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C-SPAN January – March 2016

Send your comments about C-SPAN's platform for the defamation of Israel and Jews to CAMERA:

March 27, 2016 – 7:20 a.m.

Host: BILL SCANLAN [,,, @bscanlanCSPAN ].

Topic: What should be America's role in the world?

Caller: Corey from Las Vegas, Nevada (click here to view)

Note: Host stares impassively at the TV camera, failing to either cutoff or challenge conspiracy mongering caller's preposterous, pernicious damning of America's ally Israel. "Corey" (aka "Awad") is an experienced (see below) C-SPAN Washington Journal phoner.

Caller: "Our place in the world is disastrous. When we created the state of Israel, we created the worst terrorist state there is. Israel is a state of Russian and American where they dissect everybody and have everybody, and all they do is sell weapons, weapons, weapons, weapons. We are going to have another World War III. World War I, World War II was all about creating the state of Israel. But World War III is to come in to wipe out the Third World countries and America is becoming a Third World country. The enemy within us is what's going to hurt us. We are supposed to have a free society. We should be like that, but we're not. We have a media that controls the presidency and the government of the United States, and this is where the problem is. I think Trump can change that by being disastrous to the government and creating a better government."

Note: Among caller's distortions and lies is the hyperbole about Israel as a seller of weapons. Israel's high-tech sector does export weaponry. The table below shows that Israel ranks above Spain, Italy and Ukraine in arms sales but below six other countries headed up by United States which is far and away the leader. The authoritative Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) ranks arms-exporting countries in 2014 in terms of exports in millions of U.S. dollars (the top 10): 1 United States 10194, 2 Russia 5971, 3 China 1978, 4 France 1200, 5 Germany 1110, 6 United Kingdom 1083, 7 Israel 1074, 8 Spain 824, 9 Italy 786, 10 Ukraine 664.

Host: "That was Corey from Las Vegas, Nevada."

NOTE: Host's indifference to caller's lunatic fringe message encourages caller and his fellow travelers and misleads vulnerable viewers. Caller phoned in Feb. 14, 2016 (9:43 a.m.) (Click here to view) as "Awad from Las Vegas, Nevada." He repeated his detached-from-reality theme that Israel was controlled by the then Soviet Union and now by Russia. Three previous Awad (self-identified as a Palestinian Arab) calls to Washington Journal have been tracked (see Feb. 14, 2016 entry below) by CAMERA. Typically for Journal, C-SPAN fails to challenge caller's lies defaming Israel. As CAMERA has shown repeatedly since November 2008, it's nearly always open season on Journal for bashing Jews and Israel.

March 27, 2016 – 8:27 a.m.

Host: BILL SCANLAN [,,, @bscanlanCSPAN ].

Guest: JAMES F. HOLLIFIELD, public policy fellow, specializing in global sustainability and resilience at Wilson International Center for Scholars.

Topic: Migration crisis in Europe.

Caller: Rick from Louisville, Ohio (click here to view).

Note: Host, as he has done previously (see below), indulges another of phoner Rick's conspiracy mongering diatribes each of which inevitably includes at least a swipe at the Jewish people (as here) or worse.

Caller: "Basically, we have been brainwashed over the last 40 years in this country. If you could put that visual back up [on the screen] for just one second. The visual had that there will be 2.3 million jobs coming from oil and gas. Right now in this country, you have the South led by Texas. Texas has started the five wars. You have Bush and Cheney invading the Middle East because they want to control the Middle East through oil and wars. Then you have the Federal Reserve [Bank] that cut interest rates 12 times in one year to get interest rates to zero. That is why they could manipulate the price of oil to $140 a barrel. Now you have – it is the most incredible story in the history of mankind right now in this country – the currency wars in the financial engineering that is created through the Federal Reserve, the Treasury Department and the central banks. What is amazing about – you're talking and about Germany, three years ago, or two years ago, Germany and Russia told United States, Britain, and the Jewish lobby, stay out of my natural gas and stay out of my oil."

Host: "Rick from Louisville, Ohio, I'm going to let you go there."
[Guest, avoiding comment on caller's off-topic rant, comments on the topic at hand, "Migration crisis in Europe."]

NOTE: Phoner's previous calls include Jan. 2, 2016 (8:07 a.m.) hosted by this same Bill Scanlan (click here to view) when caller's main point was refuted by guest pointing out that it is erroneous to attribute, as "Rick" did, Islamic terrorism to the Arab-Israel conflict since the roots of that terrorism preceded the creation of the Jewish state in 1948. A Previous "Rick from Ohio" May 26, 2015 – 7:16 a.m. call included this: "So, you have the brainwashing that comes out of Texas and then you have Georgia which was Time-Warner which was just bought by the company that used to own NBC, CNBC and MSNBC and that is New York state and Connecticut. And that is Wall Street and the banking system and then the Jews." (Click here to view). Since December 2013, this caller has been indulged for at least eight other calls. In each one he assigned blame for various problems faced by the United States to his list of alleged culprits that includes only one ethnic/religious group – "the Jews" or "the Jewish state." On Journal, no other ethnic or religious group has been subjected to such continuous and virulent defamation by mendacious, hate mongers like this caller.

March 26, 2016 – 8:08 a.m.

Host: PEDRO ECHEVARRIA [,,, @PLEchevarria ].

Guest: SHIBLEY TELHAMI, University of Maryland professor, Anwar Sadat Chair for Development and Peace.

Topic: U.S. Views of Muslims and Islam.

Caller: Robert from Fayetteville, Pennsylvania (click here to view).

Note: In this segment dealing with polling of Americans about attitudes toward Muslims and Islam, “Robert” is the only caller out of several, who links Muslim terrorism to Islam. But at least two callers provide apologias for Islamic teachings (see below) and at least one (see below) actually blamed Christianity for Muslim terrorism. This is the norm at C-SPAN's Washington Journal – an out-of-kilter distribution of callers unrepresentative of the American people (according to opinion polls). Guest Shibley Telhami obfuscates Robert's argument and provides an apologia for Islamic teachings. This is not surprising given Telhami's previous guest appearances on Journal (see Note below). Host, like other Journal hosts, typically fails to inform viewers on matters discussed.

Caller: “I think you all are splitting hairs a little too much and ignoring the 500 pound gorilla in the room. ISIS [Islamic state] does what it does because it's following the Koran [Quran]. The Koran says you have the right to have a holy war against the unbelievers. That's what they're doing. It says you can behead the unbelievers; it says you can rape the women of your enemy; all kind of other nasty stuff. They are just following that. The [Muslim] Americans in this country – 90 percent of them are secularized and they are following the almighty dollar. They're not good Muslims. ISIS is following their teachings and their beliefs.”

Guest: “Well, I know that the point of view that is out there. Obviously, the behavior of some people in the Muslim world is abhorrent, whether it's the treatment of women, just like in many other places where we have unacceptable behavior that we all condemn. It doesn't matter whether you use religion or something else to justify it. There is too much of it. We need to condemn it. We have to take a position on it. Whether or not it really derives out of a religion is a whole other issue. You and I know that religion can be used whichever way you want to use it. I mean, if I want to use the Old Testament [Hebrew Scriptures] to justify certain things, I could use the story of Samson about dying and killing the enemy [i.e. suicide killing], or do whatever I want to do. The Bible has a lot of things, the Old Testament particularly, has narratives on right and left that people can use. The question is how people employ it. Over the years, here's what you have to realize, particularly with regard to religion. By and large, in much of the early 20th century, religion was used as a stabilizing force, and antiviolence force. In fact, the U.S. made alliance with Islam in the Middle East to fight, initially, the Soviet Union that was atheistic, and to fight the Arab nationalism that was secular who were using violence more than any of the Islamists. We all know what happened in Afghanistan. For that matter, even early 20th century, during World War I, when World War I emerged, the Arabs of the region rallied behind the West and fought with the West against the Muslim Ottoman Empire that is centered in Turkey.

The reality is these things are fluid. How people interpret their religion, how they live their lives are fluid. Therefore, the explanation can't be the document itself. It never is, whether it's the Old Testament, the New Testament, Koran or any other. And it's wrong to think that way. It's wrong to think that way because it labels a lot of people who are peaceful and faithful by the way they think about their religion in the Middle East. If you asked the Egyptians whether they are religious, over 90 percent say yes whether they are Christian or Muslim. And look at the division among those religious people in Egypt, the polarization between people who want to separate religion from politics and people who don't -- the current governments and the Islamists, including the mainstream Islamists like the Muslim brotherhood. Society is divided, and it's wrong to just label one interpretation as the dominant interpretation of a particular religion.”

NOTE: Guest Telhami, responding to caller's criticism of the Koran, argues reasonably that the important aspect of the issue, rather than focusing on the substance of the teachings of the central books of their religion, is to note what it is that people have done with these teachings. Telhami's point is a good one but he fails to take it to the next logical step which is to note what the Muslim terrorists have done with Koranic and other Islamic teachings. In order to blunt the argument that Muslim terrorists' suicide killings are sanctioned in the Koran, Telhami presumes to show that suicide killings are sanctioned in the Bible's Hebrew Scriptures. He says, "I could use the story of Samson about dying and killing the enemy [i.e. suicide killing], or do whatever I want to do." But what does the Bible's story about Samson actually say?

The historical account of Samson, a leader of 12th century B.C.E. Israel, is found in the Bible's book of Judges, chapters 13-16. Judges chapter 16 tells the story of Samson's experiences related to the pagan Philistine people (a people of Greek roots) who controlled Gaza [today's Gaza Strip]. The ancient Philistines (of Greek origin) were a constant menace to Israel. Samson's is brought down due to his weakness of the flesh involving Philistine temptress Delilah, who tricks him and when he is asleep, calls in Philistine leaders to take him. The leaders gouge his eyes out, imprison him and mock him in the pagan Philistine temple center of worship. Samson prays, gathers up his renowned strength, and brings down the temple's pillars, collapsing the temple upon those within it. So, Telhami falsely equates the act of Samson's 12th century B.C.E. suicide killing of those who torture and imprison him – to the acts of 21st century Muslim suicide killers murdering infidels (unbelievers) precisely because they are unbelievers.

Furthermore, while the Koran contains numerous passages (see NOTE for 8:25 a.m. entry below) advocating mistreatment of those who refuse to accept Muhammad as the prophet of Allah and become Muslims – the Bible seems to advocate mistreatment of unbelievers (pagans) only when they are a deadly physical threat. The Hebrew Scriptures attitude toward unbelievers is epitomized in Jeremiah 10: 2-4 (“Do not learn the ways of the nations [heathen]…”).

In previous Telhami Washington Journal guest appearances, he has shown, by virtue of his false assertions and propagandistic phrasing, that it is inappropriate to fail to provide an opposing point of view from an additional guest (it can't be expected from any of the Journal hosts since, due to either unwillingness or incapability, that's not done). Example, (click here to view) Sept. 17, 2013 – 8:25 AM when Telhami nods in agreement during caller's false accusation defaming Israel and America. Instead of a reasoned response by guest and/or host refuting caller's bizarre false charge claiming Israeli control of American Middle East policy, guest and host piled on in discussing Israel's purported chemical weapons. On Nov. 22, 2012 (click here to view the entire Telhami segment),Telhami, discussing an Israel-Hamas ceasefire, expounded at length on the Gaza conflict, including the now familiar narrative involving the aggrieved rulers of the Gaza strip, Hamas, firing volleys of rockets at Israel whose response is then supposedly disproportionate. But Telhami somehow fails to mention Hamas' fanatical Islamism which governs its violent actions toward Israel. Hamas's ultimate mission – "no matter how long it takes" – is to "fight the Jews and kill them" and to replace the Jewish state with an Islamic caliphate. Also in the Nov. 22 broadcast, reinforcing the argument of an 8:07 a.m. caller, Telhami supported the assertion arguing for American support of democratically elected leaders even if they are terrorists (i.e. Hamas). At 8:11 a.m., Telhami supported caller's false accusation that Israel is "destroying the people of Gaza."

March 26, 2016 – 8:17 a.m.

Host: PEDRO ECHEVARRIA [,,, @PLEchevarria ].

Guest: SHIBLEY TELHAMI, University of Maryland professor, Anwar Sadat Chair for Development and Peace.

Topic: U.S. Views of Muslims and Islam.

Caller: Mickey from Arizona (click here to view).

Note: Caller not unreasonably interprets guest's previous comments as accusing Republicans (but not Democrats) of espousing racist anti-Muslim views.

Caller: “I hope I can articulate. I'm calling because I'm so offended. First of all, I think Republicans have been very careful to call out radical Islam. They are not calling out all Muslims. As you sit there now and you divide the Democrats and Republicans, you are doing the same thing that you don't want us to do with Muslims which is to articulate that somehow, all Republicans are hateful, and they don't like Muslims. I'm so offended.”

Guest: “That's not what I said.”

Caller: “It's just like being called a racist, because you are Republican. It's just so unfair. I have to just throw this in, because of other issues. What I remember about the Iraq, going into Iraq, which just stands out in my mind, was when they got to vote, and the joy they had in showing that purple finger [identifying marking to denote voting], I thought that was a wonderful thing. I think most people want freedom. I was overjoyed that these people were allowed to vote.”

Guest: “I agree with you that most people want freedom. What you said about me – that's not what I said at all. I didn't say that's what Republicans want. I said ‘some politicians are exploiting the issue…' I want to say one thing about the Republicans, in terms of Republican public opinion. People who identify themselves as Republicans among the electorate… When you separate out the evangelical right Republicans – you find that Republicans' foreign policy views look like the rest of America… they [evangelicals] start with their interest in the Middle East, with the role of Israel and biblical prophecy. Not all of them, but a large segment of them. I've polled on them, and you can go to our website and find a poll on evangelicals, including probing into the religious aspect. There is more to it. Maybe there's a focus on religion; the contrast they see between Islam and Christianity. It's more pronounced. So, there's a lot more negative views of Islam as a religion, or even the Muslim people as a consequence of evangelical right views within the Republican Party…”

NOTE: Telhami seems to erroneously claim that the support for Israel by American leaders is largely due to the theology based activism of “evangelical right Republicans.” However, this is in contradiction to support of Israel by a large majority of Americans as shown repeatedly in opinion polling for many years.

March 26, 2016 – 8:25 a.m.

Host: PEDRO ECHEVARRIA [,,, @PLEchevarria ].

Guest: SHIBLEY TELHAMI, University of Maryland professor, Anwar Sadat Chair for Development and Peace.

Topic: U.S. Views of Muslims and Islam.

Caller: Andy from New York (click here to view).

Note: Guest reinforces caller's apologia for Islamic teachings.

Caller: “This is a very interesting conversation. This conversation has been going on for thousands of years. The radical evangelicals, the radical Muslims – me being a progressive, these groups kind of scare me. You take the evangelicals, they don't believe in climate change, I'm sure the radical Muslims don't believe in climate change -- things that are important to progressives. As far as what I hear, I'm offended by these Republicans always badmouthing Obama. Because Obama did do something this week, after the attacks. He went after the bad guys, I believe he got the number two and number three, in Somalia, he killed about 150 of them. We haven't lost any American lives. But it's an extremely interesting conversation. I do have Muslim friends, I don't think all Muslims are bad -- by no means. They are part of America. Most of them are good, loving people. I don't really think the Quran [Koran] says to go out for jihad. I don't believe that. A small number of them … I don't believe the Koran says to go out for jihad. Thank you.”

Guest: “Look, in my own work, I try to be fair to what I'm studying. Whether I'm studying evangelicals or Muslims, Arabs, Israelis – it's a complex story. You have to try to be fair in the conversation as much as you can. As I said earlier, I don't really have – it's not just about Muslims, it's not just about the evangelicals. I don't stereotype them. There are radicals but it's not just radical evangelicals we have to worry about. Every radical – basically, political radicals – You don't have to have – religion is just one form of radicalism. As I said, if you look both here in America, there are a lot of people who – what the premises or radical on the left – white supremacists, the radical on the left or anarchists who are not necessarily motivated by religion at all. Religion may not be part of their makeup. In the Middle East, the radicalism of the 1950's was mostly politically motivated and secular. I don't really think that religion is the problem. We do have to worry also about how we talk about evangelicals. They are complex, and clearly, they care. By the way, more of them worry about refugees coming from the Middle East because of their fear. More of them are motivated by compassion. So, when you ask them about the golden rule, how important is the golden rule of do unto others what you want done to yourself, the overwhelming majority says it's the number one thing for them. So how do you manage this fear on the one hand and worry about Islam, and then your sense of compassion? Therefore, it's a fluid conversation...”
NOTE: Caller's claim, "I don't believe the Koran (Quran) says to go out for jihad (holy war waged on behalf of Islam as a religious duty)" is unchallenged by host and obfuscated by guest Telhami. However several Koranic passages contradict caller's assertion and seem to constitute theological basis for today's suicide bombers. Example, Quran sura (47:3-4) – "Those who disbelieve follow falsehood, while those who believe follow the truth from their Lord [Allah]... So, when you meet [fight Jihad in Allah's Cause] those who disbelieve, smite at their necks till when you have killed and wounded many of them, then bind a bond firmly [take them as captives]... If it had been Allah's Will, He Himself could certainly have punished them [without you]. But [He lets you fight], in order to test you, some with others. But those who are killed in the Way of Allah, He will never let their deeds be lost." Similar passages are 3:56, 3:151, 4:74, 8:12, 8:15-16, 9:5, 9:29 and 9:73.

An example of important Islamic non-Koranic literature is the Hadith collection of brief stories of something the Prophet Muhammad said or did. The Bukhari (52:177) hadith is mentioned in the charter of Hamas (Gaza ruler), unrelenting enemy of Israel: "Allah's Apostle said, ‘The hour will not be established until you fight with the Jews, and the stone behind which a Jew will be hiding will say. ‘O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him.'"

March 26, 2016 – 8:29 a.m.

Host: PEDRO ECHEVARRIA [,,, @PLEchevarria ].

Guest: SHIBLEY TELHAMI, University of Maryland professor, Anwar Sadat Chair for Development and Peace.

Topic: U.S. Views of Muslims and Islam.

Caller: Robert from Tuscaloosa, Alabama (click here to view)

Note: Guest largely reinforces caller's apologetic for Islamist terrorism.

Caller: “Why is it that you don't say ‘Christian terrorists'? Why is it that you use only Islam and ‘Muslim terrorists' and not ‘Christian terrorist'? Listen, Christians have killed more people in the world than any people claiming their religion. Not only that, in this country, where black people have two kinds of Christianity, you have black Christianity, African Christianity, and European or so-called White Christianity... Nobody I see on TV looks like this. Again, why don't you say the ‘Christian terrorists' when they start bombing here? This is where the bombing starts, burning houses, bombing homes in places like Birmingham and places like that. From now on, start saying ‘Christian terrorists,' if you're going to say ‘Islam terrorists.'”

Guest: “That's a good point obviously. We tend to focus on terrorism that's coming in the name of Islam. I don't really have a problem with calling it with a label. People do call ‘Christian terrorists' with that label. They may not be terrorists in the sense of domestic crime. We would call them criminals. But people who attack abortion clinics in the name of religion – they are [Christian terrorists]. And by the way, in Israel, the Jewish terrorists who attack Palestinians are called ‘Jewish terrorists' in the Israeli press. So, I have no problem with that [labeling]. The problem is broadening that to label people. I go one step beyond that in how we label terrorists. I think what we label – you know, this definition of a ‘Muslim world' – I have a little problem with that because you're lumping countries that are so different, ideologically, culturally, historically just because they have Muslim majorities. You're lumping Morocco, Yemen, Egypt, Lebanon, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia – not all Arab countries – altogether as if they are a single world. Just imagine if we do Venezuela and Russia and America and Switzerland and say that is a ‘Christian world.' It just doesn't make much sense. It hurts more than it helps conceptually because we elevate the one characteristic about them which is their religion to the top. We know they don't behave that way. We know they don't behave that way. We know governments don't behave that way. Yet, we think somehow that that is going to gain us some capital. I think we do a disservice by doing that because we focus on that one element which is Islam. This is not to say that right now – we do face a major terrorist organization operating in the name of Islam that uses a Islamic theology to mobilize. Whether it is ISIS or Al-Qaeda. They need to be taken out. So, this is not to take away from that…”

NOTE: Caller equates the harm done by murderous acts of many years ago by groups of non-Muslims to acts of Muslim terrorists today as if they are of equal concern in our day. Neither guest nor host seems to have any problem with this reasoning. Caller's detached-from-reality argument falsely equates “Christian terrorists” of today with “Muslim terrorists” of today as if the number of events and number of maimings and killings are in the same range. Guest reinforces this false point (“That's a good point obviously”) and voices indignation for the use of the term “Muslim world” saying it unfairly lumps different nations together since the term “Christian world” is not used for lumping different “Christian” nations together. But characteristically, viewers are not reminded of the self-lumping in the 57-member Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and 22-member Arab League – each of which is a potent pressure group and vote as a block in the United Nations. For example, the refusal by virtually all nations (including the United States) to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel (the only such instance in the world involving a nation's self-proclaimed capital) is largely due to OIC and Arab League threats that each member state would cut ties with any state moving its embassy to Jerusalem or its environs. Likewise, these two “lumpings” are quite influential in the widespread refusal to characterize as “terrorists,” Palestinian Arab terrorists who slaughter Jewish civilians.

March 24, 2016 – 9:16 a.m.

Host: GRETA BRAWNER [,,, Twitter: @gretabrawner ( ].

Topic: U.S. security response to Belgium attacks [by Muslim terrorists].

Guest: ALICIA CALDWELL, Associated Press correspondent for immigration and homeland security.

Caller: Roland from Detroit, Michigan (click here to view).

Note: Guest Caldwell spins some questionable history in response to caller's false vilification of Western civilization as the cause of Islamic terrorism.

Caller: “I want to ask the reporter, had she or her colleagues ever thought about writing about why these creatures, terrorists or whatever, do what they do to Western entities. I mean, looking back at Brussels, for instance, the participation in the murder of millions of Africans in the 1900s, and who caged African women in their zoos and that didn't end until the 1950s. We are vulnerable for the behavior of superpowers. We have to ride down the road, take trains and planes and stuff, and we are paying for the actions of a lot of entities who go around, you know, killing people.”

Host: “Okay. So, hatred towards the West I guess is what Roland is getting at.”

Guest: “This hatred is a fundamental piece of the story. Unfortunately, terrorism is as old as humankind to a significant degree. In terms of why there is a hatred by groups for the West? I don't know. It's a little bit out of my wheelhouse. But certainly this is a component to the stories that we write. There is a fundamental ideology in these groups, in ISIS and in Al Qaeda, to create a caliphate which for ISIS -- that is their main goal of the game. Why would they decide to attack Belgium? Terrorists, as part of that effort, again, claims of having been wronged go way back generations if not millennia. It's far more complicated than I can explain. I am not smart enough to understand the roots of this type of religion-based terrorism. It goes back millennia to fighting between Muslims and Jews. You probably want to look to a religious scholar more than a homeland security reporter.”

[Typically, a Washington Journal host accepts without question a guest's questionable comments concerning the Middle East.]

NOTE: In seemingly yet another variation of the blame-the-Jews syndrome so often aired on C-SPAN's Washington Journal, guest seems to preposterously assert that the Islamic terrorism of today is rooted in ancient fighting between Muslims and Jews. But the Islamic terrorism of today is rooted in the attitude of Islam by its believers as a supercessionist religion (replacement for all religions including Judaism and Christianity). It's possible that the guest was thinking of the origins of the massacres (including beheading) of non-believers in Islam perpetrated by Arab Muslims of today (such as ISIS), which included a massacre of Jews residing in the Arabian Peninsula in the seventh century. Mohammad, founder of Islam, ordered several hundred Jews of the Banu Qurayza tribe slaughtered because they refused to accept Mohammad as prophet of God and become Muslims. Many of them were beheaded.

March 23, 2016 – 7:32 a.m.

Host: GRETA BRAWNER [,,, Twitter: @gretabrawner ( ].

Topic: What should U.S. response be to the terrorist attacks in Brussels, Belgium?

Caller: John from District Heights, Maryland (click here to view).

Note: Repeat caller "John" aka "Tony" has expressed racist sentiments and typically disparages Jews and Israel (see NOTE below). Here he disparages Israel and attacks whites as racists – and typically, he's indulged for a lengthy rant.

Caller: "There is so much going on, so many different places to start with this issue. But I'm listening to all the other people. The young man who called in before the last two calls, he was just about on the money as far as this nation. You look at the presidential candidates, I would not trust none of them to do anything. The only one that seems like he has any real concern about the American people truly is Bernie Sanders. Now, Donald Trump, I don't understand how people think this man will turn on his billionaire class to help them. It's not going to happen. Hillary, I would not trust her because when she was secretary of state or when she was a senator -- nothing changed under her. She is extremely [indiscernible].

And the rest of these Republicans – I mean I don't understand how is it that a Palestinian baby does not have the same value as an Israeli baby. I don't understand how a black child in America does not have the same value as a white child in America. And this is where we have to start. This nation needs jobs. People need to go to work. They are worried about [indiscernible]. This is amazing to me just how ignorant the American people are about our own foreign policy and the foreign policy of Europe and that whole part of the world over there. I watched Fox [News Channel] yesterday – a bunch of lies. I turn to CNN – a bunch of entertainment and lies, CNBC [indiscernible]. The only place I can get some information is this show [Washington Journal] and another show called ‘Democracy Now' [left-wing program seen/heard on fringe networks]."

[Host has no comment.]

NOTE: John's/Tony's prior C-SPAN calls include these: Oct. 21, 2015 (9:41 a.m.) Tony from District Heights, Maryland (click here to view) expressed anger at usage of the term, "Islamic extremist" in this Washington Journal segment. On March 16, 2015 Tony mistreated guest Bill Kristol, Weekly Standard magazine founder and editor, on his Jewish identity (click here to view). He castigated Kristol with the infamous antisemitic double-loyalty accusation, "...This is constant. Terrorism is a business. A lot of you guys benefit from that. You need to move to Israel. You pledge your allegiance to Israel more than to this country..." Kristol responded, "... I think you are unfortunate that you think people like me and others allegedly owe allegiance to Israel." Typically, the C-SPAN host indulged Tony. On Dec. 26, 2013) (click here to view), he conspiracy mongered in falsely charging that Israel was responsible for the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center. As CAMERA has documented since November 2008, it's essentially always open season on attacking Jews and Israel on Washington Journal broadcasts.

March 23, 2016 – 7:40 a.m.

Host: GRETA BRAWNER [,,, Twitter: @gretabrawner ( ].

Topic: What should U.S. response be to the terrorist attacks in Brussels, Belgium?

Caller: Janine from Germantown, Maryland (click here to view).

Note: Phoner attributes Muslim terrorism to actions of Israel and the United States. Host fails to challenge.

Caller: "The answer to the question, ‘what should the response be of the U.S.?' – is to change the foreign policy. That way, you would not have ISIS (Islamic State), which is not considered as Muslim. Muslims do not consider ISIS as Muslim because what they do has nothing to do with Islam. The U.S. should not be as masters of the universe going into other countries and taking their resources and creating wars. This is how people like ISIS come about. So, change our foreign policy and you will not have all this terrorism going on."

Note: caller's claim that ISIS is not Islamic, which is arguable (see below), is characteristically accepted without question by the C-SPAN host.

Host: "Okay, but change it [U.S. foreign policy] how?"

Caller: "There's a lot of grievances, it is all geopolitical. There's a lot of things going on in the Middle East. Israel has a lot to do with it. There is oil over there. So, what do you think we've been doing with decades and decades of war in the Middle East? Think about it. Why are all the wars done in the Middle East? What is it out there that we want? Go back decades and do your homework. Alienating Muslims – 30 percent of Muslims are African-Americans in the United States. So, you just don't be a bigot and put them aside. You need Muslims to help you. They are the fabric of America."

Host: "Okay. Let's take a look at some reaction from lawmakers."

NOTE: Israel tops caller's list of "grievances" (along with U.S. foreign policy) alienating Muslims and causing Muslim terrorism. But while it's true that Israel's enemies are aggrieved by the very existence of the Jewish state, ISIS, the most prominent of the Muslim terrorist groups, has repeatedly proclaimed that what it does is for the purpose of establishing a worldwide caliphate (universal Islamic state) to be led by a caliph (successor to the Islamic prophet Muhammad) whose power and authority is absolute and who will impose sharia law (fanatical religious legal system governing every aspect of life for the entire populace). So, ISIS certainly claims to be Islamic. Indeed, all the various Muslim terrorist groups seem to be theologically motivated. For entities that supposedly lack commonality (as alleged by caller), there seems to be commonality between normative Islam and ISIS. For example, both the Islamic state of Saudi Arabia and ISIS practice beheading (separating one's head from one's body) of a transgressor. Critics of Islam cite the Koran (Quran) (the central religious text of Islam, which Muslims believe to be a revelation from Allah) as a basis for this practice. Sura (chapter) 47:3-4 teaches essentially that "Those who disbelieve follow falsehood, while those who believe follow the truth from their Lord [Allah]. So, when you meet [on the battlefield] those who disbelieve, smite at their necks till when you have killed and wounded many of them..." This sounds a lot like beheading. In this vein, sura 8:12 is also cited.

March 23, 2016 – 7:58 a.m.

Host: GRETA BRAWNER [,,, Twitter: @gretabrawner ( ].

Topic: What should U.S. response be to the terrorist attacks in Brussels, Belgium?

Caller: John from Dayton, Pennsylvania (click here to view).

Note: Host challenges this caller's appropriate criticism of Muslim Arab incitement against Jews, America and Europe while failing in this segment to challenge callers bashing Israel or the United States – John/Tony, Janine, or Robert. This is typical of normative Washington Journal journalistic malpractice.

Caller: "As far as America is concerned, we need to infiltrate the groups that are preaching hatred here. And a lot of this goes back to us supporting Israel which we should because the majority of Arabs teach their children from day one that the only good Jew is a dead Jew. America has very short memories. Remember the German Olympics [massacre carried out by Palestinian Arab terrorists during the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, West Germany, at which nine Israeli Olympic team members were murdered], Pan Am flight 103 [bombed, with great loss of life, mainly Americans, by Arab terrorists in 1988, over Lockerbie, Scotland], the Achille Lauro where they pushed the Jewish passenger in the wheelchair – and they pushed him overboard. [In 1985, a 69-year-old American Jewish man, Leon Klinghoffer, confined to a wheelchair, was shot in the head while vacationing with his wife on the Achille Lauro cruise ship in the Mediterranean Sea. He was murdered by Palestinian Arab hijackers belonging to the Palestine Liberation Front, a component of Yasser Arafat's Palestine Liberation Organization, and his body dumped into the water]. And the U.S.S. Cole [Arab terrorists attacked Navy guided-missile destroyer ship in October 2000, while it was being refueled in the Yemeni port of Aden killing 17 sailors and injuring 39], the Marines in Lebanon [1983 bombing by Hezbollah Arab terrorists at a Marine compound in Beirut, Lebanon that killed 241 American servicemen], World Trade Center [in New York], the first bombing [1993] which did not succeed and the second one that did [Sept. 11, 2001 attack by Muslim Arab terrorists by air killing nearly 3000]. That was long before Iraq [invasion]. We have a short memory span. That is long before Iraq."

Host (challenging): "Okay. But John, how do you know that every Arab teaches their children that?"

Caller: "I didn't say every Arab. The majority do over in the Middle East."

Host (challenging): "How do you know that – that the majority do?"

Caller: "Well, it is pretty evident when you see the majority out protesting against Israel. We should support Israel. They are the only democracy there. "

Host: "Okay. That's John a Republican from Pennsylvania."

NOTE: Caller cites Arab societies' incitement of violence against Jews and others. It is undeniable. Evidence abounds that lethal incitement, official and unofficial, from Palestinian Authority (P.A.) and Hamas communications outlets, social media and mosques plays a major role in the incitement to violence against Jews (recent examples here, here and here). Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) has documented 25 schools and numerous streets named by P.A. for terrorists who have murdered Jewish civilians. A most recent example of Palestinian incitement against the West is that of a spokesman for P.A. security forces blaming the United States and Europe for the March 22, 2016 Brussels, Belgium terrorist attack (which killed at least 30 people) for which the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) claimed responsibility. The Middle East Media Research Institute documents the lethal incitement from Arab Middle East sources against Israel, the United States and Europe.

March 23, 2016 – 8:56 a.m.

Host: GRETA BRAWNER [,,, Twitter: @gretabrawner ( ].

Topic: Homeland security and U.S. public transportation safety.

Guest: ELEANOR HOLMES NORTON, congressional delegate [Democrat] for District of Columbia.

Caller: Robert from Nashville, Tennessee (click here to view).

Note: Both host and guest fail to challenge polemics filled call defaming Israel. Guest erroneously equates Palestinians and Israelis in the failure to achieve a peace agreement.

Caller: "One of the ways I think to solve the problem of the world is for the United States to deal fairly with Israel and the Likud and get them to back off on stealing the water and the apartheid and the settlements. I think it just inflames the Muslim world and it's not just Muslims who are affected in Palestine but there are Christians who are oppressed. I am disappointed in Hillary Clinton's speech at AIPAC. Trump and Bernie Sanders seem to be the only ones that have a handle on the problem with the Likud."

Guest: "Israel – you will find that Democrats and Republicans differ [indiscernible] with Sanders and Trump in their understanding on Israel. It's very tragic what is happening there now whereas it appeared years ago that there could be a settlement between the Palestinians and the Israelis but now they are further apart than ever. What has happened is that the nations of the world who were most involved are just standing back now because nobody can make these parties get together. We've got to wait for an opening and then try to go in there and encourage some kind of sanity among the parties."

[Host has no comment.]

NOTE: Caller's falsifications and distortions against Israel ("stealing the water and the apartheid and the settlements") are typically accepted by C-SPAN (see refutation below). Guest is unrealistic concerning the failure to achieve a peace agreement between Palestinian Arabs and Israel, "We've got to wait for an opening and then try to go in there and encourage some kind of sanity among the parties." This amounts to falsely equating the two sides in terms of reasonableness. The facts are these: Palestinian leaders rejected a two-state solution and peace with Israel in 2000, 2001 and 2008 and the current PA leadership insists on various conditions before peace negotiations can take place, including: Israel must accede to the demands that it accept heretofore unacceptable Palestinian pre-conditions such as refusal to recognize Israel as a Jewish state and – "right of return" of millions of Arabs (nearly all of whom have never lived in Israel) which would result in engulfing Israel with Arab Muslims, effectively destroying it as a Jewish state and Western style democracy. There is still an unwillingness to accept Israel as a Jewish state; evidently 22 Arab Muslim states is fine but one Jewish state is one too many.

An interesting analysis is provided by Richard L. Cravatts, president of Scholars for Peace in the Middle East, who writes, "In dealing with Arabs, where an honor/shame cultures suffuses all negotiations, rationality is not the moderating factor ... Boston University's Richard Landes, a specialist on honor/shame cultures, has observed that a rational model of negotiation, one that the State Department keeps hoping will prevail in Middle East negotiations in which concessions will lead to ‘an acceptable win-win for both sides,' does not pertain to discussions between Israel and the Palestinians. Why? According to Professor Landes, because the Arabs ‘feel it's a hard zero-sum game, that any win for Israel is an unacceptable loss of honor for them ... and any peace with Israel, any Israeli win no matter how small [is] an insult to Islam...' [and such a peace would constitute] a retreat [which] would trigger greater aggression in the drive for true Palestinian honor, which means [achieving] ‘all of Palestine, from the river to the sea.'"

Phoner voices familiar propagandistic allegations, "… get them [Israelis] to back off on stealing the water and the apartheid and the settlements." The facts refute the accusations. The propaganda vilifying Israel, falsely charging it with such as stealing West Bank land and water – has been exposed, including in a CAMERA report – on the West Bank, virtually no privately-owned Arab land has been lost; post-‘67 Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria [West Bank] comprise little more than four percent of the territory and have been built almost exclusively on property that was state land under Ottoman, British, Jordanian and now Israeli administration or property purchased from private owners.
Water resources available to West Bank Arabs have steadily increased under Israeli management after 1967 when Israel took charge. Palestinian water libels defaming Israel have been exposed by the Israeli think tank, Begin-Sadan Center for Strategic Studies (BESA), which published a thorough review of the situation titled "The Truth Behind the Palestinian Water Libels." (Professor Haim Gvirtzman, Feb. 24, 2014).

The accusation of "apartheid" is false. The term originated in South Africa to describe the country's system of enforced separation between blacks and whites. There has never been anything comparable to this in Israel as between any groups. The assertion that Israel is an apartheid state is a slander. Israeli Arabs enjoy greater political, social and economic rights, not to mention personal safety, than their brethren in virtually all Arab countries. The accusers rarely, if ever, express criticism of those who genuinely practice or advocate apartheid. Examples, Palestinian leaders' advocacy of apartheid in insisting on "not a single Jew" in any new "Palestine." Most Arab societies practice apartheid of women, apartheid of homosexuals, apartheid of Christians, of Jews.

A factor that generates false claims of apartheid is Israel's security barrier, the main purpose of which is to prevent Palestinian terrorists from murdering Israelis. It is misleadingly referred to as a "wall" since less than 5 percent of the barrier can be considered a "wall." Originally planned to encompass approximately 12 percent of the disputed West Bank, it has been re-routed by the Israeli military in response to Israeli Supreme Court decisions in cases brought by Palestinian Arabs. It now includes less than eight percent of the West Bank on the Israeli side of the barrier. The barrier's completion has contributed significantly to the roughly 95 percent decrease in lethal attacks from the area.

The complaint about "settlements" ignores reality. Close Jewish settlement on the land (now consisting of Israel, including all of Jerusalem, and the subsequently named "West Bank") is called for under the basic international law in this case, the League of Nations Palestine Mandate, Article 6, and upheld by the U.N. Charter, Chapter XII, Article 80. These have never been revoked. Post-1967 Jewish neighborhoods in east Jerusalem, where Jews lived before the 1948 Jordanian conquest, and Jewish communities in the West Bank, widely known as Judea and Samaria prior to being renamed by Jordan in the 1950s, comprise less than 7 percent of the West Bank and are largely in addition to Jerusalem's 1967 boundaries, not at the expense of pre-existing Arab areas. The land is not "Palestinian." It is disputed. Jewish villages and towns built in the West Bank since 1967 are no more illegal or reprehensible than Arab areas built since then in previously existing Arab villages and towns.

March 22, 2016 – 7:28 a.m.

Host: PEDRO ECHEVARRIA [,,, @PLEchevarria ].

Topic: What are your comments on the 2016 presidential candidates' foreign policy agendas?

Caller: Louis from Florida (click here to view).

Note: Caller aiming to cast blame on Israel, among other targets, has no difficulty being accepted by the call-screener and accomplishing his agenda while being indulged by the host for a three-minute rant. Just another example of Washington Journal journalistic malpractice when it comes to Israel and American Jews.

Caller: "Hello. Yes Bernie Sanders is my candidate. I have been a Democrat for 40-50 years. I watched the address to AIPAC [American Israel Public Affairs Committee], the Jewish Israeli group, last night. I watched Hillary and Trump address them. I saw the pandering and the hawk-like rhetoric that Trump and Hillary were dishing out. You could almost here the war drums beating in the background. People forget, [Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu and many Israeli officials – most of them – were encouraging and supporting going into Iraq.
Now, Bernie Sanders, even though he is a Jewish American, he did not address AIPAC. He is smart enough to know what a disaster Iraq was. Now, here in Florida, we had a senator before we went into Iraq, Senator Bob Graham. He was also a governor here in Florida. He was on the [Senate] Intelligence Committee. He had an intelligence report that Hillary Clinton and a lot of the Democrats had never seen. He went to them and he wanted to show them this intelligence before they voted. They would not look at it. This intelligence disputed the WMD [weapons of mass destruction] evidence. Now, Chris Matthews on [MSNBC] Hardball – about one week ago – he interviewed Hillary. She is very, very slick. He interviewed her about her vote to go into Iraq and she started out talking about how the U.N. inspectors weren't allowed to go and investigate, to look at all of the sites, that Saddam Hussein was stopping them. And then two minutes later, she admitted that [U.S. President] George W. Bush stopped the investigations – stopped the inspections. That was the end of that and then they went right in. Hillary is very slick. People, you better really take a good look at what you're getting here."

Note: Who were any of the "many Israeli officials" that encouraged "going into Iraq?" Typically, the question is not asked; the C-SPAN host accepts another anti-Israeli caller's erroneous premise. Likewise, the conspiratorial allegation that Sen. Graham "had an intelligence report that Hillary Clinton and a lot of Democrats had never seen" and "they would not look at it" goes unchallenged.

Host: "That's Louis in Florida. Several presidential candidates spoke at the AIPAC meeting yesterday. Benjamin Netanyahu is set to address the group today. John Kasich spoke to the group and talked about his approach to foreign policy..."

NOTE: Viewers should have been informed about the problem with the caller's charge, without evidence, that "Netanyahu and many Israeli officials – most of them – were encouraging and supporting going into Iraq [the 2003 invasion]." First, the caller falsely implies that Mr. Netanyahu was Israel's leader at that time when in fact it was Ariel Sharon who was Israel's prime minister. Furthermore, Mr. Sharon at that time cautioned the United States on military intervention in Iraq. The unquestioning acceptance of the false charge is consistent with Washington Journal's chronic journalistic malpractice, as is the failure to inform viewers that numerous U.N. resolutions and the U.S. Congress authorized use of force or that Iraq was widely believed by Western intelligence agencies to be reconstituting previous efforts to acquire if not possess weapons of mass destruction. As for Sen. Graham's secret intelligence report, The New York Times said ("Florida Ex-Senator Pursues Claims of Saudi Ties to Sept. 11 Attacks," April 13, 2015) that Graham sought declassification of 28 pages of an FBI report that suggested a connection between members of the Saudi royal family and al-Qaeda's Sept. 11, 2001 attackers. But this had nothing to do with Israel, AIPAC, American Jews or the U.S. decision to invade Iraq in 2003, let alone "an intelligence report Graham had" that Clinton and other Democrats refused to read. No matter. Washington Journal repeatedly lends itself to conspiracy theorists.

March 20, 2016 – 7:45 a.m.

Host: STEVE SCULLY is C-SPAN's political editor and senior executive producer [,,, @SteveScully ].

Topic: Could a third-party candidate be viable in the 2016 presidential election?

Caller: Ron from Orlando, Florida (click here to view).

Note: Antisemitic caller's defamation of Israel is accepted without challenge or question by host who impassively stares at the camera.

Caller: “They keep saying that the Republican establishment is trying to stop Trump. I would say that the Republican establishment is AIPAC [American Israel Public Affairs Committee]. How can you have a meaningful discussion, if you can't say the word ‘Jew' on TV? I think the Republican establishment is AIPAC and Israel. We need to stop funding Israel and stop them from killing people in Gaza.”

Host: “Ron from Orlando, Florida. Thank you.”

NOTE: Thoughtful people viewing this program would immediately recognize the caller's tirade for what it is, a hateful and preposterous anti-Jewish, anti-Israel slur. A more meaningful question than the caller's continues to be, what makes C-SPAN's Washington Journal a magnet for antisemitic bigots? Perhaps tolerance for their slanders, exemplified in this case by host Scully's silence. This is his typical, if not invariable, response to antisemitic, anti-Israel rants. Other C-SPAN hosts for this program perform similarly, accepting rants amounting to: Israeli self-defense is "killing people in Gaza;" the American pro-Israel lobby and Israel dominate the Republican Party; one "can't say the word 'Jew' on television" to discuss politics and ending U.S. aid to Israel. All boiler-plate from the antisemitic fringe, whose members aren't so much fringe among C-SPAN callers as regulars, indulged by hosts. Washington Journal's journalistic malpractice (or worse) is a chronic condition when Jews or Israel are targeted. CAMERA's "C-SPAN Watch" has documented hundreds of examples since November 2008. It's past time viewers demanded the network cease giving antisemites a platform.

March 7, 2016 – 8:10 a.m.

Host: PAUL ORGEL [,,, @PaulLOrgel ].

Guest: PAUL TAYLOR, author of the book " The Next America: Boomers, Millennials, and the Looming Generational Showdown" which uses economic, demographic, social, and political data to illustrate shifts in U.S. demographics. Taylor is the executive vice president of the Pew Research Center, where he oversees demographic, social, and generational research.

Topic: Demographics in America.

Caller: Jonathan from Lyndhurst, New Jersey (click here to view).

NOTE: Host Orgal's failure to comment regarding caller's mendacious anti-Jewish racist remarks is not surprising given C-SPAN's sorry record in this regard and especially Orgel's past record (see NOTE below).

Caller: "I'd just like to comment. The author is right. But this is a systematic plan that has been planned for over 100 years. I am just telling the truth whether you like what I say or not, whether you're uncomfortable about it or not. Jewish people have been trying to de-white the world for 100 years. Mr. Israel Cohen wrote a racial program for the 20th century in 1912. Look it up. He writes that we have to mix different races together so we will control the world easier. It will not be a white world anymore, it will be a brown world."

Note: "The author is right,"states the caller. Right about what? Host characteristically fails to probe thereby allowing viewers to infer that the guest blamed Jews previously in the broadcast. In today's broadcast, caller's hate-Jews remark is the only reference to "Jews." Likewise left to viewers imagination is the caller's reference to a book that reveals "a racial program for the 20th century." But this item is a complete hoax which is a mainstay for anti-Jewish conspiracy mongers in much the same way as the notorious "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion," another forged document, is used as "proof" of a Jewish global domination conspiracy.

Host: "Thanks Jon. Paul Taylor [guest], any reaction?"

Guest: "I'm not sure how to react. I was talking earlier about racial intermarriage. There is much more religious intermarriage these days than there used to be. It used to be a big deal in this country 80 or 100 years ago if a Protestant were to marry a Catholic. Now this sort of happens with virtually no comment anywhere. He mentioned Jews. Close to 60 percent of Jews in this country recently have married non-Jews. The idea that there is a plan, the idea that is somebody looming moving above all of this and directing people and telling them who to love, who to couple with strikes me as way out of bounds. I don't know how to react to it. I don't think there is such a plan."

NOTE: While guest responded, albeit tepidly, to caller's hateful antisemitic lie, host Orgel characteristically failed his duty. Judging by Orgel's past performances, it's almost certain that absent a guest, he would have failed to challenge this caller. In a classic instance of Orgel's frequent unprofessional performance as Washington Journal host, he indulged a lunatic-fringe caller's identical inflammatory views twice only 22 hours apart in January 2010. The caller used two different names and claimed two separate (distant) locations, saying virtually the same thing each time and in the same distinctive voice. Click here for a 3.5 minute video clip of Orgel indulging "Janet from Birmingham, Alabama" on January 1, 2010 at 9:51 AM and then again on January 2 at 7:50 AM indulging "Carol from Scottsville, Arizona."

Orgel's most recent nonfeasance (monitored by CAMERA) regarding Jews and Israel as Journal host occurred in the first segment of the Nov. 15, 2015 broadcast when he questioned several of the two dozen or so callers regarding their messages but characteristically failed to question, much the less challenge, any of the callers who defamed Israel regardless of how inflammatory was the false message. Orgel has specialized in this sort of thing.

C-SPAN's viewers are accustomed to hearing hosts indulge callers who primarily condemn only one foreign country – Israel – and one ethnic/religious group – Jews. No other such groups are routinely criticized and worse on Washington Journal.

March 3, 2016 – 8:39 a.m.

Host: GRETA BRAWNER [,,, Twitter: @gretabrawner ( ].

Guest: THOMAS HICKS, U.S. Election Assistance Commission commissioner.

Topic: Election Assistance Commission's role in the 2016 presidential primary contests.

Caller: Mike from New Jersey (click here to view).

Note: Caller's point about publicizing the names of donors to political campaigns is a reasonable one. But caller apparently has a not-so hidden bash-Israel-supporters agenda. Out of the myriad of issues that donors are concerned about, caller singles out only aid to Israel implying something isn't proper about it and the America-Israel alliance. This sort of thing is routinely brought up without challenge from host (or a guest) by one of the many anti-Israel Washington Journal callers (see NOTE below).

Caller: "At this point I'd like to make a recommendation. In light of the fact that Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have made it clear that they seemed to have received tremendous response to the population that corruption in our government based on billionaires funding these campaigns to represent their interests and in the end, that's what happens. So, I think what's happened now, Donald Trump has done a tremendous service for the country. He is reforming campaign financing. And how is he doing that? Now, I can look on TV and see an ad from a politician – a nasty ad or ad that states a position and I can see the name of the donors – who is actually doing that. So, wouldn't it be nice if the election commission – you could make available a list of all the candidates and what their donors are – you know, up-to-date, who the donors are and how much. For instance, we know that there are politicians who appropriate billions of dollars to Israel. Well, we know that you can get that online – the millions of dollars in campaign money and support that way. So, if you were to make available publicly on a Website of some sort where the voting public and easily reach, and look and see who these people are, who are accepting this money, then guess what's going to happen. When the voter decides on the person, they're going to say, you know what – I'm not going to vote for that guy. You will have reformed the system."

Host: "Okay, Mike. Okay."

Guest: "Thank you Mike for your question. The Election Assistance Commission deals with helping states with the administration of elections. The Federal Elections Commission deals with the actual financing of elections. So, I think that your question would be more appropriately geared towards them in terms of the actual financing. But the Election Assistance Commission is here to basically give advice to the states and to voters on how to best deal with the administration of elections themselves but not necessarily the financing of elections."

NOTE: The issue of aid to Israel is frequently brought up on C-SPAN's Washington Journal by a member of the large cadre of the program's anti-Israel callers. But Journal never informs viewers of the facts of the mutually beneficial America-Israel relationship when the subject comes up as here. Several points are relevant here. First, financial (it is military only) aid to Israel constitutes only a tiny portion of the federal budget (less than 0.1 percent). Second, Israel is required by U.S. law to spend most (74 percent – $2.2 billion) of the U.S. aid in the United States for the purchase of military materials which helps create or sustain thousands of American jobs. Third, cooperative arrangements with Israel provide technology benefits to America related to unmanned aircraft, anti-missile defenses, battlefield medical techniques – and intelligence on anti-U.S. as well as anti-Israel Arab and Islamic radicals. It's not surprising that former Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Admiral Mike Mullen called the relationship with Israel "absolutely critical" to U.S. national security. Additionally, Israel, with less than nine million people, is America's 20th largest customer (larger than Russia or Spain). Consider votes in the United Nations over the last several years that coincided with U.S. votes – Israel is 90 percent, all other recipients of U.S. support are under 20 percent – Pakistan, Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, Philippines and so-on. It should be obvious, except to the most biased individuals, that Israel is an exceptionally valuable American ally.

March 2, 2016 – 9:37 a.m.

GRETA BRAWNER [,,, Twitter: @gretabrawner ( ].

Topic: Viewer reaction to the Super Tuesday [presidential] primary results. 

Caller: Jeff from Harrisburg, Illinois (click here to view).

Note: “Okay” is Host Brawner's complete response to caller's assertion, “We need something to protect our borders from North Korea, Russia, and Israel because they are going to come over here and bring a dirty bomb.” A professional journalist would (or at least should) have responded at least with something like, “North Korea yes or maybe even Russia, but why would you think that Israel might bring a dirty bomb here?” But a professional response is not to be expected from a C-SPAN Washington Journal host especially when Israel or Jews are bashed.

Caller: “Well, I think I was a devout Democrat and I've lost interest in the Democrats lately because they have left us in the dark in Illinois. Our jobs are gone, coal mines are shutting down, unemployment has gone up. I think that Donald Trump is right about a wall. We need something to protect our borders from North Korea, Russia, and Israel because they are going to come over here and bring a dirty bomb. And then what?”

Host: “Okay.”

February 29, 2016 – 7:38 a.m.

Host: PEDRO ECHEVARRIA [,,, @PLEchevarria ].

Topic: How would you describe the tone of the 2016 presidential campaign?

Don from California (click here to view).

Note: Feckless response from host – no rebuke, not even a word – as repeat caller Don spews his usual incendiary racist falsehoods concerning Jews right out of the playbook of Rev. Louis Farrakhan and his Nation of Islam. Actual historical facts (see NOTE below) completely contradict the mythology. Washington Journal's chronic journalistic malpractice continues apace.

Caller: "First of all, I would like to say to the blacks, Hispanics, and native American Indians who are the real Jews of America that this is the last days as in the Bible. America is the land of Babylon, as you can see with these different languages coming across. Babylon is falling. America will be destroyed. Donald Trump is the white supremacist grand wizard. He is being put up for the white folks and that's why they are crazy about him because he is talking on their behalf. He is the grand wizard of white supremacy."

Host: "That's Don. Let's try ... again from New York."

NOTE: The caller's myths are easily refuted by the facts. There is a continuous Jewish diaspora history, from the Roman expulsions to the rebirth of Israel as a Jewish state, and modern DNA testing that strongly indicates both Jewish genealogical continuity and Middle Eastern origins. Washington Journal's chronic failure to refute such myths allows antisemitic fallacies to be repeatedly disseminated to millions of potential viewers.

Caller "Don" has been welcomed and indulged by C-SPAN's Washington Journal as he spewed his antisemitic racist lies:
Sept. 27, 2015 (7:37 a.m.) (click here to view). Click here to read corresponding C-SPAN Watch entry. June 17, 2015 (7:35 a.m.) (click here to view). Click here to read corresponding C-SPAN Watch entry. May 2, 2015 (8:29 a.m.) (click here to view). Click here to read corresponding C-SPAN Watch entry). April 11, 2015 (7:23 a.m.) (click here to view). Click here to read corresponding C-SPAN Watch entry. Sept. 21, 2014 (click here to view). Click here to read corresponding C-SPAN Watch entry.

February 24, 2016 – 9:06 a.m.

Host: GRETA BRAWNER [,,, Twitter: @gretabrawner ( ].

Guest: PAUL TONKO, U.S. Representative [D] New York.

Topic: Water safety legislation [Flint, Michigan water crisis].

Caller: Mary from Michigan (click here to view).

Note: Typical C-SPAN Washington Journal anti-Israel caller "Mary" lashes out at U.S. military financial aid to Israel for perceived lack of funding for drinking water safety measures in Flint Michigan. Consistent with its chronic journalistic malpractice, Journal never informs viewers about the benefits of the Israel-U.S. relationship.

Caller: “I would like to ask Mr. Tonko, is money a big factor in the town of Flint? I live not that far away from Flint, and I would like to know why we [U.S. government] sent 20 million a couple of weeks ago to Israel. We send money to Pakistan. We send in the millions and they [U.S. government] don't have enough to make our water clean?”

Guest: “It is a matter of priorities. Foreign policy is another discussion. We can argue that investing in some of our allies or in some of the nations around the world is a savings because they can avoid disruptive government takeovers. That is an argument or discussion for another day. In this regard, I think that some would suspect that in the initial findings and hearings, that this was the government's way to cut corners and skimp on budgets when in fact, when we do that, there are dire consequence. In this case, I think we have seen that children and families have been put at risk and led to contamination. This is a very serious thing that can take effect rather quickly in their lives and can cause all sorts of learning problems, retardation, autism – and what have you. So, it is very important for us to, again, see the problem, determine what the root causes are, come up with the solutions and let's commit to the resources that we require. We are a nation that has great intellect and great resources and we have to set the right priorities. To walk away from something because it is expensive – again, we have to ask -- what is the price tag of doing nothing?”

NOTE: Washington Journal never informs callers (and viewers) like “Mary from Michigan” resenting “sending millions to Israel” of the facts of the mutually beneficial America-Israel relationship when the subject comes up as here. Several points are relevant here. First, financial (it is military only) aid to Israel constitutes only a tiny portion of the federal budget (less than 0.1 percent). Second, Israel is required by U.S. law to spend most (74 percent – $2.2 billion) of the U.S. aid in the United States for the purchase of military materials which helps create or sustain thousands of American jobs. Third, cooperative arrangements with Israel provide technology benefits to America related to unmanned aircraft, anti-missile defenses, battlefield medical techniques – and intelligence on anti-U.S. as well as anti-Israel Arab and Islamic radicals. It's not surprising that former Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Admiral Mike Mullen called the relationship with Israel “absolutely critical” to U.S. national security. Additionally, Israel, with less than nine million people, is America's 20th largest customer (larger than Russia or Spain). Consider votes in the United Nations over the last several years that coincided with U.S. votes – Israel is 90 percent, all other recipients of U.S. support are under 20 percent – Pakistan, Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, Philippines and so-on. It should be obvious, except to the most biased individuals, that Israel is an exceptionally valuable American ally.

Furthermore, it could have been pointed out to “Mary” and the C-SPAN audience that money for water problems can be found from other than foreign aid packages – say, local and federal government wasted expenditures. For example, Mary might Google “where Michigan wastes millions” or “where federal government wastes millions and billions.” Mary will discover hundreds, if not thousands, of items that could provide the needed money to apply to local water problems.

February 23, 2016 – 8:45 a.m.

Host: PEDRO ECHEVARRIA [,,, @PLEchevarria ].

Guest: WINNIE STACHELBERG, Center for American Progress, executive vice president for external affairs.

Topic: Democrat primary voter priorities.

Caller: Grant from Washington, D.C. (click here to view).

Washington Journal repeat phoner “Grant from Washington, D.C.” (Grant F. Smith) makes obsessive, conspiracy mongering anti-Israel calls judging from this and previous such chronically indulged calls including Feb. 3, 2014 (9:29 AM) (click here to view) which was documented in C-SPAN Watch entryPaste from Word and Oct. 30, 2013 (9:49 AM) (click here to view) which was documented in C-SPAN Watch entry.

Caller: “I wanted to congratulate CAP [Center for American Progress] for doing a wonderful study called ‘Fear Inc.' about the roots of Islamophobia back in 2011. It was really an exploration of all the groups funding Islamophobia. But CAP ran into trouble with AIPAC [American Israel Public Affairs Committee] and subsequently jettisoned all of the authors of the report including [indistinct] and apparently, because AIPAC was upset, they even invited [Israel's Prime Minister] Benjamin Netanyahu to hold forth at CAP. I am really wondering whether they are ever going to do any good work on Islamophobia and the fact that many of the people funding congressional trips to Israel are also funding Islamophobia in America just like ‘Fear Inc.' revealed.”

Guest: “'Fear Inc.' was one of our big pieces on Islamophobia and we continue to do that work. As you can see on the Republican side Donald Trump wants to ban all the Muslims from coming into the country. That is certainly a crazy idea. But I take issue with the caller on a couple of points. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in fact asked to come and speak to the Center for American Progress and we agreed. As you can see from our work in the Middle East, we are absolutely committed to a two state solution. We are doing great work in the Middle East. So I disagree with the caller but his point about Islamophobia is a good one. But we have to do as a country and what the next president has to do is ensure that we treat all of our citizens fairly and that we deal with our refugee and immigration crisis in a way that is important. You see Donald Trump, whose solution to immigration reform is building a wall. But that's just not going to work. We at the Center for American Progress have a very robust immigration team and are working on issues like Islamophobia and other discrimination across the board.”

NOTE: This C-SPAN segment provides a defense for those who obsessively charge “Islamophobia.” First, FBI hate-crime statistics, show that hate instances victimizing Jews in the United States (as well as in Europe) far exceed those victimizing Arabs and other Muslims. Islamophobia claims are often used to crush any criticism of the Islamic community's position or actions regarding Muslim terrorists or anti-Israelism or antisemitism. Moreover, Israel and Jews are the only ethnic/religious group routinely vilified on Washington Journal. CAMERA's C-SPAN Watch documents the program and network's indulgence of such callers, and occasionally guests, going back to 2008.

Concerning CAP and its unreliable report “Fear Inc” mentioned in this segment, the position of CAP's critics is well represented by FrontPage Magazine's  December 2011 charges,

This kind of anti-Israel sentiment is so fringe it's support by CAP is outrageous, but at least it is out in the open now — as is their goal – clearly applauded by revolting allies like the pro-HAMAS and anti-Zionist/One State Solution advocate Ali Abunumiah and those who accuse pro-Israel Americans of having “dual loyalties” or being ‘Israel-Firsters' – to shape the minds of future generations of Democrats. These are the words of anti-Semites, not Democratic political players.


Its blogging arm ThinkProgress has gone much deeper into anti-Semitic and anti-Christian territory in its unrelenting campaign to paint all critics of Islamic ideology and sharia law as bigoted, hate-mongering "Islamophobes."

CAP recently issued a report titled “Fear, Inc.: The Roots of the Islamophobia Network in America,” which is nothing more than a 132-page diatribe whose stated objective is to “expose—and marginalize—the influence of the individuals and groups” that CAP claims are a part of an “Islamophobia network in America.”

ThinkProgress subsequently ran a series of self-righteous postings defending the Fear, Inc. report against all critics. Typical of the hard left, ThinkProgress' bloggers believe that anyone who does not see the world as they do is either stupid or bigoted.

The Fear, Inc. report drew an imaginary portrait of a multi-tentacle far-right "Islamophobic network" conspiracy of funders (some identified in the CAP report as donors to Jewish causes), "misinformation experts," including the Hasidic Jew David Yerushalmi, and media outlets identified as pro-Israel or associated with Israel including this publication (which, CAP said, "gives an amplified voice to a cadre of fellow anti-Muslim bigots") and the Middle East Media and Research Institute (whose "selective translations of Arab media," CAP charged, "fan the flames of Islamophobia.")


CAP's Fear, Inc. report also went after what it called "validators" of Islamophobia such as former Muslim Nonie Darwish, who has dared to discuss openly her personal experience as a woman living under the yoke of misogynist sharia-based laws in Egypt for years before coming to the United States. Likewise, it condemned Zuhdi Jasser, a practicing Muslim and physician, whom the CAP report smeared as a "Muslim validator for Islamophobia propaganda." The truth is that this courageous Muslim doctor has spoken out about the need for the Muslim community to look inward and reject the loud voices of the Islamist ideologues who would impose their rigid beliefs against freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, and human dignity.

February 14, 2016 – 9:43 a.m.

Host: STEVE SCULLY is C-SPAN's political editor and senior executive producer [,,, @SteveScully ].

Guest: MATTHEW ROJANSKY, director of Kennan Institute for Advanced Russian Studies at Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.

Topic: Temporary ceasefire agreement between the U.S. and Russia in Syria.

Caller: Awad from Las Vegas, Nevada (click here to view).

Note: Caller “Awad” repeats his detached-from-reality theme that Israel was controlled by the then Soviet Union and now by Russia. Three previous Awad (self-identified as a Palestinian Arab) calls to Washington Journal have been tracked (see NOTE below) by CAMERA. Typically for Journal, neither host nor guest challenges caller's lie defaming Israel. As CAMERA has shown repeatedly since November 2008, on Journal it's nearly always open season on bashing Jews and Israel. 

Caller: “Russia started in the Middle East by being the first country really to create the state of Israel. America got to the [indiscernible] before Russia did because of the Prendergast family. Now when Russia has not dominated the Middle East – you should know this yourself – that Russia controls the Middle East through Israel. Israel is a part of the Russian base.”

Host: “Do you agree or disagree with that message?”

Guest: “I would definitely not say that Russia controls the Middle East these days. My estimation is that Russian influence has been rolled back dramatically. They certainly have had relationships in the Middle East but Syria is really the last base of Russian influence in the Middle East. The United States has sucked up a lot of bandwidth that the Soviet Union used to occupy. That is for obvious reasons. The Russians for 25 years have not had the money, and they have not had the ability to maintain their presence. I'll give you an example. Three years ago Russia … had a deal to do arms with Saudi Arabia. The deal was big, would have made it the second largest exporter after the United States. But the United States made it very clear to the Saudis that if they wanted to do more business with the United States they would have to say no to the Russian deal. They did, and so the direct competition that used to be so big – U.S/Soviet and now U.S./Russian – that competition is dramatically reduced.”

NOTE: “Awad” called on Nov. 15, 2015 identifying himself as “Oyase from Las Vegas, Nevada” (click here to view) asserting, “When they created the state of Israel, they created World War III. The state of Israel belongs to Russia, not America. America pays for it, Russia controls it… this false state of white supremacy in Palestine." Then as now, the caller's defamation of Israel was accepted without challenge. Awad called on Sept. 9, 2012 (click here to view) stating, “… And I'm from Palestine; I was born there, but I was raised in this country… I was against Anwar Sadat for going to Jerusalem, because that is an occupied country of Palestine…” The “occupied” myth often heard on C-SPAN, invariably unchallenged, has been refuted by CAMERA's C-SPAN Watch in numerous entries (example, Dec. 20, 2015 – 9:10 a.m.) On March 18, 2011 Washington Journal aired a call from “Awad from Laguna del Gal, California” defaming Israel as “the most fascist, terrorist country." Caller was properly terminated at that point but Journal failed as usual to refute a caller's anti-Israel venom.

January 26, 2016 – 8:50 a.m.

Host: PEDRO ECHEVARRIA [,,, @PLEchevarria ].

Guest: KATRINA VANDEN HEUVEL, editor, publisher and part-owner of The Nation magazine.

Topic: Progressive politics and campaign 2016.

Caller: Barbara from New York (click here to view)

Note: Caller's polemical left-wing and anti-Israel assertions are reinforced by guest. Typically, host remains silent. Unfortunately, C-SPAN's Washington Journal in its prevalence of fringe callers and presentation of fringe guests (like Katrina Vanden Heuvel) without inclusion of a balancing guest, is all too often more about misinforming than informing viewers particularly concerning Israel and Jews as CAMERA's online feature C-SPAN Watch has shown continuously since November 2008.

Caller: "I like that [presidential candidate for Democrat party nomination U.S. Senator] Bernie [Sanders] wants to focus on domestic policy. I think at this time in our country, we need to concentrate on taking care of Americans right now and get out of all these foreign affairs that aren't our business. I have heard Bernie say that he does not want an American military stationed in the Middle East. I've heard him say there that will be boots on the grounds in the Middle East and they should be Muslim boots. Would you tell us what you know about Bernie's foreign policy record particularly regarding Israel. I believe [former] Secretary [of State] Clinton is owned by AIPAC. Is Bernie owned by AIPAC?"

Note: The American Israel Public Affairs Committee [AIPAC] is a lobbying group that advocates pro-Israel policies to the Congress and Executive Branch of the United States. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization, not a political action committee, it is prohibited by law from giving money to individual members of Congress or government officials. Therefore, caller, "Barbara from New York," has essentially slandered both Hillary Clinton and AIPAC in claiming "Clinton is owned by AIPAC." Moreover, exhibiting the journalistic malpractice common to Washington Journal, the slur is met with silence by both host and guest. By singling out only one lobbying group out of many (more) potent groups (see NOTE below) for disapprobation, caller signals her animosity towards the Jewish state and Jewish people.

Guest: "I think both Secretary of State Clinton and Bernie Sanders have moved toward what might be called a 'J Street position.' I hope you would check out J Street which was formed a few years ago years ago as an important counter to AIPAC which in essence does not represent the majority of American Jews in this country. J Street is far more consistent with those views. I do believe Bernie Sanders would be a less interventionist president. He has said as you have said, that he does not believe Americans should be deployed – no boots on the ground. The President has not called for boots on the ground but he [Sanders] is less interventionist. He believes that we do best by rebuilding at home and leading by example. He is not for what he says, policing the world. America should not alone police the world. We should not be policing the world. He is also someone who has fought very hard against these corporate defined trade agreements, something Hillary Clinton has come to very late and I think those trade agreements have also ravaged the working class in this country, exporting jobs overseas. He has fought that consistently for his close to 30 years in the Congress. He has adopted a different position toward Syria, calling for diplomacy and postponing a decision around a transition away from [Syria's President Bashar] Assad. In the campaign recently, Clinton has attacked Bernie Sanders for calling for a more intensive normalization with Iran. The Iran nuclear deal, I believe, is one of the more important diplomatic achievements of the Obama administration's second term. But it should not be seen in isolation. It should be seen as an opening to Iran and a broader rapprochement that should engage the region more effectively. Iran has to be part of the Syrian diplomatic talks, for example. So, I do think Bernie Sanders is a strong believer in rebuilding the middle class and rebuilding America and see strength in that, not strength in military ventures abroad."

[Host, presumably either disinterested or approving of guest's response, goes immediately without comment to next caller.]

NOTE: Caller, "Barbara from New York," in alleging that Ms. Clinton is "owned by AIPAC," is trying to tarnish Clinton with a major bogeyman of those who oppose America's alliance with Israel. How is Clinton owned by AIPAC? Typically, C-SPAN's Washington Journal fails to challenge. But guest uses this opportunity to try to tarnish and diminish AIPAC ("does not represent the majority of American Jews in this country") and promote the far-left J Street group as being genuinely representative of the views of Jews on Israel (see below).

C-SPAN's cadre of anti-Israel callers, like "Barbara," (and guests like Vanden Heuvel) often bash AIPAC, claiming a grossly exaggerated influence for the organization, such that it supposedly controls congressional Republicans and Democrats. As should be obvious, the two large parties, with tens of thousands of activists and millions of supporters, are "controlled" by no one, not even their top elected leaders. They are umbrella groups representing speaking for often internally divergent, sometimes competing interests. As for AIPAC, it is not a foreign agent. It does not represent the Israeli government nor any Israeli political party. Rather, AIPAC is a registered U.S. lobby, speaking for members united in support of strong U.S.-Israel ties. It is not financed through political action committees nor does it act like a political action committee. Examples of AIPAC opposition defeating a major American Middle East policy initiative are virtually non-existent. The organization's influence primarily is due to its presentation of facts to political leaders and the fact that a large majority of the American public, according to numerous polls, sides with Israel in its conflict with Arab neighbors. AIPAC may be one of the most influential foreign policy lobbies, but bigger groups with clout on broader legislation would include, for example, the American Association of Retired Persons, the Catholic Church in America, labor unions and the dairy lobby or the National Rifle Association. The anti-Israel phoners, while routinely condemning AIPAC, never mention the considerable influence of the petro-dollar funded pro-Arab lobby which influences Capitol Hill, the State Department, Pentagon and academia.

Guest's optimism about a rapprochement with Iran ignores the reality that this Islamic country is a brutal police state (it tortures and executes its own citizens in large numbers) controlled by Shi'ite Muslim clerics with an apocalyptic world-view including the necessity of a war of destruction with Israel and the West to hasten the return of a messianic "twelfth imam." Guest and her magazine have long been anti-Israel so that stretching the truth beyond recognition against Israel is routine. Example, in siding with the terrorist Hamas rulers of Gaza Strip, the magazine published an editorial, "Israel Must Stop Its Reign of Terror," in July 2014, which accused Israel of having "pummeled Gaza into a landscape of human despair." The editorial accused Israel of obliterating "entire families of twenty and thirty" and of leveling whole neighborhoods.
But this is simply a big lie the likes of which are often heard (unchallenged) on Washington Journal as well as seen in print in The Nation. Journal never informs viewers that the leaders of Israel's neighboring Islamic Arab countries and Palestinian Arabs have constantly fomented anger, grievance, aggression and blame against Israel resulting in carnage. Gen. Martin Dempsey, former chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, told Congress that Israel had gone out of its way to avoid civilian casualties. "No army in the world acts with as much discretion and great care as the IDF in order to minimize damage. The U.S. and the U.K. are careful, but not as much as Israel." Colonel Richard Kemp, a former commander of British forces in Afghanistan, testified on Sept. 4, 2014.
Guest's routine flights from reality includes a December 2009 commentary in her magazine claiming America overreacted to the September 2001 Islamic terrorist attacks, “…we should question whether our overreaction to the crimes against humanity on 9/11 – including the creation of an endless war against terrorism – has done more to undermine our security than enhance it." Those 2001 attacks, the worst ever attacks on the American mainland, were a series of four coordinated terrorist attacks by the Islamic terrorist group Al-Qaeda on the United States on the morning of Tuesday, September 11, 2001 that killed nearly 3000.
Guest Vanden Heuvel praises J Street which is a left-leaning group of Jews critical of both AIPAC and the Israeli government. The group describes itself as "pro-Israel, pro-peace" while regularly opposing the Israeli government and its American supporters and discounting Palestinian violations of agreements with Israel. Guest provides no substantiation (nor is she asked to do so by seemingly disinterested host) for the questionable claim that "AIPAC ... does not represent the majority of American Jews in this country. J Street is far more consistent with those views."
This Washington Journal segment, rather than being largely an excercise in left-wing polemics, could have been informative for viewers if Katrina Vanden Heuvel had been paired with a competent guest representing a different viewpoint.
January 17, 2016 – 7:40 a.m.

Host: STEVE SCULLY [,,, @SteveScully ].

Topic: Can the world trust Iran?

Caller: James from Fort Worth, Texas (click here to view).

Note: Host Scully over-indulges caller whose previous call (see below NOTE), as now, consisted of a lengthy harangue that included falsely accusing Israel of genocide against Palestinian Arabs. Here, the caller also hurls all manner of accusations against American Republicans while defending Iran's extremist rulers.

Host: “Can the world trust Iran, Jim?”

Caller: “I don't know if trust is really the issue. The inspections sponsored by the United Nations Security Council are so thorough that I don't think we have to worry about trusting them any more than they have to worry about trusting us. From the political point of view, I have never heard such unpatriotic and hateful comments by people that really have no idea what is going on inside these negotiations, coming up with all of these wild conspiracy theories about Iran doing this and Iran doing that and how awful the President is and how weak we are. He got those sailors with their boats released within a day when it took so long for [President] George Bush to get soldiers out of China and they kept the plane. The hateful rhetoric, especially from the Republican [presidential] candidates can't give this President any credit. If anything, this an historical event, this was trying to make peace, trying to de-escalate the hostility. It shows you how strong the ‘Jim Crow' vote is in America, and I am really ashamed. I am a 70-year-old man, a Vietnam veteran, and I can understand how this goes. If you don't know what is going on to call in and call the President names and say he is weak and all this kind of stuff. The Bush administration destroyed the balance of power in the Middle East. And from their point of view, The Palestinians are suffering genocide [emphasis added], and you have to take that into consideration. It is a sad day in political America. It Barack Obama took a deep breath, I swear the Republicans would accuse him of hoarding natural resources.”

Host: “Do you think it is an issue of race or just polarized politics in our country today?”

Caller: “I think it reveals just how racist America is. I think 40 percent of Republicans that still refuse to admit the man is an American or Christian. They are still playing this race card the everything he does is just absolutely horrible. And 99 percent of what is being said is factually untrue. What we want to establish is a peaceful relationship and reestablish a balance of power. As far as the money goes, everybody says it is going to terrorism. It has been reported by the IAEA [International Atomic Energy Agency] that the money that's being released is not even enough to turn the oil spigots back on much less to come to America and kill you in Chicago or elsewhere. It is just sad. Have a good day Steve.”

Note: First, C-SPAN's host, Steve Scully, accepts without question unfounded assertions from the caller. These include his belief Iran, whose "Supreme Leader," Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, insists that the nuclear deal will not change hostile Iranian-U.S. relations and whose loyalists continue to demonize the United States as "the Great Satan," has as much to fear from America as Americans do from Iran. The Washington Journal moderator likewise fails to challenge "Jim's" allegations that criticism of President Obama is "hateful" rather than substantive. Why not ask the caller what he makes of Iran's two ballistic missile tests, in violation of other international sanctions, after signing the nuclear deal? Why not challenge his totally unsupported slander that "the Palestinian people are suffering genocide"? Why let him play the race card against typical campaign year criticism of administration policies? And what's the basis for caller's outlandish claim, "… the money that's being released is not even enough to turn the oil spigots back on …" when current and former U.S. military leaders, among others, say they expect some of the estimated $100 billion or more in previously frozen Iranian assets to be used to support continued Iranian terrorism, such as its subsidies of Hezbollah and Hamas, and destabilization of Sunni regimes such as Saudi Arabia and its allies? But typically such claims are accepted without question by a C-SPAN host.

Host: “That was James from Fort Worth, Texas. The headlines this morning, sanctions are lifted and Iran frees prisoners, including the Washington Post reporter held since July of 2014. Joining us this morning is Kim from Ohio. Good morning, Kim.”

NOTE: Host Scully fails to challenge, over-indulged caller “James” but was quick to challenge (see below) next caller's (Kim) characterization of the money released to Iran under the nuclear agreement. Characteristically, Scully has nothing to say about caller James' big lie defaming Israel, “The Palestinians are suffering genocide…” If so, it's been remarkably ineffective, given the explosive Palestinian Arab population growth during the years the West Bank and Gaza Strip have been or were under Israeli control. Meanwhile, the incessant Palestinian Authority indoctrination from leadership, media, mosques, and schools of the Palestinian populace to hatred and violence against Jews on religious and other grounds continues unabated. But such information is rarely if ever supplied by C-SPAN hosts in contradiction to erroneous Washington Journal callers.

This caller's previously monitored Washington Journal harangue occurred March 28, 2015 (7:26 a.m.) when, typically unchallenged by C-SPAN host (then Pedro Echevarria), “Jim” falsely accused Israel of genocide and falsely equated Muslim/Jewish/Christian violence in a century in which Muslims have killed hundreds of thousands of Muslims and non-Muslims, while religiously motivated violence by Christians has been rare, limited and – as often has been the case historically with violence attributed only or primarily to religion – overlaid with politics, nationalism and other issues. Meanwhile, religiously-motivated violence by Jews against other Jews or non-Jews has been extremely rare and, in the few cases where it has occurred, condemned by the Jewish majority, in contrast to widespread celebration of violence against non-Muslims and often other Muslims in Arab-Islamic lands.  
Severely critical of American conservatives while sympathizing with Iran's government, anti-Israel polemicists like “James from Fort Worth” are habitually welcomed and indulged by Washington Journal.

January 17, 2017 – 7:43 a.m.

Caller: Kim from Ohio.

Caller: “Trust Iran? Let's see. I listened to the last gentleman [James from Texas] on the air speaking about Republicans. This is not a Republican. This is not a Democrat. This is not an independent. This is an American issue. This is a free people around the world issue. Iran released the hostages when they took on a Navy boat. Why? Because they want our money. They will send it back to us just like they did in World War II. Everybody that believes they can trust this country [Iran] when just a few months ago they were saying they were going to kill us all and blow Israel off the face of the Earth. Yes, we are fools. We are idiots. $150 billion of our tax money? That is our money. The President has no money.”

Host: “Well, caller, let me be clear about this because we want to make sure of the facts. It is not U.S. money. It is Iranian money that was held by the U.S. and other world countries. It is not taxpayer money.”

Caller: “But that is still our money. They [Iran] are terrorists. We should have held that money. They released the Navy boat people? What about the other two hostages? The previous caller that said back in the 1970's when they took the hostages, does anybody remember a man named Terry Waite? Do you know how they treated those hostages? How they treat women? Children are thrown out of windows because they are watching a soccer game.”

Note: Episcopalian Church envoy Terry Waite traveled to Beirut, Lebanon in January 1987 to negotiate the release of several hostages being held there by Iran's terrorist ally, Hizbollah. But he himself ended up as a hostage and was held captive for nearly five years before being released.

Host: “Kim from Ohio. Gas prices now below two dollars a gallon…”
NOTE: "Well, caller," C-SPAN host Scully says, "let me be clear about this" in the matter of frozen Iranian assets – they were Iran's, not U.S. tax dollars – but not a qualification or explanation from him on any of previous caller "Jim's" unfounded allegations of Iranian-U.S. symmetry, Israeli genocide or Republican racism. Is the Washington Journal moderator biased, uninformed on the latter issues but not Iranian assets or otherwise unable to follow or indulge "Kim" on the issues she raised? In any case, another of countless journalistically unacceptable segments, that include smears of Israel, on Washington Journal.

January 9, 2016 – 7:45 a.m.

Host: YLAN MUI, Washington Post financial reporter [,, @ylanmui ].

Topic: Philadelphia shooter claims loyalty to ISIS [Islamic State terrorist entity].

Caller: Tony from Washington, D.C. (click here to view).

Note: Repeat (see NOTE below) over-indulged caller “Tony” freely slurs the United States and Israel with preposterous accusations. It's almost always open season on Israel and Jews on Washington Journal, and sometimes on the United States as well.

Caller: “Everything of this is rich man's tricks. I was going to the C-SPAN library, looking at an interview with two guys, talking about the different branches of the Israeli intelligence services … and he said how would you refer to Mossad [Israeli intelligence] views if you had to write it on paper? It's a secret, because no one knows what they are. This was back in 1998. The guy said the Israeli secret intelligence service wants us to run around here and tell everyone to be afraid of Muslims but the Muslims didn't do anything to the people in the United States and the United States went over there and killed five or six million Muslims. You bomb the Syrians but nobody in Syria did anything to us. You bomb in Iraq and Afghanistan. The people who were doing something to us are with Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia, you are giving them weapons and arms. ISIS is Blackwater and Israel intelligence combined. That's what ISIS is. And you are funding them indirectly with weapons and bombs. You're giving them weapons and bombs. But the same time, you are trying to unarm the American people. The U.S. government is the only one that arms the world.”

NOTE: “Tony's” previous calls include an Oct. 21, 2015 (9:41 a.m.) harangue condemning America and Israel. Other such “Tony” calls are listed in CAMERA's C-SPAN Watch entry for this caller in October 2015.

January 9, 2016 – 7:59 a.m.

Host: YLAN MUI, Washington Post financial reporter [,, @ylanmui ].

Guest: GREISA MARTINEZ, field organizer for United We Dream.

Topic: Detention of Central American Immigrants.

Caller: Clarence form Dayton, Ohio (click here to view).
Note: Responding to the caller's opposition to admittance of refugees to the United States, guest erroneously equates Syrian refugees to 20th century Jewish refugees fleeing Nazism or the U.S.S.R. 

Caller: “I don't understand why someone who has come legally into the country all of a sudden is to be shackled with the expense of taking care of them [refugees]. Talking about appeals and things of this sort -- if a country has trouble, then all of the expertise that I see coming from here, would try and change things in your own country. America cannot police or take care of the entire world. We cannot afford it. It takes away from the people that are here. I really don't understand why countries don't try and better their own countries, and do this thing legally and not have them come in illegally. And now we got so many rights where we have appeals and thingsbut the whole premise is based on an illegal action.”

Guest: “Concerning refugees and allowing people a safe haven in the world as part of our rich tradition of America, we see this time and time again. For instance, as when Jewish immigrants came into this country fleeing the violence they were seeing in their home countries. We've seen this again with folks from Syria, the conversation we been having about this. This is a matter of our core values of America. Growing up in this country, I know this is a country that has always shown fairness. People would be able to take care and advocate for themselves. This thing about due process, everyone having the ability to make their case, state their case, and then be able to have a judge able to make a decision based on the facts. We might disagree about the situation moving forward, but I think we can all agree that these are values espoused by us, and -- it's going to sound cheesy, but consider what is said in the Statue of Liberty.”

NOTE: If the guest means to imply that the United States welcomed Jews attempting to flee antisemitic persecution under the Nazis in pre-World War II Germany, or the Holocaust of European Jewry during the war, she is mistaken. The United States, like most other Western countries, virtually barred Jewish asylum seekers, as the famous case of the S.S. St. Louis exemplified. If she was referring to admission of Soviet Jewish immigrants fleeing communist persecution in the 1970s and '80s, the analogy is likewise flawed. Despite government suppression of Jewish life, persecution of numerous individual Jews and frequent imprisonment on false charges, Jews in the old U.S.S.R. rarely if ever supported, let alone committed anti-Soviet terrorism. And though significant numbers of former Soviet Jews were admitted to the United States, the means to review their applications was well-established. Either comparison with the large numbers of refugees and would-be refugees seeking to flee upheaval, Islamic extremism and war in Arab countries is likely to be misleading.

January 9, 2016 – 9:38 a.m.

Host: YLAN MUI, Washington Post financial reporter [,, @ylanmui ].

Topic: First anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo Attack [discussion on controversial editorial cartoons].

Guest: Ann Telnaes, editorial cartoonist for Washington Post.

Guest: Signe Wilkinson, editorial cartoonist for Philadelphia Daily News.

Caller: Ted from Florida (click here to view).
Note: Caller's anti-Israel propaganda goes unanswered (the norm on Washington Journal).

Caller: “I'm a great believer in the [U.S.] Constitution and freedom of speech. But what I worry about is propaganda where one side is represented and not the other. Let me give an example. On [CBS] 60 Minutes, Madeleine Albright had no problem when they asked if it was worth to kill 5000 children in order to find weapons of mass destruction. She said it was worth the price. Then, Rachel Corrie who was bulldozed to death by the Israelis. Nothing was said about it. I worry about editorial control if it is fair, balanced, and if it is not just propaganda representing the views of a particular party or interest Group.”

Host: “What is the role of editorial cartooning in public debate?”

NOTE: Guests' lengthy responses failed to address caller's attack on former Secretary of State Madeleine Allbright and the propagandistic misleading remark about Israel, “Then, Rachel Corrie who was bulldozed to death by the Israelis. Nothing was said about it.” On the contrary, the news media made much of the Corrie incident, many miscovering the incident. However, the facts pertaining to the 2003 accidental death of Corrie who had been indoctrinated by the anti-Israel International Solidarity Movement (ISM) highlighting the Washington Journal caller's mendacity: ISM's leaders supported both anti-Israel terrorism and non-violent anti-Israel efforts like Corrie was engaged in when killed. The aim was to disrupt Israeli security operations in closed military areas, in this case part of Gaza used by terrorists for smuggling. For details of the case, see "The New York Times Omits Crucial Information on Report of Corrie Civil Case," CAMERA, Aug. 3 2012.

C-SPAN host and guests' apparent unfamiliarity with the case and tolerance of the caller's propagandistic claim illustrate, as is so often the case, Washington Journal's toxic superficiality when it comes to Israel and Jews.

January 5, 2016 – 9:15 a.m.

Host: JOHN MCARDLE [,,, @cspanMcArdle ].

Guest: MANAL OMAR, U.S. Institute for Peace (a federally-funded, semi-independent foreign policy think tank) associate vice president of Center for Middle East and Africa.

Topic: Countering Islamic extremism.

Caller: Colleen from Florida (click here to view).

Note: Guest implicitly defames Israel's democratically elected government and the majority of Israelis who voted the government in – as "extremists" – "We [U.S. government and society] are not talking to the peace activists in the Israeli civil society, and there are many. We're talking to extremists and separatists [in Israel]." However, unmentioned by host, guest or callers – is guest's own association with actual (Islamic) extremists (see below).

Caller: "I was calling because you're talking about [Donald] Trump's speech, which is inflammatory. And you can do this. You can come on U.S. TV, and you can criticize Donald Trump, and there will be no repercussions. You cannot do this in Arabia, where they have the madrases [Islamic schools] where they teach little children to hate America, where you have little children strapping bombs on them and blowing people up. You cannot talk about this in Yemen or in Kuwait. Where is your free speech for them? You know, we will deal with Donald Trump. I agree with you about coalitions, but the problem does not come from here. The problem comes from the Middle East, and the Middle East people that come here. have personally sat in on some meetings where Palestinians were raising money for warfare. And the people that I was with were Muslim. They were translating, and they stopped translating at a certain point. After we left, they told me what was said. This hate comes from the Middle East, not from Americans. And Americans, this is very – I don't want people to come here and tell us not to have open speech."

Guest: "Absolutely. I am with you on the open speech part. A few things – you packed a lot of things into that statement. I am American – I am not Saudi, Kuwaiti, Syrian. It is difficult for me too, as a citizen, to criticize another nation. As a conflict resolution specialist, a specialist in the Middle East, you can see my writing, and I'm very critical. I'm also very proud. I often say that as an American Muslim woman, I would not want to live in any other country than America. I was raised in South Carolina, and I stand by that statement. Until this very moment -- if Donald Trump is elected, I do not know what I will be saying, but until this very moment, I cannot imagine being anywhere else. I love the Constitution, even though it took a long time to implement some of the ideals in it, it is there. Freedom of speech, freedom of religion. A generalist asked me why I do not take off the scarf, and I said it is not about religion, but it is to protect American values of freedom of religion. I put my life in danger every day for this country. That is who I am representing, the U.S. government. That is who I hold accountable. It is important we hold our political leaders accountable. That said, I have been in tons of meetings in Jerusalem, Kabul, Baghdad, and Benghazi that have been 100 percent useful, and there was frustration on the international community only inviting armed people to the table and not inviting the peaceful activists for negotiations. The international community -- look at Syria and Libya. Who are we inviting to the table? It is the militia and armed people. We are not talking to the peace activists in the Israeli civil society, and there are many. We're talking to extremists and separatists [in Israel]. I will choose to talk about where I am, which is emphasizing peace and a global coalition including Muslims and Arabs in the. Middle East.".

NOTE: Typically, Washington Journal allows its viewers to be misled by guests or/and callers concerning Middle East matters and especially Israel. Guest Manal Omar, is on shaky ground condemning "extremists" since she has had ties to the terrorist Arab organization, Muslim Brotherhood which is outlawed in Egypt. Ms. Omar has appeared together with numerous U.S. Muslim Brotherhood leaders. Washington Post reported in 1999 that Ms. Omar was the director of development at the Washington-based American Muslim Council (AMC). The AMC at that time was headed by Abdurahman Alamoudi, a leader in the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood and currently imprisoned as part of a plot to assassinate the Saudi head of state, Crown Prince Abdullah.

January  2, 2016 – 8:07 a.m.

Host: BILL SCANLAN [,,, @bscanlanCSPAN ].

Guest: MICHAEL RUBIN, American Enterprise Institute resident scholar.

Topic: U.S. strategy to defeat ISIS [Islamic State terrorist entity].

Caller: Rick from Louisville, Ohio (click here to view).

Note: In this conspiracy caller's prior (see NOTE below) C-SPAN Washington Journal calls (as he does here), he habitually assigns blame for various problems faced by the United States to his list of alleged culprits that includes only one ethnic/religious group – "the Jews" or “the Jewish state.” On Journal, no other ethnic or religious group has been subjected to such continuous and virulent defamation by mendacious, hate mongers like this caller.

Caller: “First of all, the Mujahidin and Al-Qaeda were created by the Bush family literally. But the real danger today over there is the Jewish state. The Jewish state has caused our involvement in the Middle East. It goes back to the Palestinian … We are the industrial-military complex and we have given trillions of dollars to the Jewish state as a path to war and nuclear weapons … for thirty or forty years… If you go back to 1961, the United States signed an agreement with Saudi Arabia for all the oil to be traded in dollars. We backed Israel in overtaking Egypt so we could ship that oil through the Strait of Hormuz [between the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf] …”

Host: “Let's get a response from our guest about the issues brought – the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the other issues brought up.”

Guest: “Okay. First, let me put aside the caller's conspiracy theories. Quite a few inaccuracies and the hate. I am an historian by training. Let me just point out one issue. In 1946, the American intelligence agencies were charged with determining what the greatest national security issues would be now that World War II was over and they came up with two: Communism [the Soviet Union] and the other was the threat of Islamic terrorism and they were citing as evidence for this – the terrorism taking place in Egypt being committed by the Muslim Brotherhood. The reason why I bring up this intelligence assessment was that this was a year before the partition [by the United Nations] of Palestine and the creation of the state of Israel and this is what I tried to get at before when I said that it is ignoring reality to look at the notion of terrorism through the lens of grievance. Ideology can play just as important a role. If you address the grievances but not the [Islamist] ideology – this is not going to eradicate the terrorism we face today.”

NOTE: Guest incisively points out how it is erroneous to attribute Islamic terrorism to the Arab-Israel conflict since the roots of that terrorism preceded the creation of the Jewish state in 1948. Conspiracy theorist, anti-Israel "Rick from Louisville, Ohio" Washington Journal calls include: May 26, 2015 – 7:16 a.m.(click here to view); April 21, 2015 – 7:34 a.m.(click here to view), April 3, 2015 – 7:08 a.m. (click here to view), March 19, 2015 – 7:17 a.m. (click here to view), Dec. 31, 2014 – 7:12 a.m.(click here to view), Feb. 10, 2014 – 8:06 AM (click here to view), Jan. 22, 2014 – 8:20 AM (click here to view), and Dec. 19, 2013.

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