Saturday, February 17, 2018
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The Independent is one of Britain’s general circulating newspapers. The Independent provides reports on local and international news, and is accompanied by features on the major issues of the day. Its circulation is roughly 240,000.


DECEMBER 8, 2017 CAMERA Prompts Independent Correction on Legality of Occupation
AUGUST 31, 2017 Independent, Times of Israel Update: Police Find Palestinian Girl Died in Car Accident
NOVEMBER 16, 2016 CAMERA's UK Media Watch Prompts Indy Correction on Judaism's Holiest Site
JUNE 16, 2016 Contrary to Indy Charge, Israel Increased Water Supply to Palestinians During Ramadan
JUNE 9, 2016 Palestinians Celebrate Tel Aviv Terror, Media M.I.A
JANUARY 6, 2016 Hezbollah Starving 40,000 Civilians: Media AWOL
JUNE 17, 2014 CiF Watch Prompts British Media Corrections on Kidnapped 'Settlers'
APRIL 30, 2014 CiF Watch Prompts Independent Correction on Israeli Arabs
MARCH 25, 2014 Why Israel Insists on Palestinian Recognition of a Jewish State
FEBRUARY 11, 2014  UPDATED: False Charge of 'Palestinian Kids in Cages' Lives On in Australian Documentary
OCTOBER 6, 2013 CiF Watch Prompts Correction on Fisk Op-Ed
JUNE 28, 2011 Johann Hari's Interview Fakery
SEPTEMBER 28, 2010 CAMERA Op-Ed in Ynet Recounts Year of Errors and Distortions
MAY 10, 2010 A Checkpoint Checkup
APRIL 7, 2010 UPDATED: (Some) Media Backtrack After “Dead” Palestinian Teen Emerges Alive
JULY 17, 2009 Breaking the Silence and the British Media
MAY 7, 2009 UK’s Independent Defends Unethical Journalism
MARCH 6, 2009 The Independent Refuses to Correct Flawed Column on West Bank Sewage
FEBRUARY 4, 2009 The McGirk Affair: Claims of Cold-Blooded Executions Not Credible
NOVEMBER 5, 2008  Mohammed Omer Levels Unsubstantiated and Contradictory Allegations Against Israel
AUGUST 6, 2008 Johann Hari's Tirade Against Israel
JUNE 15, 2008 Johann Hari's Mud-Slinging
APRIL 30, 2007 A Promising Career at the Independent
JANUARY 2, 2007 The Bethlehem Formula — Using the Christmas Story to Defame Israel
SEPTEMBER 7, 2006 Questioning the Number of Civilian Casualties in Lebanon
FEBRUARY 8, 2006 Fisk Warps the Facts
FEBRUARY 7, 2006 Cartoon Double Standard at the Independent
MAY 19, 2004 Journalists Fall Prey to Palestinian Booby-Traps
NOVEMBER 19, 2002 Thumbs Down to Robert Fisk
MAY 12, 1999 Thumbs Down to Robert Fisk
JUNE 2, 1994 The Anti-Israel Rant of Robert Fisk

To view the corrected, uncorrected and dismal corrections on Independent , click below: