Friday, April 27, 2018
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CAMERA Prompts Ha'aretz Correction: Palestinians in Silwan Building Illegally

CAMERA's Israel staff prompted a rare correction in Ha'aretz's English print edition of an Op-Ed that had falsely stated that Palestinians are residing legally in the Abu Na'eb home in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan. As first pointed out yesterday in CAMERA's Snapshots blog, the Hebrew version of the Op-Ed correctly noted that the Palestinians are living illegally in the building in question. The error and correction follow:

Error( Ha'aretz, Zvi Bar'el, Op-Ed, 1/16/11): Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat proposed a reasonable real estate swap: Beit Yonatan would not be evacuated or sealed, and in exchange, the municipality would delay the evacuation of the Abu Na'eb home where Palestinians live. A house in which Jews live illegally will be exchanged for a house in which Palestinians live entirely legally.

Correction (1/17/11): Due to a translation error, Zvi Bar'el's op-ed ("From Beit Bialik to Beit Yonatan," Haaretz, January 16), contained an inaccurate reference to Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat's proposed solution to the Beit Yonatan issue. The sentence in question should have read: "A house in which Jews live illegally will be exchanged for a house in which Palestinians live illegally."

CAMERA's applauds Ha'aretz for its prompt correction, a major step for the Israeli media outlet which has generally been indifferent to factual accuracy and journalistic accountability.

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