Tuesday, April 24, 2018
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Ha'aretz, one of Israel's independent daily newspapers, offers news coverage of domestic and international affairs. It has a journalistic staff of about 330 reporters, writers and editors, and a daily circulation of  75,000.

MARCH 21, 2018 AP Terms Hamas Attack Tunnels 'Smuggling Routes'
MARCH 12, 2018 Haaretz Corrects About East Jerusalem Arabs' Voting Rights
FEBRUARY 26, 2018 Haaretz English Edition Provides Selective Coverage of Jerusalem Church Dispute
JANUARY 31, 2018 Haaretz Corrects: Nakba Commemoration Not Outlawed in Israel
JANUARY 28, 2018 Haaretz Falsehood: Knesset Cleared of Arabs
JANUARY 14, 2018 For Second Time, Haaretz English Edition Corrects on Abu Thuraya's Leg Injury
JANUARY 3, 2018 AP, DPA and Haaretz Correct Captions on Ibrahim Abu Thuraya
DECEMBER 19, 2017 Haaretz Corrects About Judaism's Holiest Site
NOVEMBER 15, 2017 Haaretz Adds Information on Marwan Barghouti's Murder Convictions
OCTOBER 24, 2017 Haaretz Corrects: No Mention of Settlements in Dickinson, Tx., Relief Form
OCTOBER 17, 2017 Haaretz Prints Correction on BDS Activists That Weren't
OCTOBER 2, 2017 Glass Houses, Haaretz and Neo-Nazi Fans
SEPTEMBER 27, 2017 CAMERA Prompts Wave of Corrections on Shamasneh Family Eviction
AUGUST 9, 2017 Did Benny Morris Change His Views on Alleged Zionist Ethnic Cleansing Plan?
AUGUST 4, 2017 Haaretz Bungles Coverage of Palestinian Casualty
JULY 25, 2017 Haaretz Falsehood: Netanyahu Called Temple Mount 'Religious Site for Muslims Only'
JULY 4, 2017 Haaretz's Rogel Alpher, The Maccabiah Games and Fake News
JUNE 28, 2017 Haaretz (Again) Corrects Inflated Rafah Casualty Figure
JUNE 12, 2017 Hebrew Haaretz Says What English Won't: Islamic Jihad Man Was Target of Fatal Strike
JUNE 4, 2017 These Are Your Journalists, Haaretz
MAY 24, 2017 Haaretz's Three-Part Western Wall Error
MAY 14, 2017 In English, Haaretz Upgrades Hamas' New Document to New 'Charter'
MARCH 26, 2017 Basil Al-Araj, Terror Activist or Young Intellectual? Haaretz's Changing Story
MARCH 19, 2017 Who Is Most Targeted in America? Muslims or Jews? Haaretz Corrects
JANUARY 25, 2017 Haaretz Corrects: Bedouin Driver Killing of Cop Not Just A 'Police Claim'
JANUARY 11, 2017 Twice Lost, Then Found, in Haaretz Translation: Hamas Exploitation of Gaza Cancer Patients
DECEMBER 14, 2016 AFP, Haaretz Amend Reference to Syrian, Palestinian Flag
NOVEMBER 7, 2016 Amiram Goldblum's Numbers Don't Add Up
NOVEMBER 1, 2016 After Palestinian Attack, Haaretz Fixes 'Lost in Translation'
NOVEMBER 1, 2016 Sayed Kashua's Revisionism: 1948 and 2016
SEPTEMBER 27, 2016 Gideon Levy Underscores Dubious Claims by Father of Terrorist
SEPTEMBER 20, 2016 Flailing Haaretz Lashes Out At CAMERA
AUGUST 12, 2016 Israel's Globes Covers Haaretz's Translation Problems
JULY 10, 2016 Haaretz Omits Critical Information on New Police Regulations
JULY 6, 2016 Bogus Page-One Haaretz Headline: 'Donors Halt Funds' to Ben-Gurion University (Updated)
JUNE 23, 2016 Israel Recycles Water, Amira Hass Recycles False Water Charges
JUNE 19, 2016 Haaretz's Amira Hass Sweeps Away the Facts
MAY 2, 2016 Under Fire for Bias, Haaretz Editor Aluf Benn Lashes Out, Errs on Facts
APRIL 18, 2016 Distorted Haaretz English Translations On Israeli Public Agenda
MARCH 30, 2016 Haaretz Again Corrects on Mohammed Al Dura
MARCH 9, 2016 Haaretz Corrects Latest Skewed Translation
FEBRUARY 28, 2016 Haaretz Corrects Erroneous Headline on U.S. Conviction of Rasmieh Odeh
FEBRUARY 16, 2016 Haaretz Corrects Misinformation on Knesset Session About Biased Media Coverage
JANUARY 27, 2016 Haaretz Covers Up For Palestinian Prisoner Mohammed al-Qiq
JANUARY 27, 2016 Accusing Others of Dishonest Language, Beinart Distorts an Ambassador's Words
JANUARY 25, 2016 Haaretz Legal Follies
JANUARY 3, 2016 Haaretz's Bogus Book 'Ban'
DECEMBER 27, 2015 Haaretz Corrects Mistranslation About Eritrean's Death
DECEMBER 15, 2015 Haaretz: Incitement to Kidnap Soldiers is "Political Activism"
NOVEMBER 18, 2015 Haaretz Corrects: Bill Doesn't Call For Jailing 12-Year-Olds
NOVEMBER 17, 2015 Jewish Agency's Yigal Palmor Slams Media Accounts of Aleppo 'Rescue'
SEPTEMBER 16, 2015 Incitement over Temple Mount Leads to Palestinian Violence, Again
SEPTEMBER 9, 2015 Haaretz Retracts Conspiracy Theory About Syrian Patients in Israel
AUGUST 24, 2015 Did Avi Dichter Call For Separate Roads for Jews, Arabs? Haaretz Corrects
AUGUST 5, 2015 Haaretz's Gideon Levy Chooses a Classical Antisemitic Trope
JULY 16, 2015 Malakhi Moshe Rosenfeld Is Latest Victim of Haaretz Translators
JULY 14, 2015 CAMERA Prompts Haaretz Correction of Inflated Palestinian Casualties Figure
JULY 13, 2015 In Haaretz's English Edition, Many More Palestinians Were Killed
MAY 3, 2015 Gideon Levy's Swimming Pool Falsehood Resurfaces
APRIL 27, 2015 AP, Haaretz Run Temple Mount Correction. Ynet, Israel Hayom Don't
APRIL 14, 2015 Haaretz's Gideon Levy Spreads His Anti-Israel Poison Abroad
MARCH 8, 2015 Mughayyir Mosque 'Arson' Story Flares Up Again
FEBRUARY 25, 2015 Haaretz Corrects Headlines on Unruly Israir Passengers
JANUARY 27, 2015 Kobi Niv Dubs All Israelis Racist, Misses Praise for Lassana Bathily
JANUARY 12, 2015 In Hebrew, Haaretz Clarifies Regarding Rafah Casualties
JANUARY 5, 2015 Party Time: Fatah's Founding Myth
JANUARY 4, 2015 Haaretz Corrects "Lost in Translation" on Mosque Fire
DECEMBER 16, 2014 Backdraft: Some Media Outlets Backtrack on Mosque 'Arson'
NOVEMBER 25, 2014 Zvi Bar'el, Meet Israel's Founding Document
OCTOBER 26, 2014 Haaretz Partially Corrects Article on "Settler Attacks" on Al Aqsa
JUNE 22, 2014 Haaretz Corrects: Sde Avraham Not a 'Settlement'
JUNE 9, 2014 Haaretz, Al Jazeera Go Racist
MAY 20, 2014 Haaretz Corrects: Palestinian Grove Wasn't 'Torched'
MAY 19, 2014 Haaretz Advocacy Journalism and Lag B'Omer Bonfires
MAY 13, 2014 Economist's Nicolas Pelham Deceives About Christians
MAY 11, 2014 CAMERA Prompts Haaretz Correction on Netanyahu Quote
MAY 5, 2014 Haaretz Bungles Headlines on Netanyahu's Nation-State Remarks
APRIL 28, 2014 CAMERA Prompts Haaretz Correction on West Bank Barrier
APRIL 23, 2014 In Ha'aretz, Western Wall Errors, and a Correction
APRIL 9, 2014 Ha'aretz Pulls Tendentious, Plagiarized FIFA Story
APRIL 8, 2014 CAMERA Prompts Ha'aretz Correction on Western Wall
MARCH 12, 2014 Ha'aretz Corrects Jewish State Error
MARCH 3, 2014 Just the Facts: Stripping Down Ha'aretz Coverage on Airport Search
FEBRUARY 26, 2014 Ha'aretz Veers Off Course on Israel Ports Story
FEBRUARY 20, 2014 Ha'aretz Corrects: Black Students Enrolled in Herzilya Center
FEBRUARY 15, 2014 Amira Hass, Ha'aretz Publish False Water Charges
FEBRUARY 11, 2014  UPDATED: False Charge of 'Palestinian Kids in Cages' Lives On in Australian Documentary
JANUARY 5, 2014 CAMERA Prompts Ha'aretz Corrections on Ethiopians' Contraception
JANUARY 1, 2014 At End of 2013, Ha'aretz Drops Ball on Depo-Provera Story
DECEMBER 25, 2013 Ha'aretz Headline: Where Disputed Arab Claims Come True
DECEMBER 24, 2013 The Samer Issawi Test
DECEMBER 22, 2013 Bogus Bus Boycott
DECEMBER 10, 2013 CAMERA Prompts Ha'aretz Correction on Mandela Visit
DECEMBER 9, 2013 Meet the Ramahis, Family of 'Peace'
DECEMBER 5, 2013 Presspectiva Prompts Ha'aretz Correction on EU Plan
OCTOBER 29, 2013 Ha'aretz on Prisoners: A Correction, and An Error
OCTOBER 24, 2013 Rihanna, Ha'aretz and Palestine
OCTOBER 20, 2013 CAMERA Prompts Ha'aretz Correction on Gaza Imports
OCTOBER 1, 2013 Journalists Trip Over Gaza-Bound Construction Materials
SEPTEMBER 10, 2013 After Iranian Twitter Posts, Excitement Overcomes Nuance
JULY 1, 2013 Ha'aretz Corrects: Netanyahu, Kerry Met in Jerusalem, Not Tel Aviv
JULY 1, 2013 Ha'aretz's Laor in Denial on Prisoner Releases
JUNE 16, 2013 Ha'aretz Corrects: Rape Victim Was Israeli, Not Palestinian
JUNE 11, 2013 Ha'aretz Manipulates Child Casualty Figures
MAY 22, 2013 13-Year Controversy Over Al Dura Incident Continues
MAY 16, 2013 Ha'aretz Corrects: No Jewish Prayer on Temple Mount
MAY 12, 2013 Ha'aretz in English: Jews Can Pray on the Temple Mount
MAY 12, 2013 Ha'aretz, But Not AFP, Publishes Correction On Israeli Stone-Throwers
MAY 7, 2013 AFP Misidentifies Israeli Stone-Throwers as Palestinian
APRIL 24, 2013 CAMERA Prompts Ha'aretz Correction on Prisoner Samer Issawi
APRIL 7, 2013 Weekend Roundup of Ha'aretz Errors
APRIL 5, 2013 CAMERA Elicits Ha'aretz Clarification on Settlements
APRIL 4, 2013 CAMERA Prompts Corrections on Gideon Levy Column
APRIL 2, 2013 Injured Toddler, Soldiers Lost in Ha'aretz Translation
MARCH 19, 2013 Ha'aretz Corrects: Palestine Not Full-Fledged U.N. Member
MARCH 12, 2013 Updated: Ha'aretz Upgrades 'Palestine' to Full U.N. Member
MARCH 10, 2013 Ha'aretz Headline Errs on Australian Report About Zygier
MARCH 7, 2013 CAMERA Prompts Ha'aretz Correction on Ethiopian Birth Control Story
MARCH 3, 2013 Updated: Weekend Roundup of Ha'aretz, Lost in Translation
FEBRUARY 27, 2013 Updated: CAMERA Prompts Ha'aretz Correction on Palestinian Prisoners
FEBRUARY 21, 2013 Collective Punishment of Ha'aretz Readers
FEBRUARY 19, 2013 Updated: Neglected Facts About Hunger-Striking Samer Issawi
FEBRUARY 7, 2013 Ha'aretz Corrects E-1, Gaza Errors
FEBRUARY 3, 2013 Israeli Outlets Foment Demonization With Sloppy Journalism
FEBRUARY 3, 2013 Whose Land? Ha'aretz Distorts Eli Land's Status
JANUARY 27, 2013 Ha'aretz Corrects: Gazan's Death Was Disputed
JANUARY 20, 2013 Guardian Corrects: Israel Didn't Violate Injunction. Why won't Ha'aretz?
JANUARY 16, 2013 Updated: Killed (by Israel) in Translation: Ha'aretz's 'Tailor-Made' English Content
JANUARY 15, 2013 Ha'aretz's 'Tailor-Made' English Content Wrong Again
JANUARY 9, 2013 In Exclusive Interview, Former Ha'aretz Editor Traces Paper's Decline
DECEMBER 29, 2012 CAMERA Top Ten MidEast Media Mangles of 2012
DECEMBER 18, 2012 Another Front-Page Gaffe at Ha'aretz
NOVEMBER 29, 2012 Ha'aretz Corrects Article Wrongly Blaming Israel for Boy's Death
NOVEMBER 28, 2012 Ha'aretz Lost in Translation: Whitewashing a Stabbing
NOVEMBER 4, 2012 Former Ha'aretz Editor Marmari Speaks Out on 'Apartheid' Poll Scandal
OCTOBER 29, 2012 In Today's 'Apology,' Gideon Levy Just Doesn't Get It
OCTOBER 28, 2012 Will Inquiry Follow Ha'aretz 'Apartheid' Clarification?
OCTOBER 25, 2012 Ha'aretz's Apartheid Campaign Against Israel
OCTOBER 23, 2012 Minority Report: Akiva Eldar Responds
OCTOBER 17, 2012 With Akiva Eldar, the Facts Are a Minority
SEPTEMBER 21, 2012 Attack on Christian Housing Project in Jerusalem Ignored
SEPTEMBER 4, 2012 At Ha'aretz, English Translation Takes a Beating
JULY 16, 2012 Ha'aretz Allegation of War Crime Unfounded
JUNE 29, 2012 Presspectiva Editor-in-Chief Published in Ha'aretz
JUNE 20, 2012 Ha'aretz Rocket Remix
MAY 30, 2012 Haaretz, Lost in Translation
MAY 20, 2012  UPDATED: Ha'aretz's Conflicting 'Nakba' Headlines: Clashes or Quiet?
MAY 20, 2012 CAMERA Prompts Ha'aretz Correction on 'Nakba Day' Clash
MAY 13, 2012 Ha'aretz Corrects 'Nakba Law' Lost in Translation
MAY 9, 2012 Updated: The Samouni Case in Ha'aretz: Picture of Contradictions
MAY 1, 2012 Amira Hass and the Activists of Nabi Saleh
MARCH 26, 2012 Ha'aretz 'Lost in Translation' Corrected
JANUARY 1, 2012 Ha'aretz and the Christmas Siege That Wasn't
JANUARY 1, 2012 Ha'aretz's Sefi Rachlevsky Fabricates Rabbinic Ruling
DECEMBER 12, 2011 Amira Hass' Water Woes
OCTOBER 9, 2011 Presspectiva Prompts Correction on Ha'aretz Op-Ed About Anatot Violence
OCTOBER 2, 2011 Akiva Eldar, Who Is Lying?
SEPTEMBER 25, 2011 Updated: English Ha'aretz Covers Up Palestinian Violence
SEPTEMBER 19, 2011 Media Ignore Ha'aretz Report on Israeli Flexibility
AUGUST 26, 2011 Ha'aretz Corrects Articles Blaming IDF Fire for Egyptian Fatalities
AUGUST 5, 2011 Would-Be Flotilla Participant Poses as Jew in Ha'aretz
JULY 17, 2011 Ha'aretz Corrects: Palestinian 'Civilian' Fatality Was Actually Hamas
JULY 10, 2011 CAMERA/Presspectiva Rebuts Yael Sternhell in Ha'aretz
JULY 3, 2011 Gideon Levy's Distorted Discourse
JUNE 29, 2011 Amira Hass Spouts Vitriol on the CBC
JUNE 23, 2011 Gideon Levy Adrift in His Alternate Reality
MAY 17, 2011 CAMERA Prompts Ha'aretz Correction on Al Dura
MARCH 31, 2011 Israeli Ambassador Slams Gideon Levy
MARCH 14, 2011 Ha'aretz Buries Fogel Funeral
JANUARY 18, 2011 Ha'aretz Gets Little Right on 'Little Kotel'
JANUARY 17, 2011 CAMERA Prompts Ha'aretz Correction: Palestinians in Silwan Building Illegally
DECEMBER 15, 2010 Presspectiva Editor Yishai Goldflam Criticizes Ha'aretz's Yossi Sarid
NOVEMBER 30, 2010 Israel's English-Language Media, AFP, Selectively Report on Israeli Poll
NOVEMBER 9, 2010 Ha'aretz Corrects Headline on Hamas Casualties
NOVEMBER 1, 2010 Colleague Takes Gideon Levy to Task
SEPTEMBER 28, 2010 Ha'aretz, Margaret Atwood, Fabricate Allegation of Child Deaths
SEPTEMBER 7, 2010 New Year, New Precedent: Ha'aretz Corrects
AUGUST 29, 2010 Ha'aretz Repeats 'Jewish-Only Apartheid Roads' Canard
AUGUST 23, 2010 How to Distort the News, In Hebrew
JULY 28, 2010 Haaretz: Amira Hass' Ideological Agenda Trumps Journalistic Integrity
MAY 17, 2010 Report on Palestinian Incitement? Ha'aretz Has More Pressing Concerns
MAY 12, 2010 Update/Correction: Akiva Eldar, Mearsheimer's Righteous Jewish Source for Misinformation
APRIL 21, 2010 Journalists Buy Falsehoods on Gaza Shipments
MARCH 25, 2010 Ha'aretz Invents Dershowitz Drama
MARCH 23, 2010 Akiva Eldar Clueless in Jerusalem
MARCH 10, 2010 Ha'aretz Flubs the Facts on Arabs in the Knesset
FEBRUARY 1, 2010 Cloud of Questions Over Ha'aretz's White Phosphorous Story
NOVEMBER 24, 2009 Ha'aretz's Ode to an 'Apartheid Road'
OCTOBER 21, 2009 Amira Hass, the Samouni Family, and the Pursuit of Truth
OCTOBER 2, 2009 Ha'aretz's Gideon Levy: Israel Should be Thankful for Goldstone Report
MAY 19, 2009 Ha'aretz Senseless on Gaza
MARCH 27, 2009 Charges of IDF "Wanton Killing" Crumble
FEBRUARY 4, 2009 The McGirk Affair: Claims of Cold-Blooded Executions Not Credible
JANUARY 20, 2009 Ha'aretz's Levy Fuels Anti-Israel Distortions -- In Croatia
DECEMBER 31, 2008 Pulse on Gaza's Medical Situation
DECEMBER 22, 2008 Ha'aretz Radical Mainstreamed in LAT
NOVEMBER 17, 2008 Hass, Back From Leave, Still Out to Lunch
NOVEMBER 4, 2008 Ha'aretz Tales on Building Permits Grow Taller
OCTOBER 6, 2008 Levy Blinded in Days of Awe
MAY 7, 2008 Ha'aretz Columnist Sacrifices Truth to Show IDF "Wrongdoing"
MAY 4, 2008 UPDATED: 'Last Refuge,' Latest Falsehood
APRIL 18, 2008 CAMERA Translates Letter from Israeli Author Slamming Ha'aretz
FEBRUARY 17, 2008 Ha'aretz Prints Hamas Op-Ed Full of Falsehoods
DECEMBER 26, 2007 Ha'aretz Editor Urges U.S. to "Rape" Israel
JUNE 18, 2007 Farewell to the Minister of Disinformation, Mustafa Barghouti
JANUARY 29, 2007 UPDATED: Al Dura Reprise
NOVEMBER 27, 2006 False Claim by Abbas Goes Unchallenged
SEPTEMBER 25, 2006 Ha'aretz's 'Quiet' Myth
SEPTEMBER 21, 2006 Gideon Levy's Hot Air on Prisoner Releases
AUGUST 20, 2006 Yitzhak Laor Pushes Land Lies in Ha'aretz
JULY 26, 2006 NPR and IHT Corrected. Will Ha'aretz?
JULY 5, 2006 Ha'aretz Again Fails to Correct Error
MARCH 9, 2006 Ha'aretz's Eldar Wrong on Gaza Hothouses
FEBRUARY 6, 2006 Ha'aretz's Hass Scolds Hamas' Haniyeh
NOVEMBER 30, 2005 UPDATED: Ha'aretz Indifferent to Journalistic Norms
OCTOBER 20, 2005 BACKGROUNDER on Professor Ilan Pappé: When Ideology Trumps Scholarship
JULY 12, 2005 UPDATED: AP Corrects: Blair Didn't Link Israel, Bombings
JUNE 30, 2005 No Excuse for Ha'aretz Gaza Population Error
APRIL 19, 2005 Updated: The "Contiguity" Double Standard
APRIL 18, 2005 ‘Honor Killing’ or Robbery?
APRIL 4, 2005 Ha'aretz Inaccurately Reports on Garbage Dump
MARCH 21, 2005 BBC and Ha'aretz Journalist Whitewash Palestinian Incitement
MARCH 13, 2005 Ha'aretz Gives Hanan Ashrawi a Makeover
FEBRUARY 28, 2005 Ha'aretz Keeps 'Quiet'
FEBRUARY 18, 2005 BBC Admits to Mistakes, Apologizes
FEBRUARY 6, 2005 Ha’aretz Refuses to Correct Prominent Front Page Error
FEBRUARY 1, 2005 Ha'aretz Feature Explores Media Monitoring
JANUARY 31, 2005 Ha'aretz Prints CAMERA Letter, But No Correction
NOVEMBER 27, 2004 CAMERA Column: Fast and Loose with Facts at Ha'aretz
AUGUST 6, 2001 Ha’aretz Fuels Anti-Israel Bias

To view the corrected, uncorrected and dismal corrections on Haaretz, click below: