Sunday, March 18, 2018
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Christian Science Monitor, LA Times Correct Error about Israeli Arabs

CAMERA staff prompted the following corrections in the Christian Science Monitor and the Los Angeles Times regarding Israeli Arab access to military service.

Error (Christian Science Monitor, Aaron David Miller op-ed, 5/17/05): The status of Israeli Arabs, without access to military or national service, and constantly under suspicion as a potential fifth column, is indeed nation-dividing.
Correction (5/20/05): A May 17 Opinion page article, "Why the Gaza pullout matters" sugggest that Israeli Arabs cannot serve in Israel's army. In fact, they are not barred by law from doing so.

Error (Los Angeles Times, Aaron David Miller, 5/11/05): Without access to military or national service and constantly under suspicion as a potential fifth column, the status of Israeli Arabs is indeed nation-dividing.
Correction (5/19/20): Gaza Strip pullout – A May 11 Commentary article about Israel’s proposed withdrawal from the Gaza Strip said Israeli Arabs are “without access to military or national service.” In fact, although they cannot be drafted and most choose not to serve, Israeli Arabs can enlist in the Israeli armed forces.

The Times has in the past corrected the same mistake.

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