Friday, March 23, 2018
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FEBRUARY 24, 2018 CBS Recently Aired Problematic News Segments Involving the Jewish People and Israel
APRIL 27, 2016 CBS News Plays the Palestinian Propaganda Game in Gaza
APRIL 25, 2014 60 Minutes Source Undermines Credibility of Segment Aired in 2012
NOVEMBER 14, 2013 60 Minutes Corrects Benghazi, Not on Israel
SEPTEMBER 19, 2013 CBS Quickly Corrects Itself on Shooter Story, But Not on Israel
AUGUST 1, 2013 Taybeh’s Population Fluctuates Wildly
APRIL 30, 2013 Updated: CBS News Chairman Jeff Fager Stonewalling Like Nixon
DECEMBER 29, 2012 CAMERA Top Ten MidEast Media Mangles of 2012
NOVEMBER 18, 2012 CBS Contradiction on Gaza's Civilian Casualties
AUGUST 14, 2012 CAMERA Calls for 60 Minutes Corrections in WSJ Ad
APRIL 25, 2012 60 Minutes Smears Israel for Christian Exodus from Holy Land
APRIL 20, 2012 CBS News' Mike Wallace: A Dissent
JUNE 6, 2011 CBS "60 Minutes" Rebroadcasts Jerusalem Propaganda Piece
JANUARY 30, 2009 Simon's Smear
JANUARY 6, 2009 Norwegian Doctors in Gaza: Objective Observers or Partisan Propagandists?
MAY 24, 2007 CAMERA at CBS Shareholders Meeting Challenges Carter's Publisher
MAY 25, 2006 Mike Wallace’s Middle East Problem
OCTOBER 14, 2004 New Questions Raised on CBS Spy Report
AUGUST 29, 2004 Spy Stories
MARCH 18, 2004 Coverage of Unwitting Palestinian Boy-Bomber
DECEMBER 30, 2003 Bob Simon Not Fenced In By Facts
JULY 2, 2003 Media Flouting Journalistic Ethics No “Work Accident”
SEPTEMBER 30, 2002 CAMERA ALERT: CBS' 60 Minutes Exposes "The Arafat Papers"
JULY 15, 2001 Thumbs Down to David Hawkins
APRIL 5, 2001 CAMERA ALERT: Review of 60 Minutes’ “Israel's Hit Squads”
NOVEMBER 21, 2000 Simon Denies Israeli Right of Response
OCTOBER 24, 2000 Thumbs Down to Bob Simon
OCTOBER 19, 2000 In the Palestinians’ Pocket: Journalists Doing PR For the PA
MARCH 30, 2000 CAMERA ALERT: 60 Minutes II Provides Insight on S. Lebanon

To view the corrected, uncorrected and dismal corrections on CBS, click below: