Settlements' Legal Status
MAY 17, 2009 NY Times Skews the News on Christian Decline in the Mideast
MAY 10, 2009 The New York Times Skews the Story on Israeli Archeology
APRIL 8, 2009 George Bisharat’s Kangaroo Court
APRIL 3, 2009 CAMERA Column in Jerusalem Post: "'NY Times' Trigger Happy on Israel"
MARCH 27, 2009 Charges of IDF "Wanton Killing" Crumble
FEBRUARY 20, 2009 New York Times Article on War Crimes Allegations Reveals Bias
FEBRUARY 1, 2009 New York Times, International Herald Tribune, Others Correct Khalidi Hoax Quote
JANUARY 21, 2009 Hamas's Palestinian Victims: Human Shields
JANUARY 8, 2009 New York Times Attacks Israel on its Op-Ed Page
JANUARY 8, 2009 Myths and Facts about the Fighting in Gaza
JANUARY 8, 2009 Rashid Khalidi Uses Bogus Quote in New York Times Op-Ed
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DECEMBER 31, 2008 UPDATED: New York Times Calls Extremists "Human Rights Advocates"
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FEBRUARY 5, 2008 Study: On Nation's Op-Ed Pages, Israel's Voice is Stifled
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DECEMBER 14, 2007 CAMERA Prompts New York Times Correction on Annapolis Talks
AUGUST 21, 2007 New York Times Implies Israel's Road Plan is Racist
JULY 17, 2007 Times Magazine Profile of Livni Mangles Key Issues
JULY 3, 2007 New York Times Publishes Photo of Smiling Terrorist
JUNE 18, 2007 Farewell to the Minister of Disinformation, Mustafa Barghouti
MAY 14, 2007 NYT Blunders on Jerusalem Building
APRIL 26, 2007 New York Times Publishes CNI Propaganda Ad
MARCH 28, 2007 New York Times Wrong on Israel’s Origin and “Right of Return”
MARCH 22, 2007 Former NY Times Editor Reveals his Bias in Anti-Israel Magazine
MARCH 21, 2007 Kristof's Blame-Israel Rant
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DECEMBER 12, 2006 In IHT, Holocaust Denial is Legitimized as Alternate "Theory"
DECEMBER 2, 2006 UPDATE: Peace Now Map Based Only on Palestinian Claims
NOVEMBER 27, 2006 False Claim by Abbas Goes Unchallenged
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AUGUST 9, 2006 Updated: A Reprise: Media Photo Manipulation
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JUNE 25, 2006 Prisoners' Document: Peace Plan or “Phased Plan”?
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MAY 11, 2006 Human Interest Stories in New York Times Skewed Toward Palestinians
APRIL 19, 2006 Tony Judt, the New York Times, and the anti-Israel bandwagon
NOVEMBER 9, 2005 NY Times, IHT Correct: Rabin Assassin Not a Settler
SEPTEMBER 17, 2005 New York Times Reports Palestinian Obligations as Israeli Demands
SEPTEMBER 15, 2005 IHT Fabricates Purpose of Bush-Sharon Meeting
SEPTEMBER 9, 2005 The New York Times Sort of Corrects Distorted Rice Interview
SEPTEMBER 1, 2005 Covering Up for NPR
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MAY 30, 2005 CAMERA Prompts New York Times Correction
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APRIL 27, 2005 Daniel Okrent's False Symmetry
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APRIL 8, 2005 New York Times Exonerates Columbia Professor Joseph Massad
FEBRUARY 7, 2005 The New York Times Buries al Dura Story
JANUARY 30, 2005 CAMERA Obtains NYT/IHT Correction on Palestinian Refugees
JANUARY 16, 2005 The New York Times' Knee-Jerk Editorial Bias
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DECEMBER 24, 2004 New York Times Omits Major Reason Christians are Leaving Bethlehem
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OCTOBER 23, 2004 New York Times Quneitra Claims Contradicted by Times Own Reporting
OCTOBER 18, 2004 Selective Quotes Distort Intent of Sharon's Gaza Withdrawal
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JULY 12, 2004 Hague Ruling Front Page News; Palestinian Attack Takes Second Place
JUNE 15, 2004 The New York Times covers (and covers up for) Palestinian child bombers
MAY 19, 2004 Journalists Fall Prey to Palestinian Booby-Traps
MAY 18, 2004 New York Sun Hits Tom Friedman Distortions
APRIL 18, 2004 CAMERA Obtains Correction at New York Times
APRIL 18, 2004 UPDATED CAMERA ALERT: Inaccurate Terms in Coverage of Bush Statement
APRIL 9, 2004 UPDATED CAMERA ALERT: Partisan Editing Skews San Francisco Chronicle Article on Teen Bomber
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JULY 11, 2003 UPDATED: Journalists Veer Off 'Road Map,' Crash Into Cease-Fire
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JUNE 15, 2003 New York Times Veers Off the 'Road Map'
JUNE 13, 2003 Newspaper Headlines Omit Terror Perpetrators
JUNE 13, 2003 The Message at the New York Times – Blame the Victim
MAY 23, 2003 New York Times Refuses to Report the Straight Facts
APRIL 9, 2003 New York Times Headline Writer Tosses Aside Impartiality
JANUARY 15, 2003 New York Times Hits Year-End False Notes
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DECEMBER 14, 2002 New York Times Alert: Small Words with a Big Impact
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NOVEMBER 18, 2002 Thumbs Up to James Bennet
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JULY 28, 2002 CAMERA ALERT: Times Op-Ed Desk Guts Criticism of U.N.
JULY 24, 2002 CAMERA ALERT: Coverage of Raid on Shehadeh Requires Context
JULY 22, 2002 Articles on Israeli Victims of Terror Give Context to Israel's War on Terrorism
MAY 1, 2002 STUDY: New York Times Skews Israeli-Palestinian Crisis
APRIL 30, 2002 ADVERTISEMENT: The Root of Palestinian Terrorism is Hate Education
MARCH 22, 2002 EYE ON THE MEDIA: More Times Tomfoolery
MARCH 20, 2002 New York Times' Double Standards and Lack of Balance
FEBRUARY 22, 2002 EYE ON THE MEDIA: The Unbearable Urge to Sympathize
DECEMBER 18, 2001 EYE ON THE MEDIA: Tony One-Note
DECEMBER 7, 2001 EYE ON THE MEDIA: Rewriting Camp David; The Sequel
OCTOBER 11, 2001 When Terror is Not "Terror"
SEPTEMBER 12, 2001 Thumbs Up to Clyde Haberman
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JULY 27, 2001 CAMERA ALERT: Faulty Timeline and Partisan Sources at the New York Times
JULY 25, 2001 New York Times Mislabels as "Vigilantes" Group that Murdered Palestinians
JULY 17, 2001 New York Times Lax on Covering Palestinian Bombing Attempts, Aggression
JULY 12, 2001 CAMERA Op-Ed in the Wall Street Journal European Edition: "The Real Story on Israel"
JULY 8, 2001 Times Interview Omits Arafat’s Praise for Suicide Killer of 21
JULY 1, 2001 BACKGROUNDER: Does Israel Use “Palestinian” Water?
JUNE 22, 2001 New York Times: Successful “Cease-fire” Includes Palestinian Mortar and Grenade Attacks, Murder of Israeli
MAY 10, 2001 CAMERA Column: Syria’s Quneitra Hoax
APRIL 23, 2001 Thumbs Up to William Safire
NOVEMBER 15, 2000 Wall Street Journal and New York Times Correct Inaccurate Stories
OCTOBER 26, 2000 CAMERA ALERT: New York Times Skews Sharon's Temple Mount Visit
OCTOBER 25, 2000 New York Times Covers up Call to “Kill the Jews”
OCTOBER 16, 2000 New York Times Again the Picture of Bias
OCTOBER 13, 2000 Jews Rampage, Arabs Demonstrate
JULY 14, 2000 EYE ON THE MEDIA: Media Mute on the Temple Mount Desecrations
JULY 3, 2000 EYE ON THE MEDIA: Viorst, Times Cavalier with Facts
JUNE 16, 2000 EYE ON THE MEDIA: Whitewashing Hizballah
DECEMBER 14, 1999 Media Ducks Arab Anti-Semitism in Suha Story
JUNE 1, 1999 Palestinian Textbooks Teach Anti-Israel Hate
NOVEMBER 13, 1998 BACKGROUNDER: Wye and the Palestinian Covenant
SEPTEMBER 1, 1998 West Bank Water and New York Times Stereotypes
APRIL 21, 1998 New York Times Censors PA Incitement Against Israel
FEBRUARY 10, 1998 In Their Own Words
JANUARY 19, 1998 New York Times Twists Oslo
JUNE 25, 1997 BACKGROUNDER: Land, the Palestinian Authority, and Israel
APRIL 27, 1997 Schmemann Leads the Herd
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JUNE 7, 1996 Media Votes No On Israeli Democracy
OCTOBER 12, 1995 Media Bury Israeli Dead
SEPTEMBER 22, 1995 Conscience a la Mode
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APRIL 3, 1992 Middle East Warp

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