Saturday, March 24, 2018
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DECEMBER 20, 2016 For Second Time, ABC Corrects: US Does Not View Settlements As 'Illegal'
FEBRUARY 24, 2016 ABC TV’s Quantico Melodrama Demonizes Israel With Falsehoods
JUNE 18, 2015 After Israeli Video Mocks Journalists, Reporters Prove its Premise
JULY 15, 2014 As Cease-fire Fails, Some Headlines Fail to Explain Why
NOVEMBER 20, 2012 Netanyahu Derangement Syndrome in the Media
NOVEMBER 4, 2012 CAMERA Prompts ABC Correction on Gaza Settlements
DECEMBER 31, 2009 After Detroit Terror Attack Fails, Diane Sawyer Profiles Israel
FEBRUARY 26, 2007 Coddling Carter: ABC's Stephanopoulos Opts for Softball Interview
DECEMBER 3, 2006 Jimmy Carter Can't Make Up His Mind
JULY 25, 2006 ABC Withholds Information on Transmission Towers
JANUARY 6, 2006 Sharon's Career Mischaracterized by the Media
JANUARY 22, 2005 CAMERA Action Prompts Improvement at
DECEMBER 16, 2004 The ABC's of One-Sided Journalism
SEPTEMBER 1, 2004 18 Months at "Nightline": Israel in the Dock
MAY 21, 2004 WABC-TV Refuses to Correct Jim Dolan's Factual Errors
MAY 5, 2004 'Nightline' Stonewalls on Balance Issue
MARCH 18, 2004 Coverage of Unwitting Palestinian Boy-Bomber
JANUARY 15, 2004 Confusing Murder and Martyrdom at ABC
DECEMBER 26, 2003 Measuring Balance at "Nightline": Divergent Views Need Not Apply
NOVEMBER 14, 2003 Lebanon's Civil War and Jennings' Historical Revisionism
NOVEMBER 3, 2003 "Nightline": Suicide Bombers As Victims
SEPTEMBER 4, 2003 Nightline's Moral Equivalence
JULY 11, 2003 "Nightline" Over the Line
JULY 2, 2003 Media Flouting Journalistic Ethics No “Work Accident”
APRIL 28, 2003 Jennings Corrects: Kfar Saba Not in "Israeli Occupied Palestinian Territory"
JANUARY 3, 2003 CAMERA Op-Ed: Blaming the Media, With Reason
JANUARY 2, 2003 EYE ON THE MEDIA: Nightline Sanitizes Roots of Terror
JULY 1, 2002 Jennings' World
MAY 16, 2002 CAMERA ALERT: ABC News Broadcasts Error and Distortion
MARCH 28, 2002 Nightline's Arab Line
JULY 25, 2001 ABC Corrects the Record on Death of Baby
JUNE 15, 2001 EYE ON THE MEDIA: Still More Jennings Warp
MAY 23, 2001 CAMERA ALERT: ABC's Gillian Findlay Does it Again
FEBRUARY 16, 2001 CAMERA ALERT: Peter Jennings Skips Coverage of Terror Attack
DECEMBER 22, 2000 “A Closer Look” at ABC's anti-Israel Reporting
OCTOBER 27, 2000 EYE ON THE MEDIA: The Peter Jennings Bias Show
OCTOBER 19, 2000 In the Palestinians’ Pocket: Journalists Doing PR For the PA
OCTOBER 13, 2000 Jews Rampage, Arabs Demonstrate
SEPTEMBER 5, 1999 Thumbs Down to Gillian Findlay
DECEMBER 31, 1996 Jennings' Jerusalem Jihad
SEPTEMBER 1, 1996 The ABC's of Journalism
DECEMBER 4, 1995 ABC Defames Israelis Right And Left
OCTOBER 12, 1995 Media Bury Israeli Dead

To view the corrected, uncorrected and dismal corrections on ABC, click below:
Dismal Corrections