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C-SPAN November – December 2012

December 31, 2012 – 7:22 AM


Topic: 17 hours until “fiscal cliff” deadline.

Caller: Mark from Louisville, Ohio (click here to listen.)

“Mark from Louisville, Ohio” is another of C-SPAN's several deceitful, repeat, conspiracy-mongering callers who defame the Jewish people. Previously he called as “Rick from Canton, Ohio” on May 3, 2012 (click here to listensaying essentially what he said here and to this same host Scully.

Caller: “It's amazing … the last thirty years, all the power was taken from the EPA and given to the NRA. The reality of the situation is that there is really no fiscal cliff. In 2008 there was another so-called fiscal cliff. They took ten trillion dollars and gave it to the billionaires and banks and stuff like that. When Eisenhower took office, he gutted the military. Taxes were ninety percent on corporations. And in the next ten years you had the … destroying system. Ten trillion dollars being hoarded by the top one percent by a handful of corporations and families. The problem lies with propaganda. The problem lies in that ninety percent of all our information from the TV and the radio comes out of the state of Texas and New York City. That is Wall Street. So, if you go to the state of Texas, their economy is based on war, illegal labor, military contractors and NAFTA and oil. That's from Clear Channel radio. Time Warner [Cable] comes out of Georgia. It's loaded with military contractors. Up on the East Coast, New York City is where the bankers are and insurance companies and the derivatives and the Jews that run the media.”

SCULLY: “I will stop you on that point.”
NOTE: Host Scully had heard this caller lodge the same general "conspiracy of the wealthy" complaint a little more than half a year earlier. However, it was not until he extended his classic "corporations-military-Wall Street" conspiracy vision to "the Jews that run the media" was the caller stopped by the host. This exchange is a reminder of the anti-Jewish fringe types who find C-SPAN's Washington Journal an attractive platform.
December 25, 2012 – 8:10 AM


Guest: ELI LAKE, Newsweek Daily Beast senior national security correspondent.

Topic: Foreign policy year in review.

Caller: Tracey from Minneapolis, Minnesota (click here to listen).

Caller tries but fails to get guest to condemn Israel's purported nuclear program. Omitted in this segment is the case for Israel. The last (and probably only) time Washington Journal aired an adequate defense of Israel's position in this matter (which is frequently brought up by Journal callers who virtually never mention any other nation's nuclear program) was done by a July 2009 guest (stated below).

Caller: “Do you think the Israeli-Palestinian situation is going to come up next pretty soon? I think there's going to be a showdown. My question is, do you think we should put pressure on Israel to get rid of their nuclear weapons? This way we don't come across as like supporting a double standard because if we really want peace over there, shouldn't we want everyone in that region not to have nuclear weapons?”

Guest: “It's funny …, I am reading a great book – re-reading a great book – by Michael Oren, Six Days of War. The author is the Israeli ambassador to the United States and an historian. Throughout much of the 1960's, President Kennedy and President Johnson and later President Nixon tried to persuade and cajole Israel about their project in Dimona [Israel]. Eventually, it was determined – there was a famous memo by Henry Kissinger where he says, okay, if Israel is determined to have a nuclear program, there's not much we can do to stop them, it's better that they never declare they have a nuclear program which is what Israel's policy is.

We talk about it today as fact largely because of a nuclear engineer … who smuggled out photographs and descriptions... The difference, I think, is that Israel is not a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. It is one of three countries, India and Pakistan being the other two, so it doesn't have a treaty obligation… Israel does not declare its nuclear arsenal, and the United States does not pressure Israel … to sign the non-proliferation treaty. There was some stress on that secret understanding … in 1970 because of efforts by other Middle East states that are parties to the Non-Proliferation Treaty. You have conferences on creating a weapon-free WMD zone in the Middle East. In the latest round of talks and amendments to the non-proliferation treaty, the U.S. agreed to language that were to have those conversations…”
HELLE C. DALE (Washington Journal guest on July 6, 2009, Heritage Foundation's Senior Fellow in Public Diplomacy): "As far as Israel is concerned, yes, it is widely known that Israel may have nuclear capability. Israel, however, has been surrounded by enemies since the day of its founding, and has not been the aggressor – in fact, they have been attacked by their neighbors in two wars, the second of which established its current borders including the West Bank and Gaza Strip from its enemies. Israel has had to defend its existence almost from the day that it was created after World War II as a refuge for the Jewish people after the extermination was attempted by the Germany and the Nazi regime.

Israel has plenty of reasons to want to defend itself. It has not been an aggressor, it has not used its nuclear weapons, nor is it ever likely to, unless its existence is threatened. It lives however with neighboring countries, with a Palestinian population on its borders, led by a government that does not believe in its right to exist. Iran, through its government and President Ahmadinejad, has repeatedly said that Israel has no right to exist as a nation and would like to see it disappear from the map of the Middle East. If that was you, if that was your home, wouldn't you want to establish some defensive parameters? And Israel has had to do that. Were Israel's neighbors to accept its right to exist, for the Palestinians to do the same, establish diplomatic relations, I am sure Israel would look at the world a different way, but right now I do not think Israel is the problem in the Middle East."

December 25, 2012 – 8:24 AM


Guest: ELI LAKE, Newsweek Daily Beast senior national security correspondent.

Topic: Foreign policy year in review.

Caller: James from Los Angeles, California (click here to listen).

Typically, C-SPAN provides James Morris (notorious caller to this program and fringe activist) with a conspiracy mongering propaganda platform. Host Echevarria last indulged Morris on a March 9, 2012 broadcast in which he defamed Israel as he did in his most recent Journal call on a Sept. 19, 2012 broadcast.  Morris' 62 calls (with very few exceptions each has been anti-Israel, anti-America, pro-Iran) to Washington Journal since December 2008 are chronicled.

Caller: “Mr. Lake, I am going to put you on the spot. I had e-mail exchanges with General Petraeus that were covered all over the Internet, all you have to do is Google James Morris and … He conveyed that he was in cahoots with neocon warmonger… There was just a Washington Post article that came out that C-SPAN has completely ignored, that talked about how other neocon warmongers … were basically advising General Petraeus as well. Why aren't we talking about this on C-CPAN? Again, I want to put you on the spot, are you going to cover my e-mail exchanges with General Petraeus?”

Guest: “Probably not. I have not read them. Hey what is this? I mean, seriously, the last time a neoconservative had influence and real power would have probably been the end of the first George W. Bush term… Yet there is a small minority of people on the Internet who track every movement of neoconservatives. But you rarely see the same kind of attention to liberal … foreign policy ideologues. … David Petraeus got advice from lots of other people who were not necessarily neoconservatives … I can guarantee you he made his own decisions. I covered General Petraeus. He wanted council from a lot of people. I don't see that as a big story. I am always interested in any kind of exchanges with General Petraeus. Let's check that. Alright.”

December 24, 2012 – 7:37 AM


Topic: Does religion influence your politics?

Caller: Pace from Denton, Texas (click here to listen).

Instead of challenging the caller's off-topic erroneous assertion ("Israel was purchased for those people over there") by asking something like "what was purchased by whom and from whom?," host Brawner merely asks, "what does that have to do with it?" This journalistically incomplete reply potentially gives the caller's misleading and tendentious claim some credence. C-SPAN claims 28 million weekly viewers, so this exchange had the capability to mislead countless members of Washington Journal's audience.

Caller: "Religion does influence politics. Not mine, per say, but I watch C-SPAN all the time and my comment is – religion, like with the Palestinian and the Jewish conflict over there, I mean why is it you guys never bring up that Israel was purchased for those people over there? It's almost like a pilgrim and Indian situation."

Host: "What does that have to do with it?"

Caller: "Well, the thing is – is that right here it's all about Christianity and Moslem. It's almost like the old school crusades."

Host: "Okay. All right. Sally, Camp Hill, Pennsylvania..."

December 7, 2012 – 7:14 AM


Topic: “Fiscal cliff”: Compromise or stick to principle?

Caller: Roberto from Washington, DC (click here to listen).

Typically, a C-SPAN host indulges a caller who, in addition to conspiracy mongering claims, absurdly claims that the dangers of the “fiscal cliff” require that aid must be eliminated “to a number of countries including Israel.” Unmentioned is the fact that America-Israel cooperation involves only a miniscule amount of aid dollars (most of which is returned to the United States in defense purchases) in terms of federal expenditures – less than 0.1 percent of federal spending. C-SPAN's chronic journalistic malpractice is to the detriment of potentially millions of viewers (C-SPAN claims an audience of 28 million weekly viewers).

Caller: “I agree with the prior caller on the Democratic line. I agree with what he was referring to – C-SPAN changing (indistinct) to not so-much unbiased nature recently. The issues at the core of this situation – it is not talked about – the ones behind the scenes are the political parties (indistinct) the industrial military complex and the role they play in dragging down the economy in the United States.”

Host: “Roberto, let me ask you, if the country does go off the fiscal cliff who do you think gets more of the blame on this? Is it the president of the United States or is it members of congress?”

Caller: “The people of the United States who are being brainwashed to not speak up and get together like in Tahrir Square [Cairo, Egypt] and rise up and say, we have to do away with this – military bases around the world and we have to do away with (indistinct) with destroying the country and occupying it. We have to do away with billions of dollars to a number of countries including Israel; we have to do away with …”

Host: “Alright, Roberto. We want to point out this from USA Today in the opinion page …”

December 6, 2012 – 7:46 AM


Topic: Hillary Clinton in 2016?

Caller: Phil from Port Orange, Florida (click here to Listen).

Caller "Phil," in his two-minute segment, freely slanders respected international leaders and does anti-Israel conspiracy mongering none of which concerns host Slen who indulges the caller’s ranting – yet another instance of C-SPAN’s chronic journalistic malpractice.

Caller: "The video you were showing in regard to Hillary Clinton really concerned me. She was receiving praise from three notorious war criminals starting off with [Henry] Kissinger. And then you look towards Tony Blair and then you finish up with the butcher himself, Benjamin Netanyahu. The other video, that you keep repeating, has the state of Israel flagged very, very prominent in it. Now…"

SLEN (interrupting): "That was a video tribute put together by the Saban Center [for Middle East Policy]. That was held by an Israeli-American businessman [Haim Saban] and it was held in November [the Nov. 30 to Dec. 1 forum featured a webcasted session that included remarks by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton]."

Caller: "Thank you for clarifying. My concern is that the influence that the state of Israel and the AIPAC lobby has on America's foreign policy is just out of proportion. Paul Craig Roberts is an economist and former assistant secretary of the treasury. He has been writing about this a lot recently. I think we really need to take a look at the state of Israel's influence on our foreign policy. I would like to see the Clintons and Bushes, all of them, just go home and all of these politicians that keep coming back and not serving the American people -- I want to send them away."

SLEN: "Phil in Port Orange, Florida this morning. We are going to move on and talk about the ‘fiscal cliff’ and some of the issues surrounding..."

December 5, 2012 – 7:30 AM


Topic: Open Phones. Up to this point in segment, matters mentioned by host and callers dealt entirely with taxes, "fiscal cliff" and so on.

Caller: Ron from Springfield Gardens, New York (click here to listen).

Clueless caller "Ron" makes anti-Israel argument based on non-existent scripture passage in New Testament – and host, true to form for C-SPAN hosts, seems clueless and/or disinterested. Among the losers, as usual, resulting from such chronic journalistic malpractice, are potentially millions of misled C-SPAN Washington Journal viewers (the network claims 28 million weekly viewers).

Caller: "Quick – I'm going to try to make it quick. First thing is, it seems to me that the debt goes up because of the wars that we have. Alright, but when they want to pay for it, they want to pay for it with entitlements. I heard one of the congressman – I believe it was a congressman – who was talking about how they cut $500 billion from the military budget, but he does not talk about the percentage of the military budget that was cut and compare that to the percentage of the so-called entitlements that they want to take. The last thing that I want to say is this, those people who talk about – first of all, I would like to make it clear that I don' t have anything against any people, alright, but there seems to be a problem when people think about Israel, because they say that they are entitled to the land because of the Bible. But I think people should actually read that Bible and find out – read Galatians [chapter] 24 – actually 24:4 [non-existent passage – Galatians contains only 6 chapters – furthermore, the 6 chapters of Galatians is concerned entirely with non-Jews who were attempting to attain salvation through the Law of Moses; Galatians contains nothing referred to by the caller] – where it says that's an alogy – an analogy. So it is a story to describe something. It' s not even real. So, thanks for having me. That's all I wanted to say."

Host: "Okay. We're learning that former Representative Jack Brooks, a Texas Democrat, who was one of the giants of the House during this time, died Tuesday at the age of 89. ..."

December 1, 2012 – 8:35 AM


Guest: BRADFORD FITCH, President and CEO of the Congressional Management Foundation which conducts orientation sessions for senior aides.

Topic: Helping members-elect transition to Congress.

Caller: Tom from Missouri (click here to listen).

Mendacious anti-Israel callers, like “Tom” from Missouri, generally always feel welcome at C-SPAN to convey their absurd claims which usually elicit no refutation thus potentially leading viewers to accept harmful falsehoods as truth. Such is the journalistic irresponsibility of C-SPAN.

Caller: “Thank you for taking my call. A couple of real quick comments. First is, like the first caller alluded to was – I believe he was alluding to the pledge that the new congressmen in ‘08 all took to Grover Norquist – I feel that is a treasonous act. And the second comment is, after the new congressmen all came in, in ‘08, they went through orientation and found their apartments and all that. Then they all boarded the plane and went over to Israel to get their orders as to what they should do in their first year, you know…”

Host: “Oh, we're going to leave it there. So (addressing the guest), talk to us about – we've got an article here from Politico…”

November 22, 2012 –7:37 AM

Host: PETER SLEN (,,

Topic: Optimistic about America's future?

Caller: Patrick from Carnegie, Pennsylvania (click here to listen).

C-SPAN tolerates caller's vile anti-Semitic bile

Caller: “Happy Thanksgiving. I am profoundly un-optimistic about the state of our country and the future. When I read about the entire Presbyterian Church, the entire Methodist Church, the entire Evangelical Lutheran Church wanting to end all relationships with the state of Israel, I that think our country – we are literally being occupied by a foreign government by the state of Israel. I've got to tell you, when you look at economic apartheid on Wall Street where the American people are trading on one platform while the Zionist regime which is in control of our country is trading in pikaflash – you know, we are becoming a nation that is completely and utterly occupied.”

SLEN: “That was Patrick from Pennsylvania. This is Judy in …”

November 22, 2012 – 7:48 AM

Host: PETER SLEN (,,

Guest: SHIBLEY TELHAMI, University of Maryland Peace and Development professor.

Topic: Update on Israel-Hamas ceasefire.

Click here to listen to entire Telhami segment (7:48 AM to 8:35 AM):

Guest Shibley Telhami's Palestinian point of view. C-SPAN callers are out of step – probably due to C-SPAN's receptivity – with majority of Americans who support Israel (according to opinion polls). Typically, only one of seven callers in this segment supports Israel.

Guest Telhami, Palestinian-Arab-American academic, articulate, always moderate-sounding but who invariably argues the Palestinian vantage point, here provides quite lengthy, somewhat self-promoting commentary. In the 20-minute period leading up to this segment's first viewer phone call, Telhami expounded at length on the Gaza conflict, including the now familiar narrative involving the aggrieved rulers of the Gaza strip, Hamas, firing volleys of rockets at Israel whose response is then disproportionate. But Telhami somehow fails to mention Hamas' fanatical Islamism which governs its violent actions toward Israel. Hamas's ultimate mission – "no matter how long it takes" – is to "fight the Jews and kill them" and to replace the Jewish state with an Islamic caliphate.

8:07 AM caller from St. Petersburg, Florida argued briefly that United States should be committed to negotiating with Hamas, despite its designation as a terrorist entity, because it was elected by the Gazans to lead them. Telhami took a few minutes to support the caller's assertion including arguing for support of democratic ideals like the right of the people to elect its leaders.

8:11 AM caller from Detroit, Michigan propagandized including the accusation that Israel is “destroying the people of Gaza.” Telhami generally supported the caller's claims in another lengthy discourse.

8:17 AM caller from Johnson, Tennessee argued that Israel and United States have to negotiate with Hamas. Telhami strongly supports (again) this proposition. Not surprisingly there is no mention here of Hamas' deadly mission.

8:21 AM caller from Brookville, Illinois expounds on the high cost of the Israeli missiles and defense system and the high cost of fixing up Gaza after this current chapter of the conflict. Telhami concurs (at length).

8:26 AM caller from Ellwood, Illinois is the only one of the seven callers in this segment voicing support for Israel. Telhami in a brief response observes that “the United States has been extraordinarily supportive of Israel.”

8:28 AM caller from Bradenton, Florida asks if Hamas actions are merely a tactical approach or those of a group interested only in radical Islamic aims. Telhami responds comparing Hamas to the Morsi government in claiming that government is likely to be absorbed in domestic politics economy-related in the near future.

8:31 AM caller from Baldwinsville, New York complains that the world puts up with too many countries that refuse to live in peace with its neighbors. Telhami agrees, observing that “Many [U.N.] members are led by thugs.”

November 21, 2012 – 7:34 AM

Host: JOHN McCARDLE (,,,

Topic: Fiscal cliff and your confidence in the economy?

Caller: Darrell from Defiance, Missouri (click here to listen).

C-SPAN allows obsessively anti-Israel caller to harangue viewers regardless of topic

The topic doesn't matter – “fiscal cliff” or whatever – this repeat caller, using falsehoods and distortions, is always allowed to freely heap blame on Israel and its supporters and – on the United States. The history of his hateful bile and anti-Israel propaganda mongering, in conjunction with C-SPAN's Washington Journal, of “Darrell” (sometimes he identifies himself as Bill or Bob) includes: April 15, 2012 (7:36 AM) as Darrell from St. Charles, Missouri (click here to listen); Feb. 5, 2012 (7:19 AM) as Bill from Defiance, Missouri (click here to listen); Oct. 21, 2011 (7:16 AM) as Bill from St. Louis (click here to listen); Oct. 12, 2011 (7:19 AM) as Bill, Sept. 21, 2011 (7:06 AM) as Bill, May 19, 2011 (7:15 AM) as Darrell, May 2, 2011 (9:18 AM) as Bill, March 18, 2011 (7:30 AM) as Bob, Feb. 26, 2011 (7:16 AM) as Bill, Feb. 1, 2011 (7:21 AM) as Darrell; and so on back to Sept. 30, 2009 (8:21 AM) as Darrell from St. Louis (click here to listen).

Caller (on Nov. 21): “Thanks for having me. It's no wonder we are going off a fiscal cliff. I wonder how many Americans know that we've built 45 military bases surrounding Iran. It's funny that our media in this country is totally packed with cowards that never tell us the truth about anything. I mean, we are supporting Israel and that's the number one terrorist nation on the planet. Sometimes I think they've got our Congress and Senators in this country just, just brainwashed.”

Host: “Darrell, what are you doing personally to prepare for the fiscal cliff? Are you changing your finances or how you manage your money?”

Caller : “No, I'm just storing up on the things I need when it all comes crashing down. Have you ever heard that our Senators and Congressmen get their salary for the rest of their lives and complete free health care? I mean, this country is a joke.”

Host (finally terminating caller): “Darrell from Defiance, Missouri this morning. Here are some facts about Congress…”

November 20, 2012 – 7:00 AM


Topic: U.S. role in Middle East conflict [Israel's response to Hamas' rocket attacks]?

Click here to listen to entire segment (7:00-7:46 AM).

At the outset, host Casey states the results of opinion polling indicating Americans, by a large majority, support Israel's actions responding to incessant rocket attacks from the Hamas controlled Gaza Strip. During the segment, Casey reads extracts from various U.S. newspaper reports predominately portraying Israel negatively.

Of the total of sixteen phone callers in this segment, nine voiced support for Israel. Four of the nine said their support for Israel is based on their Christian beliefs. Four of the six opposing Israel's actions voiced extremist anti-Israel propaganda (one caller took a neutral position).Typically for a C-SPAN host, Casey failed to challenge any of the extremist anti-Israel propagandizing.

The sixteen calls (in order) were from: Pennsylvania, Missouri, Maryland, Florida (supporting Israel), D.C. (supporting), Indiana, Maryland, Tennessee, California (supporting), West Virginia (supporting), Wisconsin, Texas (supporting), New York (supporting), Massachusetts (supporting), Pennsylvania (supporting), New Jersey (supporting).

November 19, 2012 – 7:23 AM

Host: PAUL ORGEL (,,

Topic: Republicans only: Future of the GOP?

Caller: James from Sutherland Key, Florida (click here to listen).

"James" is another of the many conspiracy mongering callers to Washington Journal who attribute most major problems to Israel/Jews/neocons. Such callers are oblivious to the facts that show that nearly all foreign problems are due to worldwide militant Islam (violent jihadists). Such callers generally feel welcome at C-SPAN thanks to hosts who, like this one, generally fail to challenge or even mildly question. Such is the journalistic irresponsibility of C-SPAN.

Caller: “My comment is – and this is for all the Republicans listening and the Democrats that are not far left wing – I give you two words why the Republican party lost and why they will lose every major election nationally from here on out unless they change – and that's “Ron Paul.” The young people in this country know that the two party system is basically a hoax. Romneycare and Obamacare is the same. These guys are all in the same party. The Republicans – and I am a Republican, I voted in the primary this year for Ron Paul – but I'm telling you right now, these Republican neocons that want to spend trillions on foreign wars that do nothing for America, give foreign aid to all these countries that hate us just to make Israel safe and they forget about the United States. We've got to get back to a party – the Republican party has to get back to a party for the United States, not for the rest of the world, not for Israel. Marco Rubio, they have trotted him out already for the presidential election this year for 2016. He will get beat by anybody the Democrats put up. The Republican party as it stands now, run into the ground by these neocons, is a doomed party. They are a dinosaur. You can kiss them off, forget about them. They will never ever, ever be relevant Again. Alright?”

Host: “Here is more from Rick Santorum in …”

November 15, 2012 – 8:04 AM


Guest: RON PAUL, Representative (R-TX).

Topic: News review with Ron Paul.

Ron Paul's mendacity and disconnection from reality

Here, guest Ron Paul purveys mendacious nonsense including, “What threat are the Palestinians to Israel?” He says this in condemning Israel's self-defense from unprovoked missile attacks coming from the Gaza Strip. It's anyone's guess as to how much of his nonsense is due to being substantially disconnected from reality and how much of it is due to animosity toward Israel. C-SPAN as usual tacitly accepts such nonsense. But what will C-SPAN's potentially millions of viewers (C-SPAN claims 28 million weekly viewers) make of this?

Israel was attacked. There have been 13,000 rockets, mortars and missiles launched into Israel in the past decade. That is an average of more than three attacks per day. Between Jan. 1, 2012 and Nov. 5, 2012, 674 rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel. Each time the air-raid sirens go off in Israel, residents have 10 or 15 seconds to find shelter. If you are a mom with one child in his room and another playing outside, do you think you could collect them both and get into a safe room in 15 seconds?

Hamas which rules the Gaza Strip is sworn to destroy Israel and acts accordingly. What is it about this reality that Paul and his ilk can not admit to? What position would Ron Paul take if a terrorist state existed on Texas' southern border and his constituents and other Texans were being bombarded incessantly by rockets, mortars and missiles from the terrorist state? On C-SPAN's Washington Journal such questions are not asked. It's obvious that if Paul took a similar absurd position as he does here, and he had decided not to retire, there would be serious negative repercussions for his future in Texas politics.

Caller: Eric from Antioch, California (click here to listen).

Caller: “I'd just like to say first, to the Congressman (indistinct), to Americans in general, I would say you're a hero. Also I would like your opinion as to what's going on right now with Israel and Palestine (indistinct) Gaza. I think Israel might be attacking Hamas in order to clear things for possible actions against Iran. And this may be pulling us in (indistinct). What would your opinion be?”

PAUL: “Well, that is a mess and it's been a mess for a long time and I believe we should be non-interventionist and should not pick sides. I think it would be best for Israel, it would be best for that whole region. So, I don't believe in getting involved. But it is a real mess. It's been created by to many outsiders interfering. But this Gaza thing – I mean attacking and bombing Gaza – that doesn't make a whole lot of sense. What threat are the Palestinians to Israel? They are living in total poverty. They have unemployment at about 50 percent. Sure, there are going to be militants. But you have to understand why there are militants. What is the reason? They have been held more or less in bondage for decades. So, I think it's a real mess so I think we should just not be involved. Eventually people there should solve their problems and eventually Israel won't be able to depend on the United States. This whole idea that Israel is getting ready to bomb a country [Iran] that might have a bomb some day – it makes no sense to do that. Yet, that is what they are anxious for us to do. But what happens when we go broke? What happens to the technology and we can't afford to feed ourselves? We're not going to have a military. Our military will come home just like they came home when the Soviet Union collapsed. So, we will not be there to take care of Israel. So, I think it's a mistake. At that time then, all the people we have offended around the world – whether it's the Palestinians or whoever – they are going to gang up on us and it will not be good for Israel because we will be incapable of providing the protection that they think we're going to have for them forever.”

Host: “This is the front page of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Ron joins us from New Hampshire. …”

November 9, 2012 – 7:37 AM


Topic: What are your priorities for President Obama's second term?

Caller: Batma from Valencia, California (click here to listen).

Israel-hating frequent caller preposterously attributes Syrian rebellion to Israel and typically, C-SPAN is silent about this absurd allegation
“Batma,” a frequent caller to Washington Journal, has obsessively conveyed anti-Israel distortions and lies, chronically using aliases, 27 different names in 39 calls potentially heard by millions of viewers (C-SPAN claims 28 million weekly viewers) as monitored by CAMERA since Dec. 2008 in which her distinctive voice (including unusual phrasing) has been heard.
This is the first time the caller, in this case introducing the alias, "Batma," has identified herself as a "Syrian-American." Journal viewers have heard her repeatedly blaming American foreign policy, Israel and its American supporters for all of America's foreign problems. But as usual, the Washington Journal host does not challenge her preposterous claims. Her "blame the Jews for everything" reflex recalls the slogan in Nazi Germany that "the Jews are our misfortune." Her most recent call was on Sept. 26, 2012 at 7:24 AM as “Jody from Reseda, California (click here to listen). She called on June 9, 2012 as “Rachel from Reseda, California” (click here to listen).

A particularly feckless performance by C-SPAN involving this same woman was that of Journal host Paul Orgel who indulged her only 22 hours apart in January 2010 when she said virtually the same thing each time. Click here  for a 3.5 minute video clip of Orgel indulging "Janet from Birmingham, Alabama” on January 1, 2010 at 9:51 AM and then again on January 2 at 7:50 AM indulging "Carol from Scottsville, Arizona.”

Caller Batma: “First I want to say I am a Syrian-American. Neither candidate understood what is going on in the Middle East really because they're getting only one biased pro-Israel view like all of America is. Okay, I can tell you what's going on in Syria. I love President Assad. President Assad – I stand with him. First of all, there's always been peace there. The women there wear jeans, they drive, they vote. It's more of a democracy in a lot of ways like here.”

Host: “What do you think policy should be regarding Syria at this point? It's been reported that over 5000 people have been killed in the uprising there.”

Caller: “Okay. Let me tell you. Those rebels are not Syrian. They were planted there – I can tell you – I've seen pictures of them. Okay, it is really funny. Because when Obama put troops into Israel, I think he did all of this for reelection because – I really feel – I am relieved that Romney did not get elected even though I didn't vote for either. I'm so relieved. I think Obama might do the right thing and cut ties with Israel. What happened was he …” [The call is terminated].

Host: “Okay. We will go to a report actually on Syrian President Bashar Assad. …”

NOTE: Host McCardle fecklessly indulges this out-of-kilter caller's claims. They echo those of the Syrian regime – that the rebels are not Syrian, that "there's always been peace" in what under Assad and his father actually has been a brutal police state and her assertion that in many ways Syria is more democratic than the United States. She blames America's allegedly biased view of Syria on Israeli propaganda.

Instead of challenging or refuting the caller's absurd message, McCardle incredibly asks her opinion on what the "policy [of America] should be regarding Syria at this point" and gently points out that reports say "over 5000 people have been killed in the uprising there." Reported estimates of the death toll in the 20 months of rebellion in Syria at the time of the call are upwards of 30,000, not the host's 5,000. McCardle's solicitation of additional opinion from the caller serves only to encourage her, when she is obviously out of touch with reality. That leads to C-SPAN airing her preposterous claim that America and Israel "planted" the rebels in Syria. The call's cut-off comes far too late, assuming "Batma" ever should have passed C-SPAN's call screeners.

Contrast "Batma's call with a later one from "Connie from Pekin, Illinois" (8:08 AM) who commented on the viability of the Republican Party following the presidential election defeat and added this, "… there's only one nation that we should be nation-building with, and that's Israel because Israel is – that's God's chosen land. The Jews are God's chosen people." This unabashedly theologically-minded pro-Israel caller, McCardle chose not to encourage.

The response of guest Fred Barnes (Weekly Standard magazine editor) concerning Connie's mention of Israel, was limited to stating that Israel was an issue in the recent presidential election, Republican challenger Mitt Romney purportedly being "much more pro-Israel." C-SPAN's attraction for and tolerance of anti-Israel fringe callers should be an embarrassment for the network.

November 4, 2012 – 7:17 AM


Topic: Campaign 2012 – who will win [presidential election] and why?

Caller: Kathleen from Dayton, Ohio (click here to listen).

C-SPAN allows this anti-Israel frequent caller to violate one-call-per-30-days rule
This caller, who usually defames Israel, typically was allowed to violate C-SPAN's ostensible one-call-per-30-days rule. But for the first time this year in her nine calls (wide variety of topics), she failed to defame Israel. Instead, in her usual lengthy (2-minute) call, she limited herself to enthusiastically promoting the election prospects of President Obama in Ohio. Her most recent call (also as “Kathleen from Dayton, Ohio”) was on Oct. 22, 2012 (7:29 AM) (click here to listen) when she defamed Israel.

This caller – invariably indulged by C-SPAN in her numerous calls – lies about Israel and lies about her own name. Her easily recognized distinct voice has been heard on Washington Journal identifying herself as: "Ann," "Mary," "Rebecca," "Patricia," "Jackie," "Kay," "Kate," as well as "Kathleen." She rails against Israel and often U.S. foreign policy in each of her calls.

Her previous 2012 calls were: Ann (click here to listen) May 22; Kathleen (click here to listen) March 1; Mary (click here to listen) Feb. 24; Rebecca (click here to listen) Jan. 15; Kathleen (click here to listen) Jan. 13; Jackie (click here to listen) Jan. 9; and Ann, Jan. 8, 2012.

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