Tuesday, April 24, 2018
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News from the Middle East
AP Associated Press — American wire service
Arab News Saudi Arabian English-language daily
Arutz 7 Israel National News
Daily Star English-language newspaper from Lebanon
Gulf News English-language newspaper of United Arab Emirates
Haaretz English version of Israeli daily
IBA Israel Broadcasting Authority — English-language TV broadcasts from Israel (available on Real Audio)
Israel Radio Kol Yisrael latest English-language broadcasts from Israel
Jerusalem Post English-language daily from Jerusalem
JPost Radio Jerusalem Post Radio — breaking news reports (available on Windows Media)
Jordan Times English-language daily from Amman
Times of Israel English-language daily from Israel
Turkish Newsline Online news from Turkey
Yediot Aharonot English version of Israeli daily
Translations, Polls, Statistics, Analyses
CBS Israel Central Bureau of Statistics — information on population, housing, labor, prices and indices in Israel
IDF Israel Defense Force — press releases, statistics
IMRA Independent Media Review Analysis — compendium of media, polls and interviews
JMCC Jerusalem Media & Communications polls — public opinion surveys of Palestinian attitudes by Palestinian journalists and researchers


The Middle East Media Research Institute — translations and analysis of Middle East media
Mideast Books MidEast Books offers a selection of  books withdirect relevance to any serious student of the Middle East conflict.
PSR Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research—Palestinian nonprofit think tank providing socio-political surveys and public opinion polls on current Palestinian political and social attitudes


Online compendium of American surveys and public opinion polls on various issues
PMW Palestinian Media Watch — monitors and translates broadcasts from Palestinian Authority television
PCBS Palestinian Bureau of Statistics
Tami Steinmetz Center for Peace Research A joint effort by the faculties of the humanities, social sciences, and law at Tel Aviv University to promote research on issues connected with peacemaking processes and conflict resolution. Provides periodic surveys of trends in Israeli public opinion.


IMFA  Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs — breaking news, statistics, historical documents, information on victims of terror
Jerusalem Municipality of Jerusalem website — includes statistical, demographic, economic, tourist and historical information on Jerusalem
Knesset Israel Knesset — information about Israeli Parliament
PA Palestinian National Authority — official site of the PA with links to various ministries
State Department U.S. Department of State — press releases and briefings, country background notes, international issues, contact information, etc.
Whitehouse U.S. Whitehouse — current news,  press briefings, Presidential addresses, policy reports, contact information, etc.
Informational Organizations
ACPR The Ariel Center for Policy Research — non-profit, non-partisan organization committed to stimulating and informing the national and international debates concerning all aspects of security policy
BESA The Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies — reports and publications on foreign policy and security issues from Israeli research center for strategic studies
CIJR Canadian Institute for Jewish Research — an independent academic think-tank providing information about and analysis of Israel- and Middle East-related issues
EyeontheUN Exposes UN's record on its fundamental promise — to identify, condemn, and protect against human rights violations.
ICT The International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism — information and articles about international terrorism and Israel's counter-terrorism policy
ITIC Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center, Israel — educational and documentary center of the national memorial site of the Israeli intelligence community, providing information based in large part on original Palestinian documents captured by Israeli forces.
JCSS Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies — Tel Aviv University's research institute on matters related to Israel's national security as well as Middle East regional and international security affairs
JCPA The Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs — reports and analyses from policy research and educational institute headed by former UN Ambassador Dore Gold
Jerusalem-Capital of Israel Information, maps, and documents pertaining to the Jewish historical connection to Jerusalem
JINSA The Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs — news and information about U.S.- Israeli security partnership
JustJournalism Just Journalism — a media monitoring organization promoting accurate and responsible reporting about Israel in the British media
MEForum Middle East Forum — think tank promoting American interests in the Middle East
Shalem The Shalem Center — Jerusalem research institute for Israeli public policy and social thought, providing essays and articles about topical issues confronting the Jewish state
UN United Nations, English version — includes history, charter, resolutions, records, databases, documents, reports
Israel Advocacy Organizations
ADI Amici d'Israele Onlus (Friends of Israel Association) — a non-profit, non-party organization with members from different religious, political and social backgrounds whose purpose is to disseminate accurate information about the realities of life in the Middle East. (Web site information in Hebrew, English and Italian.)
AFSI Americans for a Safe Israel — believe in a strong and safe Israel retaining possession of Judea, Samaria, Gaza and the Golan. The website provides announcements of upcoming events, press releases, publications, and articles
AIPAC The American-Israel Public Affairs Committee — Pro-Israel Lobby
Christian Zionism A clearing house for Christian Zionism articles, information, organizations, and events.
Dafka A consortium of university students, faculty members, journalists and concerned community activists dedicated to combatting anti-Israel propaganda.
EyeonthePost Critiques the Washington Post on anti-Israel bias
FLAME Facts and Logic About the Middle East —  publishes factual ads and letters to the editor to correct misperceptions about Israel and the Middle East.
Foundation1 The Foundation for Constitutional Democracy — analyses of Israel’s political and judicial institutions.
Freeman Freeman Center for Strategic Studies commissions research into the military and strategic issues related to the Arab-Israeli conflict and disseminates information to the Jewish community and worldwide.
Fuel for Truth An organization whose mission is to gather and disseminate accurate information about Israel and the Middle East.
HonestReporting Online alerts about anti-Israel media bias
InfoIsrael Israel Hasbarah Committee — educational site about Israel and the Middle East conflict
Israel Up Close video magazines to inform the viewer about Israel and its citizens
JustJournalism JustJournalism is a British-based organization that aims to promote accurate and responsible reporting about Israel in the British media.
Middle-East-Info Middle-East-Info — provides information about the Middle East, comprising 22 Arab countries, Iran and Israel predominantly, from recognized Arab, Iranian and international sources.
Mideast Truth Online articles, reports, videos, quotes, and chat forums about Mideast history, politics and current events
One Family Fund An organization dedicated to helping Israeli victims of terror
Stand With Us Pro-Israel advocacy group promoting Israel's image educationally, politically, and in the media
Take a Pen Take a Pen — a grassroots group of Israeli and European citizens dedicated to improving balance in the media,  public relations for Israel and Christian-Jewish alliances 
TVA Terror Victims' Association — an Israeli non-profit which supports the victims of terror attacks and their families, providing comprehensive information on terror attacks against Israelis
Wiesenthal Center Simon Wiesenthal Center — international Jewish human rights organization dealing, as well, with Middle East issues
Zionism and Israel Information Center Information about the history and controversy surrounding Zionism
ZOA Zionist Organization of America — pro-Israel organization with articles, press releases and action alerts
Palestinian Advocacy Organizations
B'Tselem Israeli-founded advocacy group.
Mossawa Center Advocacy Center for Arab Citizens of Israel. -- Arab NGO that advocates for minority recognition and rights within Israel, without sacrificing national and cultural rights as Palestinians.
Palestine Chronicle Internet magazine offering articles by Palestinian advocates
Palestinian Centre for Human Rights Gaza-based Palestinian NGO — documents and investigates human rights violations
PASSIA Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Affairs — presenting articles, discussions, conferences, and publications by Palestinian academics

The above list is offered for informational purposes only. No endorsement of any political viewpoints should be inferred.